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Wendy's Social Media Strategy

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Wendy's Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Wendy’s Social Media Strategy Marcela Astudillo
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Social Media Audit (Social Media Assessment) 3. Social Media Objectives 4. Online Brand Persona and Voice 5. Strategies and Tools 6. Timing and Key Dates 7. Social Media Roles and Policies 8. Critical Response Plan 9. Measurement and Reporting Results
  3. 3. Executive Summary The major social media priority for Wendy’s in 2017 will be to expand a customer base. The primary focus is on customer service and expanding on social media through Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By updating the social media platforms with deals and updates of the store, the customer base will increase.
  4. 4. Social Media Audit • Social Media Assessment • Website Traffic Assessment • Audience Demographics • Competitor Assessment
  5. 5. Social Media Assessment Social Network URL Follower count Average weekly activity Average engagement rate Twitter https://twitter.com/Wendys? ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle% 7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctw gr%5Eauthor 1.86 million 3 3% Facebook https://www.facebook.com /wendys/ 8,002,307 3 4% Instagram https://www.instagram.co m/wendys/?hl=en 527,000 2 Interactions per post: 400 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/ company/wendys- international 32,806 1 10%
  6. 6. Social Media Audit Assessment summary • According to my findings, Twitter has the highest follower count, and Instagram has the highest engagement rate between the customers and the company. The least amount of interaction is from the social media platform, LinkedIn. This is most likely because a lot of the customers do not use this social media platform for social activity. Perhaps they can improve the audience engagement on LinkedIn by associating Wendy’s with business related opportunities.
  7. 7. Website Traffic Assessment Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 1500 unique visits 6% 3% Facebook 2000 uique visits 7% 4% Instagram 100 unique visits 1%No data LinkedIn 100 unique visits 1%No data
  8. 8. Website Traffic Assessment summary Facebook is the Social Media platform that drives the most traffic for Wendy’s. Instagram and Twitter don’t drive as much of the audience to the Wendy’s website. The conversion rate had a low average rate, with Facebook having the highest rate.
  9. 9. Audience Demographics Age Distribution Age Distribution Age Distribution Age Distribution Age Distribution 18-24: 20% Female: 55% Twitter: 50% Instagram: 45% Having fast-food served that is inexpensive. 25-49: 60% Male: 45% Facebook: 30% Facebook: 35% 50-65 10% Instagram: 20% Twitter: 20% 66-80 10%
  10. 10. Audience Demographic Assessment summary The main audience was between the ages of 25-49. Therefore, Wendy’s should focus on this target audience the most so that there is a larger influx of other ages.
  11. 11. Competitor Assessment Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Burger King Twitter: @BurgerKig Posts every few hours Lacks in creative graphics McDonald's Twitter: @McDonalds 3.44 million followers Does not post everyday Checkers Twitter: @CheckersRallys Good graphic content Only has 12,000 followers
  12. 12. Competitor Assessment summary • The competitor assessment targets other competitors selling the same product. The differences between them is the level of interaction that they have with their customers. This includes their follower base, their graphics and the frequency in the posts.
  13. 13. Social Media Objectives • The goal for the upcoming year is to use the social media platforms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to increase sales of the store. As a store, we need to appeal to our followers through high-quality graphics and promoting the product.
  14. 14. KPI’s • Followers on different social media platforms. • Increase of graphic content on social media. • Interaction and engagement with audience.
  15. 15. Key Messages • Wendy's Will Give You Unlimited Frosty's For $2 • March Madness Cheeseburgers
  16. 16. Online Brand Personal and Voice • Adjectives that describe our brand: attentive, understanding, fast, loyal. • Examples:
  17. 17. Strategies and Tools • Paid: Give incentive to retweet ads that will promote the company more. • Owned: Promote the Frosty deal by hash-tagging it on social media as #TwoDollarFrosty, which will promote the frosty deal and increase the audience of people over social media. • Earned: Offer discounts to customers.
  18. 18. Strategies and Tools continued. Approved tools: • Hootsuite • Buffer Existing subscriptions: • Adobe Photoshop • Canva
  19. 19. Timing and Key Dates • National Salad’s month - May 16 • First quarter results - May 17 • Mozarella chicken salad and Sandwhich – April 25 • Wendy’s raises bar on chicken quality – February 14
  20. 20. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities • Social Media Director/Responsibilities – Jane Berkely • Social Media Manager/Responsibilities – Max Jackson • Social Media Coordinator/Responsibilities– Harrison Smith
  21. 21. Social Media Policy • Wendy’s expects it’s company to maintain an honorable brand to maintain the standard we want to uphold. Through social media policy, we respect every customer in their authenticity. We will use picture friendly graphics to demonstrate the diversity of Wendy’s customer, employment, and future customer base. The following guidelines should be used to maintain the standard throughout Wendy’s online presence.
  22. 22. Social Guidelines • Respect every customer’s beliefs • Be understanding • Be helpful • Promote Wendy’s food chain through your own social media (employees). • Be knowledgeable when posting about the company.
  23. 23. Crisis Response Plan • Scenario #1: Disrespectful tweet to customer – if customer had opinionated tweet about Wendy’s • Steps to take: 1. Delete tweet, apologize to customer, found out who was in charge of tweeting it, take appropriate measures. 2. Get in contact with Jane, Max and Harrison. 3. Set up a tweet that will appeal to followers with genuine message. 4. Have Jane and Max enforce consequences on the person who posted the tweet. Pre-approved message: None. Since this case happens randomly, they will have to respond to each scenario differently based on each case.
  24. 24. Crisis Response Plan • Scenario #2: Poor quality food • Steps to take: 1. Notify Social Media Director, Jane 2. Harrison has to approach the user and use the pre-approved method to tweet back. 3. Get information (Location of store, type of product, and how to make sure it does not happen again) 4. As the social media director, Jane will get in touch with Wendy’s PR department to correct the issue and avoid bad publicity of the company. 5. Wendy’s will publicly apologize about the issue and make a PSA through the social media platform where the issue was brought up.
  25. 25. Measurement and Reporting Results • Social Network Data • Website Traffic Data • Results Assessment • Qualitative KPI’s • Sentiment Analysis
  26. 26. Social Network Data (After 3 months) Social Network URL Follower count Average weekly activity Average engagement rate Twitter https://twitter.com/Wendys?ref_ src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwca mp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eautho r 2 million +2.0% growth 5 + 66% increase 6% Facebook https://www.facebook.com/we ndys/ 10 million +25% growth 5 + 66% increase 6% Instagram https://www.instagram.com/we ndys/?hl=en 600,000 +.5% growth 6 + 200% increase Interactions per post: 650 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/com pany/wendys-international 40000 +2% growth 2 + 200% increase 5%
  27. 27. Website Traffic Sources Data (After 3 months) Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 1700 Unique Visits 8% 5% Facebook 2200 Unique Visits 9% 6% Instagram 300 Unique Visits 3% 3% LinkedIn 200 Unique Visits 3% 3%
  28. 28. Results Assessment • Twitter followers have increased by 140,000 in 3 months. • Instagram followers have increased by 73,0000 in 3 months. • Facebook followers have increased by 2 million in 3 months. • LinkedIn connections have increased by 8,000 in 3 months. • The data shows that there was the fastest increase of followers on Facebook and LinkedIn was the slowest increase of connections.
  29. 29. Qualitative KPI’s • Continue applying strategies and tools to appeal to online audience. • Continue creative graphic content. • Apply crisis response plan if needed. • Enforce the social media policy for employees. • Continue good customer service to have loyal customers.
  30. 30. Sentiment Analysis • An analysis of 100 Facebook posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts and Instagram posts reveal the following: - Positive feedback from customers - Graphic content increases amount of followers - Negative exposure dealt with appropriately so customers are content after a complaint
  31. 31. Future Actions • Continue promoting the events: National Salad’s month, Mozarella chicken salad and Sandwich, raising bar on chicken quality. • Post regularly to LinkedIn • Focus on promoting through Instagram the most (Most influential social platform.) • Create opportunity for customers to offer constructive criticism.