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Mirantis Brocade Sales presentation - Draft 4 - .pptx

  1. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Mirantis OpenStack and Partner Joint Solution Sales Presentation
  2. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved What Is OpenStack? OpenStack = Standardized interfaces that abstract APIs for drivers across infrastructure components (aka “cloud”) Standards deliver velocity, competition, and innovation.
  3. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Why OpenStack? COST SAVINGS OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY OPEN PLATFORM FLEXIBILITY OF UNDERLYING TECHNOLOGY CHOICES ABILITY TO INNOVATE AND COMPETE source: OpenStack User Survey, 2014 survey-insights-november-2014 What are the business drivers?
  4. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved OpenStack: Right Choice for the Long-Term OpenStack grew faster than Linux; and is in top 2 open source projects (along with Docker) OpenStack Juno Stats 1,419 individuals contributing 133 organizations 36 companies contributed more than 5,000 lines of code 108 drivers/ plug-ins from different vendors Eucalyptus & CloudStack (two other open source cloud contenders) are single company projects with limited community momentum compared with OpenStack
  5. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved About Mirantis
  6. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved About Mirantis Community driven: As a Top-3 contributor to the OpenStack upstream codebase, Mirantis is the biggest company in OpenStack with no other product or technology agenda. We drive upstream innovation to customers, and drive customer use cases back into trunk. 1 3 600 One agenda: OpenStack is all we do at Mirantis, delivering the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud at scale. Deep bench: Our 600+ engineers and technologists provide the deepest bench of real-world experience developing and deploying open source cloud infrastructure across a full spectrum of customers, industries and use cases. Scalable, automated OpenStack for mission-critical production
  7. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Mirantis OpenStack Simply download, boot, and deploy Mirantis OpenStack Easy Reliable Flexible
  8. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Products and Service Offerings at a Glance Training & Certification • 4yrs in OpenStack Training • 100% vendor-agnostic • 70 locations worldwide • 5000 trained and certified Solution Services • Architecture, design, and deployment • OpenStack development and integration • CI/CD • OpenStack driver development and certification Technical Support • Expert Assistance with deployment and operations • Issue resolution and defect fixes • Premium and Basic Support options Our 600+ engineers and technologists provide the deepest bench of real-world experience developing and deploying open source cloud infrastructure across customers, industries, and use cases. Software • Enterprise-grade, hardened OpenStack • On premise (MOS) or private hosted (MOX) • Hardened components • Known, working architecture
  9. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Fuel: Deployment and Management • Guided configuration & management • Flexible technology choices • Production-ready HA deployment • Health validation • Network verification • Deployment validation • Cloud health checks
  10. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Brocade & Mirantis
  11. OpenStack in the Brocade Architecture Orchestration Control NETWORK CONTROLLER NETWORK Network Virtualizatio n SERVER Virtual Machines STORAGE Software Defined Storage NETWORK FUNCTIONS Layer 2–7 Functions ORCHESTRATION AND PROVISIONING BUSINESS LOGIC NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE Virtual Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure vRouter vADX NETWORK APPS Application MLXe BVC VTM ICX
  12. Collaboration © 2015 BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, INC. INTERNAL USE ONLY 12 Technical Training Plugin Certification GTM Collaboration • ~60 SEs trained on OpenStack by Mirantis • Icehouse/Mirantis 5.0.1: VCS (AMPP) • Juno/Mirantis 6.0: VCS (AMPP) & vRouter (5400) • Kilo (Mirantis ~July ‘15): VCS (AMPP), vRouter (5600), VCS, ICX, MLX (ML2), VCS, MLX (VE), vR VPNaaS, vR FWaaS • Sales cross-training for Brocade & Mirantis • OpenStack Summit & other marketing activities • Technical and sales collateral and web presence • Account mapping activity • Roadmap discussions
  13. Opening Opportunities NOW VDX vRouter BNS NEXT MLX ICX vR VPNaaS vR FWaaS Get access to new buyers for drive incremental IP dollars. Mirantis is the OpenStack expert. You don’t have to be. OpenStack adoption is accelerating in the United States and especially in the North East.
  14. Use Cases by Target Segment Business Driver Use Case Summary Maturity Enterprise Close the IT relevance gap, embrace cloud as a seamless extension to their services portfolio, and adapt traits from the service provider model Virtualization + cloud mgmt./ orchestration Good Storage as a Service (Object or Block). Run a Swift or CEPH object storage layer Good Web / SaaS Increase automation and efficiency while aggressively deploying new technology to optimize revenue streams Run software on OpenStack Good MSP / Telco Get agile while leveraging their global footprint, broad customer base, and existing investments to optimize the cost and timing of services delivery Create IaaS using OpenStack Good Use OpenStack as NFV-Infrastructure Medium Cross-Segment Requirements Multi-tenanted, virtualized data center │Scale out architecture │ Secure tenant isolation
  15. Accelerate Cloud Deployments with Brocade & Mirantis • Simplify deployment of cloud infrastructure • Automate VLAN, vRouter and tenant creation • Make infrastructure changes non-disruptively Seamless Automation • Get cloud deployment expertise when you need it • Use Brocade plugins for OpenStack-enabled hardware and software • Maintain agility and scale over time Proven Expertise • Get started quickly with low upfront capital expense • Scale up or down to meet dynamic capacity demands • Provide infrastructure and services on demand Low Cost, Low Risk
  16. Engaging Buyers IT Department Line-of-Business Company If there are teams/ individuals: • Cloud transformation • Cloud deployment • Cloud engineering • Digital transformation • Virtualization • Cloud Architect Start there… Else, traditional server side IT roles Business units frustrated with the fact that internal IT does not support the agility they need… and InfoSec that frowns upon the use of AWS/ Azure etc. Start with the product line managers, VP/ GM Individual Find the champion that wants to learn about OpenStack and become an internal hero Find a champion that wants to show IT and InfoSec that AWS-style infrastructure can be built in-house Think about the Brocade opportunity Ensure the network is part of the discussion, not excluded due to perceived complexity or absence of robust solutions.
  17. Next Steps… Learn Engage Mirantis Engage Customers Sustain Relationships Brocade Sales • Sales training • Review Playbook on FlightDeck • Contact: • Work with your Mirantis account team colleagues • Identify target accounts • Deliver pitch together • Follow-up: • Brocade / Mirantis solution brief • BNS and product overviews • Attend ongoing training • Share insights • Attend MeetUp events Brocade SEs • Technical training • Mirantis OpenStack demo(s) • Plugin demo(s) • Demo videos • Engage in MeetUp events online and in person
  18. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Q&A
  19. Copyright © 2014 Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved Thank you
  20. Mirantis Certification of Brocade Plugins Icehouse Mirantis 5.0.1 Juno Mirantis 6.0 Kilo (April 2015) VCS (AMPP) vRouter (5400) X X July 2015 vRouter (5600) Ongoing – Certification by 3/20/15 July 2015 VCS, ICX, MLX (ML2) July 2015 VCS, MLX (VE) July 2015 vR VPNaaS July 2015 vR FWaaS July 2015
  21. Brocade Plugin Certification Process Brocade Certification SQA Team installs Mirantis OpenStack GA code Configure Brocade Plugin, execute SQA Functionality Test Cases and run Test Automation Suites Run Mirantis Health Check (OSTF – OpenStack Testing Framework) Performs post- deployment verification of Mirantis OpenStack Provides primary health checks – sanity, smoke Verifies proper operation of all system components under typical conditions Mirantis Engineering Team examines health check report and certifies the plugin Plugin is packaged along with Mirantis OpenStack distribution
  22. Brocade OpenStack Investment • Current plugin developments: ‒ VCS, FC (upstreamed) ‒ vADX, Vyatta vRouter (privately certified - Juno) ‒ vRouter FWaaS, vRouter VPNaaS, MLX (K release) • OpenStack community participation ‒ OpenStack / ODL ‒ Telco WG (NFV) ‒ Congress (Policy) ‒ VPN, FW, LBaaS ‒ Multi-tenant DC-DC via MPLS ‒ SAN FC – SAN zoning to the Cinder project • ETSI ISG NFV PoCs ‒ Working with partner vendors and operators (IBM, RedHat, Telefonica) to define and deploy policy- based PoCs related to placement and scheduling of NFV through OpenStack. Vyatta vRouter ADX/Virtual ADX Scalable & Open Cloud APIs MLX NFV Switching Routin g FC SAN
  23. Comprehensive Data Center Solution © 2015 BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, INC. INTERNAL USE ONLY 23 DC Border/Core Internet MPLS Cloud External VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 67xx VDX 87xx VDX 87xx MLX MLX vRouter VPLS vR L2 / L3 fabric Compute / Software Networking Ice house Apr 2014 Juno Oct 2014 Kilo Apr 2015 MLX ML2 plugin VDX Port Port Profile VCS/VDX X SVI VDX & ICX ML2 Plugin SAN FC SAN FC SAN FC vRouter* vRouter VPNaaS FWaaS SAN FC * Available as private plugin vADX

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  1. So why do our customers make the choice for OpenStack in the first place.  We’ve found that OpenStack benefits three levels of individual within an organization – developers, IT or Dev management, and business executives.    Developers spend a lot of time trying to get access to server resources they need to do their job.  A big value of OpenStack is the on-demand nature of compute, storage and networking that can be requested by individuals through self-service.  Thus, developers spend dramatically less time running around trying to set up their development environment and more time adding value to their application development. Managers in charge of making sure traditional resources are available for development also spend their time responding to development requests – plus ensuring that provided infrastructure remains up and available for the developers.  This leaves little time to create new services needed by the organization and increasing their value to the company overall.  OpenStack is a way to free up that time and move them out of fire-fighting reactionary mode and into longer term project planning. Finally, executives are looking for a way to take advantage of new innovations and efficiencies in their infrastructure to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  This lets them react in a more agile fashion to changing industry or customer demands through the elastic nature of OpenStack; being able to add resources quickly to those that need them whether that is increased user demand (which is always a good thing) or development needs.
  2. #1 pure-play OpenStack company Unique product and services story Exceptional customer traction Very strong OpenStack community presence and brand Top 3 upstream contributor, leading the Sahara Murano & Fuel projects 530 employees, 420 engineers
  3. Easy Hassle Free Deployment & Operations Fuel takes the guesswork out of deployment and complex dependencies Reliable Rock Solid Resiliency at scale > 100 nodes Enterprise High Availability Production Ready OpenStack Packages hardened based on 130+ customer deployments Validated Architectures Mirantis 24x7 support Flexible Plug-in architecture to enhance capabilities Support for a broad range of compute network, and storage technologies Partner drivers and products certified on Mirantis OpenStack
  4. All this is possible because The New IP changes many technology and business aspects of networking. Here’s a high level look at those: The New IP makes networking more dynamic and automated through software and virtualization. This will evolve the network from a tactical role as transport to one as a strategic enabler of new capabilities and services. The New IP favors open architectures and open-source technologies for the benefit of customers and to avoid lock-in The New IP abstracts intelligence and centralizes it at the network control layer. This improves management and enables network-wide programmability The New IP changes the concept of life cycle management, delivering true investment protection through a long-term “useful life” approach. [Key insight]: this shifts the network purchase buying power from the vendor to the user. Related to that last concept, the New IP enables utility-base buying/spending. The Brocade Network Subscription is an example of The New IP concept by enabling our customers to subscribe to acquire networking equipment instead of direct purchasing or even leasing. Again, this is a shift away from vendor-centric purchasing in favor of an user-centric approach. [next slide]
  5. Strong momentum > 25000 members > 2.33M LOC > ~3000 developers > 300,000 downloads Every release getting better: Kilo (Apr 2015) will be the 11th release NOTES AND QUESTIONS – REMOVE BEFORE FINAL FOR KAMESH The biggest objection from customers is lack of the right resources and expertise Mirantis is an expert engineering partner for customers, and for Brocade NEW IP TEXT Just as we led the industry with breakthrough technologies for storage networking and Ethernet fabrics, we are now at the forefront of the software networking market. And we are aggressively developing a technology roadmap of open, software-driven, and secure networking solutions that will fully embrace the New IP. This strategy: • Enables you to start a new conversation about why the network must change to keep up with the massive scale and growth of today’s IT environments • Positions Brocade with a first-mover and leadership advantage in software networking and New IP technologies, where there is currently no dominant vendor
  6. NOTES AND QUESTIONS – REMOVE BEFORE FINAL FOR KAMESH The business drivers are (almost) a copy/paste currently from the New IP flyer – it’s a pretty close match. Only problem is that it’s a major eye chart now… although it was pretty text-heavy before too.
  7. Thanks for your time, good selling!
  8. Thanks for your time, good selling!