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Parabolic Solar Cookers

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A presentation on parabolic solar collectors to K-12 educators. This was followed up with hands on activities and curriculum development.

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Parabolic Solar Cookers

  1. 1. Parabolic Solar Cookers • Lonny Grafman • Most Images from Appropedia • Outline – Background – Basics – Design Examples – More Examples – Math and Physics Resources – Discussion
  2. 2. 1000 watts/m2
  3. 3. Solar Box Cooker aka Solar Oven
  4. 4. Solar Parabolic Cooker
  5. 5. The Parabola
  6. 6. y=ax2 y f=1/(4a) f x
  7. 7. The Parabola - Definition http://www.cut-the-knot.org/ctk/Parabola.shtml#Theorem1
  8. 8. The Parabola - Reflection http://www.cut-the-knot.org/ctk/Parabola.shtml#Theorem1
  9. 9. The Parabola Paraboloid
  10. 10. Design Criteria: Design Objective: •Use of local materials •Efficiency To create a solar cooker •Durability from local invasive species •Ease of use and waste materials that •Ease of construction can pasteurize water and •Cost be a cooking alternative to •Impact on environment the use of fossil fuels. •Impact on lifestyle
  11. 11. Results: •Equation: y =.5x2 •Time to boil quart: ~2 hrs Deformation Lessons Learned: •more blackberry runners •more rigid material for rings Reflectivity Lessons Learned: •pampas grass too lumpy •no dull, small can lids
  12. 12. Protection from Dazzles and Burns • Appropriate focal point size • Glasses and gloves • Deep dish focus • Physical barrier • Physical separation • Appropriate system size
  13. 13. Define the Problem Test and Gather Implement Information the Engineering Solution Design Process Analyze Generate and Select Alternative a Solution Solutions