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Specialty Imaging Services Overview 2017

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This is an overview of our unique point of difference. We combine professional photography with engagement technology, immediate access to event photos in real time, touch screen printing kiosks in group hospitality areas, personalized photo credentials that improve event security, a custom website specific to your event, and custom printed albums containing individual attendee's "favorites" from the trip.

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Specialty Imaging Services Overview 2017

  1. 1. Specialty Imaging Engagement Technology We believe an event should have an impact on your guests that promotes motivation and progression. Our engagement technology is an amenity that provides lasting memories to your event. Specialty Imaging connects traditional photography to new trends and ideas while providing branded solutions that are simple and easy to use. We accomplish this by using digital imaging as a tool to capture memories and experiences and provide immediate access points for viewing, printing, downloading, and sharing on social media. Our process has many options and is easily customized to the specific needs of the event. We offer a multi- platform process: • MySIPhotos.com and MySIPhotos app: These are customized extension of your event with the look and feel of your program. Sample link to MySIPhotos.com (login “si” and password “welcome”) o Includes your event logos, messages and information in a secure website. o Event data capture for your event is included giving you statistical results for your Client ROI. o Event survey can be turned on to capture more data points by attendee with site available for two years. o MySIPhotos Admin gives you more flexibility to change, add or takeaway information at once.
  2. 2. • MySIPhotos App for Apple and Android Devices (“App”): The App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Guests can download the App prior to the event and can access photos when connected to the internet. The App will allow guests to view, save favorites, add their own pictures to the group website, email and share photos on social media while on-site and after the program is over. • Guest Uploads: Program related photos taken by guests on their mobile devices can be uploaded to the website and App, allowing the guest to be an active participant during and post event. Photos will be uploaded to a Guest Uploads gallery and can be either hidden or displayed. • Onsite Printing Systems: Allows attendees to preview, print, and save their favorite pictures letting the pictures tell the story that attendees share, connect and engage with. o Attendee can add pictures and be an active participant using the “Save to Favorites” feature. o Systems can be set up onsite anywhere in the world. • Seamless Security with our Custom Photo Credentials: Guarantee seamless security with branding relevant to your program. o Easy viewing of contact information while networking with up to five variable text of information. o Credentials are printed at once with the guest being photographed upon arrival. o Headshots are saved by name for a digital archive. The reverse side is ideal for a program agenda or other information.
  3. 3. Other SI Amenities: • Candids and Green Screens: Coverage of all hosted and group activities outlined and as directed by the client. All images will be edited and uploaded to our secure website, app, and EZ Print photo systems for guests to view and print 4x6 photos with all rights released. Photos can also be printed on-site in 5x7” format. • Custom Photo Book: The Save to Favorites feature allows SI to produce a custom photo book of the guest’s favorite pictures from the event into a colorful memory. o Client will have the option to order a 20 page (40 total front and back) hardcover, full color book for the guests post event.
  4. 4. Our photographers are really the key to our success. We don’t contract local photographers. This ensures the best professional who understands our software systems and knows the value of interacting with attendees and becomes part of the client team. Specialty Imaging FEATURES We cover the world, let us cover your event! Thank you for your consideration and if we can be of service please let me know. Mark Cunningham 40 North 800 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84116 Office Mobile 801-550-0536 Personal Mobile: 435-680-4840 Fax 801-355-3710 www.specialty-imaging.com Live Photo Sync Wireless Photo Share Onsite Photo Montage Release all copyrights Green Screens Meet & Greet Photo Lines Interactive Photo Kiosk Onsite Printing In-house Graphic Design Name Printed on photo for at once room drop