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Magento Store Locator Extension by FME

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Magento store locator extension by FME allows you to show your physical location of magento store on Google Maps. This module also shows the direction of your store to customers.
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Magento Store Locator Extension by FME

  1. 1. How to Display Locations of Your Physical store/Outlets in Magento Shop?… Provide your customers physical location and direction of your store on Google maps www.fmeextensions.com
  2. 2. Hey, I am Mary Johnson… Today, I am going to discuss the Secret to… Show Store details page and physical location of your Magento store on Google Maps to your customers…. www.fmeextensions.com
  3. 3. www.fmeextensions.com www.fmeextensions.com Your customers can found your store on Google Maps by product and attributes for physical shopping…. www.fmeextensions.com
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  6. 6. www.fmeextensions.com Don’t Worry Here we've a Magento Plug- in which enables you to show the physical location of your Magento store on Google Maps.….
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  8. 8. Advance Features… The details page of store is included which allows you to provide further information about products and services of store. www.fmeextensions.com
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  10. 10. Advance Features… You can create Store attributes tags which help your customers in searching your store... www.fmeextensions.com
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  12. 12. Advance Features… This extension provides your customers the direction of your store on Google maps… www.fmeextensions.com
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