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BIODATA madhulata (1)

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BIODATA madhulata (1)

  1. 1. RESUME MISS.MADHULATA KANHU PARMAR ADDRESS: M.S.E.B.COLONY, 400 K.V., CLASS 4, BLDG.NO.1, NEERA BLDG., ROOM NO.12, AIROLI, NAVI MUMBAI - 400708 CONTACT DETAILS: E- mail: madhulatakparmar@gmail.com Mobile number: 8422953830 Marital status: Single. Date of Birth: 24/10/1989 PROFILE AND OBJECTIVE: Currently pursuing MMS in HR. My objective is to work passionately by using my strengths, applying my skills and idea for the success of the organization which in turn would help me to develop as a better individual. EXPERIENCE: Working in GEBBS Healthcare Solutions as Analyst SKILLS:  Complete Knowledge of internet.  Good presentation skills.  Fluency in English.  Knowledge of Microsoft office. INTERESTS:  Listening Music.  Helping others.
  2. 2. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Course Institution Board Year of passing Percentage MMS (1st Year) Mumbai University Mumbai University 2016 A Grade M.COM In Business Management. Mumbai University(Idol) Mumbai University 2015 52% Bachelor Of Management Studies. JVM Mehta Airoli. MUMBAI UNIVERSITY, (MUMBAI). 2012 65.56% H.S.C S.D.V.college Airoli MAHARASHTRA BOARD, (MUMBAI). 2008 75.17% S.S.C R.M.V School,Airoli MAHARASHTRA BOARD, (MUMBAI). 2006 52.13% OTHER QUALIFICATION: DONE MSCIT, TALLY, TYPING (30 W.P.M) DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above mentioned details are true as per my belief and knowledge.