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When Seconds Count: IP Paging and Emergency Notification - Singlewire Software

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When Seconds Count: IP Paging and Emergency Notification - Singlewire Software

  1. 1. When Seconds Count: IP Paging and Emergency Notification
  2. 2. Safety is Top of Mind
  3. 3. o Leaders from a US Federal agency contacted us after they were unable to evacuate their people during the September 11th attacks o They needed a solution that would be easy to use and could send text/audio broadcasts to 4200 Cisco phones at once o InformaCast was the solution in 2002. The agency became our first client and is still a client today, along with 6000+ others worldwide Singlewire Can Help You Protect You
  4. 4. o Building Evacuation/Lockdown o 911 Internal Alerting o Automated Weather Alerting o Panic Button Systems o Paging Notifications: Emergencies & More
  5. 5. InformaCast + Cisco = Safety
  6. 6. Demo - Emergency Group #alert to 608-260-7512
  7. 7. Ice cream manufacturing company with over 2,500 employees Ammonia leak detection system was inadequate, causing a major health hazard Integrated InformaCast with the ammonia sensors at their plants Alerts all employees in the plant to evacuate if airborne ammonia levels get too high Manufacturing Use Case
  8. 8. Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, WI Digital displays in hallways show schedules for rooms and which are busy with people In an active shooter scenario, there was no way to turn all screens off in mass quickly InformaCast automates the lockdown process Including communication to staff, students, and digital sign boards Higher Education Use Case
  9. 9. Hospital & Rehabilitation Center: An 870-bed, skilled nursing facility Didn’t have a system in place to safely interact with wandering at risk patients Integrated with Stanley Healthcare RFID system to track location of patients When a wander risk patient leaves a designated area, the recorded voice of the patient’s loved one is played over the speaker. Laguna Honda Hospital
  10. 10. 17,000 phones, 200 Speakers, 80,000 Email, 75,000 SMS Did not have a single pane of glass solution Took 10-12 minutes to send a message After implementing InformaCast it takes less than 2 minutes to send and receive a message University of Florida
  11. 11. Geolocation o Select a point on the map o Specify the radius o Only those users in circle will receive the notification!
  12. 12. = Comprehensive incident management+ o Automatically opens a Spark room o Whole security team is instantly connected to respond o Automatically posts video and audio content from physical security devices o One button to group conference for live discussion of situation info.singlewire.com/spark Cisco Spark Integration
  13. 13. Collaboration Groups: Conference Call Distribution Lists o Choose a distribution list or individuals to automatically join the conference call o Attendees also receive invites that are easily forwarded via SMS and email o Conference call can include up to 40 participants Example: Notify 1,000 people of an event, automatically bring up to 40 people into a conference call related to the event.
  14. 14. Pat Scheckel SVP, Marketing 608.661.1147
  15. 15. 3:00 – 3:45 PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS KONICA MINOLTA Breakout Room: Guest Locker Room “What is your Print Transformation Strategy?” Emil Enstrom, Vice President of Enterprise Accounts BARRACUDA Breakout Room: Delta 360 Club “Protecting Data Everywhere” Rod Mathews, Senior Vice President and General Manager Marco Breakout Room: Main Field “Uncovering the Cloud: Is it Right for You?” Steve Knutson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Service MITEL Breakout Room: Interview Room “Deliver a Flexible, Engaging Customer Contact Center Experience” Brian Spencer, General Manager – Contact Center

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  • InformaCast transforms any Cisco UC platform into a powerful emergency notification system