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HubSpot WooCommerce Integration - The Step to Automate Business

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The marketing automation software and CRM have emerged as the most significant help for major marketers and businesses. Every business dreams to record an enthusiastic sales growth and increasing profit graph. Yes! Marketing Automation Platform like HubSpot WooCommerce Integration has helped many businesses to build and strengthen long-lasting customer relationships and gain the desired output in return.

To know more about the Integration, give your few minutes for reading -

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HubSpot WooCommerce Integration - The Step to Automate Business

  1. 1. It’s a stand for taking business to the next level….. It's our move to make it happen with Marketing Automation Power
  2. 2. Integration HubSpot WooCommerce
  3. 3. Every Business needs Marketing Automation platform for these reasons-
  4. 4. ❏ Track customer actions coming in the online stores ❏ Track an overall performance of product optimization ❏ Know customer information and use it to help them in the long run ❏ To initiate and build a long term and strong relationship with customers
  5. 5. Does YOUR business require automation? Think Decide Learn Proceed & Execute
  6. 6. Have a look at the current statistics on the Usage of Marketing Automation Platform
  7. 7. According to the Ultimate Marketing Automation Usage Statistics, around 51% of the B2B companies are currently using marketing automation. Around 60% OF the companies are planning to adopt the technology. Source: https://www.emailmonday.com/marketing-automation-statistics-overview/
  8. 8. Objectives of HubSpot WooCommerce Integration Usage Statistics
  9. 9. ❏ Ensure fast customer data syncing ❏ Align the targeted customers in the sales pipeline more efficiently ❏ Track customer actions and then frame the targeted marketing campaigns in return ❏ Ensure a long lasting Customer Management Relationship
  10. 10. Stepping towards automating your business tasks? Then you need to choose the best platform for it NOW!
  11. 11. Know the best ways to heighten the growth rate of your business HERE! ❏ Convert leads with personalization and automated mails. ❏ Convert abandoned carts to brighter sales. ❏ Convert, repeat and delight your clients with dynamic coupons. ❏ Sync your customer data on the basis of purchasing action of customers.
  12. 12. ❏ Increase online sales. ❏ Convert leads with personalization and automated mails. ❏ Convert abandoned carts to brighter sales. ❏ Convert, repeat and delight your clients with dynamic coupons. ❏ Sync your customer data on the basis of purchasing action of customers.
  13. 13. What is HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO? The HubSpot WooCommerce Integration is the connection of WooCommerce with HubSpot that lets the owners of WooCommerce stores to automate all marketing processes at one place and ensures high sales growth in business in the long run.
  14. 14. What is the need of HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO? ❏ Proper automation of marketing processes very easily and all at a one place. ❏ The regular syncing of customer information regarding the purchasing action they are making at the stores.
  15. 15. Main Features
  16. 16. Features Mapping HubSpot Contact with WordPress users Cart Recovery HubSpot Deals RFM Analysis
  17. 17. Features Dynamic Coupon Code Creation ROI Tracking Workflows
  18. 18. Let Us Understand deeply….
  19. 19. It helps you to get your targeted audience and retain them for a longer time. RFM Analysis
  20. 20. Orders can be seen as HubSpot deals with the associated revenue and contact. These HubSpot deals provide easy forecasting of revenue. HubSpot Deals
  21. 21. The feature helps to recover all abandoned carts into sales. It automates the follow up processes and helps to strengthen the client base. Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery
  22. 22. Mapping Hubspot Contacts with Wordpress Users Helps to map the existing HubSpot contact properties with WordPress user’s fields.
  23. 23. Auto generate single use coupon code which you can send to your regular and potential customers. Delight customers via coupon code
  24. 24. Workflows help to automate processes quickly Workflows here are based on Customer groups, RFM segmentation, purchase details and other 30+ continuously synced contact properties.
  25. 25. It helps a lot to easily track the conversions , it can easily check how much revenue has been generated on revenues and workflows and track your Return On Investment. ROI Tracking
  26. 26. Dynamic Coupon Code Creation Helps to create more targeted coupon codes for your segmented audience just by clicking on it once.
  27. 27. Put On Headphones How does HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO works?
  28. 28. Why you should know HubSpot WooCommerce Integration?
  29. 29. The HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO works well with HubSpot free CRM as we have a free pricing module for the same and with the help of our integrations and add-ons you will be able to-
  30. 30. ❏ Sync your WooCommerce data to HubSpot. ❏ Abandoned cart recovery. ❏ Check customer purchase history. ❏ Send dynamic coupon email from HubSpot. ❏ Create automated deals for every order.
  31. 31. Our Plans: “The names of our marketing platform plans are similar to HubSpot Marketing plans that you are already using. It directly matches with the HubSpot marketing plans”
  32. 32. ❏ Free Plan , $99 for lifetime usage ❏ Starter plan ($149) for lifetime usage ❏ Premium Version - $199 for lifetime usage
  33. 33. Setup and Installation: We provide free setup and installation support. Besides all this we all are available on live chat, email, phones and skype always if you want support from us. It will be a great pleasure to us to help you all at anytime you need it.
  34. 34. Version Upgradation: You can upgrade your version anytime. We have lifetime plan and if you upgrade the version we will give you the discount that's equal to the previous purchase for the same site license. Your previous license will be deactivated too. Free trial of version: We provide trial version to our customers to build a full proof trust at every step they take ahead. We have $1 trial fully featured plugin to explore and test us.
  35. 35. Now What is your next step? Step ahead to add excellence to your WooCommerce store NOW!
  36. 36. Buy Now
  37. 37. For any queries, connect to us at anytime and get all solutions quickly
  38. 38. To know more on significance of digital marketing and marketing automation Read: Full Guide To Digital Marketing
  39. 39. If you have any queries during demo click below to contact Concerned Developer Username: makewebbetter
  40. 40. Contact Us Email Us Telephone Enhance your Marketing processes with : HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO
  41. 41. References MakeWebBetter Blogs Icon Images- Freepik.com