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Lydia Hany Youssef 1

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Lydia Hany Youssef 1

  1. 1. Lydia Hany Youssef 11,Ali Fahmy Kamel St.,Heliopolis, Cairo Telephone: 26356350 Mobile: 01273941446 lydiatadrous@hotmail.com PROFILE: A faculty of Engineering graduate who is keen to find an opportunity where my academics backgrounds, communication, and interpersonal skills may be used and developed. Work Experience: 12-2007 Till present: Travco Engineering and Construction . Projects: Shames Suits – Bab Al Shames – Sharm Elsheikh Jaz Crystal – Almaza 2 – Marsa Matrouh Jaz Oriental – Almaza 3 – Marsa Matrouh Shark Bay - Sharm Elsheikh Ibrotel Palace Hotel Renovation Alcazar project – Sharm Elsheikh Job Description: 1- Interior designs for rooms and public areas such as restaurants, reception, bathrooms, kids club, health club and lobby bar. 2- Fixing and adjusting architectural drawings according to required modifications. 3- Communicating with site. Including sending the coordination points for each building to the survey engineers. 4- Coordinating between departments and between site and suppliers. 5- following up with site and checking the progress. 6- Electrical drawings for rooms and public areas including looking up plans and false ceiling design. 7- Shop drawings for reception counters, restaurants buffets, bill captains and wardrobes.
  2. 2. 8- Design wooden furniture for rooms and public areas if required. 9- Design and shop drawings for pergolas needed in rooms and public areas. 10- Furnishing administration areas and offices according to the running company requirements. 11- Floor finishing for rooms and public areas. 12- Ceramic or marble details for bathrooms of rooms and public toilets. 13- Computing the quantities for all used items such as marble, ceramic, fixed and loose furniture, carpets, doors, lighting units, doors accessories, aluminum items, frames and mirrors. 14- Asking and receiving offers from contractors and comparing the received offers then negotiate to get the best price. 15- Make orders for the confirmed offers 16- Following up with suppliers. 17- Supplying the tourism development authority (T.D.A.) with all the charts needed. 18- Budget tables. 19- Landscape paths, floor details and pergolas. Summer Training: Summer 2003 – Training at PETROJET the petroleum projects and technical consultations. Education: 2001- May 2007 Bachelor of Engineering – Architectural department - Faculty of Engineering - Menofia University. Grade: Fair 62.52% Project Grade: Very Good 1987-2001 Our Lady of Perpetual Succor School (Language School) Languages skills: Arabic: Mother tongue. English: Fluently written and spoken. French: Fair knowledge. Computer Skills: AutoCAD R 2009, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office & Photoshop.
  3. 3. Personal Details: Date of Birth : 7th , December 1983 Nationality : Egyptian Marital Status : Single