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Louise Cohen | PROJECTS

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selection of my architectural projects realised in e.g. a theater, school, care centre, appartment building, business building and museum.

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Louise Cohen | PROJECTS

  1. 1. material www.louisecohen.nl 3 cm |1.18" acrylic glass circle with gold leaf effectICEBREAKER compact fluorescence lampsa lamp without lamps made of glass without glass certified steel cable and sockets3 light objects for the foyer of MartiniPlaza Theater Groningen measurementsdesiderata 4.00 m x 4.00 m at 4.00 m height | 157" x 157" at 157" heightmake something riche and sparkling in 3 circles 450 kg [992 lb] each
  2. 2. www.louisecohen.nl materialMILEWOOD 140 year old mooring-post 3000 kg | 472 lbthe point where past and present coincide stainless steeldesign for the courtyard garden of Groningen Seaports Delfzijl polyesterdesiderata measurementsexpress the relationship with the sea and the 2 ports, 15.00 m x 0.40 m x 0.40 m | 591" x 15.7" x 15.7"history and the future diameter basalt 3.00 m | 118"
  3. 3. material www.louisecohen.nl inkjet print on cottonEMMA fluorescent lighting armaturea warm welcome and a warm reception aluminumdesign of entrance hall apartment building De Regentes Groningen framedesiderata measurementsrepresentative and public-proof 6.30 m x 1.45 m | 28" x 57"create a diversion from the brick wall height of ceiling 12.00 m | 39
  4. 4. material www.louisecohen.nl megatronics and electronicsBUTTERFLY TREE woodjoin effort of empirical education seminar metalobject in educational institute Landstede Harderwijk masonerydesideratahave 120 processionals experience a teaching method making use of measurementsseveral specialisms 4.50 m x 5.99 m | 15 x 20
  5. 5. material 19 m [130] of fire retardent cotton www.louisecohen.nlFLOWERY SKIRT aluminum constructiona wealth of flowers and skirts steel cables,lightobject for the forecourt of care center De Bloemhof Ten Boer moving spotlightsdesiderata measurementsmake a light object max. weight 154 lb, stable attachments, 4.00 m x 9.00 m | 157" x 354 "work within a small budget height of ceiling 15 m [49]
  6. 6. material www.louisecohen.nlSUNNY SIDE goat’s haira meeting in the land of Euphrates and Tigris woolfloor object for the meditation center of the Windesheim College Zwolle nylondesiderata measurementsmake a carpet that connects people with different religious backgrounds diameter 4.50 m | 15
  7. 7. www.louisecohen.nl materialFIREWALL stainless steel clothtransparant wall with open fire suggestion computer operated LEDsstainless steel curtain for community centre Drachtendesiderata measurementscreate a public-proof separation integrated in art project 6.00 m x 2.60 m | 20 x 86"
  8. 8. www.louisecohen.nl materialFIREWALL acrylic sheetfrom groundwater to sunny sky light fittingslight object for health care centre De Brug Leeuwarden stainless steel holdersdesideratamake an object for the high wall of the entrance hall to enhance the measurementsidentity of the building 13.00 m x 3.0 m | 43 x 10
  9. 9. www.louisecohen.nl material cotton velvetLIGHTS ON eyeletsmonumental addition for shop 400 LEDs with silicone bulbstryptich for the Fries Natuur Museum Leeuwardendesiderata measurementsmake public-safe light curtains in designated colours 4.50 m x 0.99 m of 1.98 m | 15 x 33" or 66"
  10. 10. www.louisecohen.nl materialLIGHTS ON aluminum framelight object suited for the visually impaired eco light bulbslamp for care centre De Brink in Vries flame retardent voiledesiderata measurementsmake a fitting welcome for people with limited vision 4.00 m x 3.50 m | 13 x 116"
  11. 11. enrich the good things in lifeextra information colofon photography Jan Kalmaall designs are made in an honest and environmentally friendly way and www.louisecohen.nlare built for permanence 0031 [0]58 2660345 telmade with great care, personally or together with experts in their field in 0031 [0]6 47054595 moblong lasting partnerships itsme@louisecohen.nl