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Hidden jobs mh

Usually job applicants focus on open job market and positions. Although, hidden jobs make 80-90% of the recruiting market. That is why job hunt should be focused on hidden job market, hidden job positions. I will show you how.

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Hidden jobs mh

  1. 1. Hidden Jobs – How to find them and where? Maija Haaranen, Senior Lecturer / JAMK UAS “Renew your Career Cards – Convert Hidden Jobs into Real Jobs” 6.11.2016 Maija Haaranen
  2. 2. Maija Haaranen M.Sc., Economics, Marketing Leadership *HRM *Marketing Pro *Senior Lecturer *Business & Career Coach *eTeacher *Multiform Education *Social Media *Hidden Jobs *Writer @Haski.fi *2800+ LinkedIn connections maija.haaranen@jamk.fi www.maijahaaranen.com https://twitter.com/MBMaija www.piilotyopaikat.com https://twitter.com/piilotyopaikat https://www.facebook.com/piilotyopaikat 6.11.2016 Maija Haaranen
  3. 3. What is needed? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen To find hidden jobs is a demanding project. You are the chief of the Project. Want your project to be successful? Do it right!
  4. 4. *Self Leadership 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen • Goal-orientation: Where do You want to be? How do You get there? • Self-knowledge: What do You want? Where do You want to work? What kind of work / position? Etc… • Self-confidence • Self-discipline • Stress management • Time management • Readiness for change You will need all of these skills in our job hunt project!
  5. 5. 1. Information about the Job Market • You must be aware of the job market in general. • What are the trends in the job market? • What is the future ”Big picture”? • What industries are expanding? • What branches are decreasing? • What skills are demanded now and in the future? • What will be new professions, or what will exit? • Do you have relevant competences for the market? • Which kind of organizations could by/use your competences? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  6. 6. 2. Your Goals • You can’t run a project without a clear goal. • ”I WANT A NEW JOB” isn’t a specific goal. In your project you will offer your competences for the employer. That is why you’ll have to 1. Recognize your key competences 2. Recognize your target markets (=industries, companies, organizations)Siksi tavoite on määriteltävä spesifisemmin!  ”I want work as a superior person in a tourism industry in Helsinki area.”  ”I want to become a project specialist in the safety branch in Middle-Finland” 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  7. 7. What if your goal isn’t spesific? • You operate hasty and reactively to every job impulse • You try to apply as many jobs as possible (open job positions) • Open job positions are ”The top of the iceberg”, and there are many other hunting for them – the competition is hard! • Your sense of proportion will decrease, ”I will suit” • The results are thin > disappointments > lack of motivation! • The only right way to operate is PROACTIVELY • It keeps you out of the competition • You choose yourself the direction and targets – What do you want? Etc. • You separate yourself from the applicant mass • You could be just the right person for the hidden job! 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  8. 8. 6.11.2016 Maija Haaranen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOfGnU2qzlc Finding Career Direction / Mind Tools Videos
  9. 9. Goal-orientation process 1. Set your goal 2. Visualize the goal 3. Set a deadline for the goal 3. Make a SWOT-analysis about reaching the goal 4. Set realistic milestones 5. Organize milestones into plans 6. Organize plans into practise: what to do monthly, weekly, daily 7. Name the most important thing to do each day 8. Reward yourself for each successful step! 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  10. 10. 3. Personal Competences • Personal competences are wery wide – not only your examination • Your competences must match to the demand of job market • Find out about the most impressive things employers want • What are your TOP5-10 competences? • Competence Hand: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Motivation, Contacts • Assignment: Think about your competences using Competence Hand. Think about each finger – you realize how wide competences are. • Divide your competences into general, professional and workplace competences. • How to approach a recruiter? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  11. 11. Competence hand 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Knowledge: education, studies, diplomas, certifications, theories Skills: orientation, practical implementation, way of doing things, tacit knowledge, guiding Motivation & will: things that make you move and reach your goals Experience: work experience, hobbies, interests, wisdom, life experience Contacts: organizational, professional networks freetime activities, customers, project partners, positions of trust Attitude: positive orientation, hard work, winning the difficulties, responsibility, reliability Energy: driver power, future orientation, enthusiasm, activity
  12. 12. 4. What are Hidden Jobs? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen  HIDDEN JOBS = all jobs that aren’t publicly open  ”Secret opportunies that are waiting for anyone with the skill, curiosity and energy to seek them out.” (Mathison & Finney)  Hidden jobs make 80-90% of all recruiting  There is recruiting going on continuously, despite the bad economic situation  Why do companies not post job openings?  They ◦ don’t want / don’t have time / don’t have the resources / don’t have skills / don’t want their rivals to know / don’ have to do it!
  13. 13. 6.11.2016 Maija Haaranen Open job postings 10-20% Hidden jobs 80-90% Of all recruiting
  14. 14. How do Hidden Jobs origin? INTERNAL REASONS • Projects • Internal changes • Workload situations • Withdrawals, resignations, retirements • Study leaves, job alternation leaves, parentaly leaves • Sick leaves • Accidents, Deaths EXTERNAL REASONS • Fusions, merges • Location changes • Growth, expansion • Re-establishments • Strategic changes 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen No hidden job today – A hidden job tomorrow! No hidden jobs today – hidden jobs next month or in a half year!
  15. 15. 5. Targeting: Where to find Hidden Jobs? You can find a hidden job anywhere! The most likely cases, when a company is hiring: • Strong Growth • Internationalization • Successful results • Start Up – Start again • Innovative forerunning • Great Performance • Great Place to Work • Development Projects 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen You will have to be active in finding out about these companies!
  16. 16. Companies with excellent performance • https://www.yrittajat.fi/uutiset/536101-353-yritysta-nousi-parhaaseen- aaa-luokkaan-katso-lista (AAA-rating) • http://www.kauppalehti.fi/5/i/yritykset/menestyjat/lista.jsp?id=1 Great Workplaces • http://www.greatplacetowork.fi/etusivu • http://universumglobal.com/ftis16/ 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Where to find Hidden Jobs? Information sources contain HINTS about companies that could have hidden jobs!
  17. 17. • StartUps / Growth / Innovations (=Hiring) http://www.talouselama.fi/kasvuyritykset/ • http://www.tekes.fi/rahoitus/startup/nuoret-innovatiiviset- yritykset/ • http://www.tekes.fi/en/programmes-and-services/grow-and-go- global/ • https://www.kasvuopen.fi/en • http://team.finland.fi/en/frontpage • http://www.kauppalehti.fi/aiheet/startup • http://startup100.net/ • http://www.slush.org/ • http://startupsauna.com/ 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Where to find Hidden Jobs? Information sources contain HINTS about companies that could have hidden jobs!
  18. 18. Investments mean Growth (= hiring) • http://www.industryinvestment.com/ • https://www.sitra.fi/en • http://www.fvca.fi/en • http://www.capman.com/ • https://www.finpro.fi/web/finpro-eng • https://www.finnvera.fi/eng/ • http://tuotevayla.fi/en • http://www.finanssiala.fi/en 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Where to find hidden Jobs? Find out which companies get investments - through these websites!
  19. 19. Projects / Development Projects • https://www.eura2014.fi/rrtiepa/?lang=en • http://www2.ray.fi/en/support-for-finnish-welfare • https://www.ely-keskus.fi/en/web/ely-en/ • https://www.rakennerahastot.fi/web/en#.V_5wTiTeQYE Other information sources • http://www.largestcompanies.fi/toplistat/suomi/suurimmat-yritykset- liikevaihdon-mukaan-ilman-tytaryhtioita • https://www.fiban.org/ • http://www.boardman.fi/verkosto/english/boardman+ltd/ 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Where to find Hidden Jobs? Information sources contain HINTS about companies that could have hidden jobs!
  20. 20. • After you have got information of suitable branches and companies…. …….Find out about the future or strategy of the company. Does it suit your own career plans? It is your advantage that you know as much as possible about the company and its future plans. > You can offer your competences right. Actively find out the right persons to contact: decision-makers, owners, chairmans of the board, entrepreneurs, chief executive officers, HR chiefs, recruiters. Address your competence offer to the right person who has the power to make desicions about recruiting. 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen Take time to explore the companies
  21. 21. 6. How to market and sell your competence? • ACT PROACTIVELY! • You must stand out of the mass of other jobseekers • Take an organization-based point of view: Do you know the company-owners ”headaches”? • Increasing the profit; reducing the costs, increasing the profitability; solving the problems; proceeding in the projects; developing the business… • Can you assure the owner/recruiter about you making a difference? • Competence documents: Competence Offer, Resume, Competence Folder > Put your evidence into them! • Start pitching! ”I am a widely ecxperienced marketing specialist, ready to refresh your social media channels lucratively!” 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  22. 22. Everyday operations • Your results depend on your efforts! • Job hunt is a wholeday job. • How much time will you put on it daily / weekly…? • How do you coordinate your project? • How do you search information? • How do you prepare to contact the companies? • How do you prepare fo interviews? • How do you prepare for ”NO” –answers? • How do you plan to network and where? • What do you do when it seems no success? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  23. 23. *Personal Brand in Social Media • Be available! • Show your competences also in social media channels – at least in LinkedIn www.linkedin.comn näkyvyytesi vkos • Your net presence is always 100% - Make it great! In the internet and social media: • Networking goes on • Recruiters seek for candidates • Decision-makers search for evidence • Headhunters operate • Skillful jobhunters find jobs! 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  24. 24. *Networking TOP-Networkers see their network as a critical asset and make great efforts for it! • Never too late to start! • Be active first. • See potential opportunities. • Give favours and courtesies. • Do something concrete daily for your network. • Someday you will get everything you need from your network! • LinkedIn realizes yor network! • Hidden jobs can be found in the network – you won’t have to apply never again. 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  25. 25. 6.11.2016 Maija Haaranen Draw your network! You Friends Neigh- bours Custo- mers Hobbies Trust positions Relatives Partners Collea- gues
  26. 26. A Hidden Job Found!? • After the project….. • You will be rewarded! • Think about the things that you succeeded in. • What did you learn? • What development did you make? • What efforts could you increase? • What is your attitude in the future? 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen
  27. 27. Thank You! By the way, remember networking. You can connect with me in Linkedin! https://www.linkedin.com/in/maijahaaranen 6.11.2016 Copyright Maija Haaranen