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How To Make Follow Up Email More Effective

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Follow Up Email is a vital source for you to follow customers and reduce abandoned cart rates, so why should you improve this source and boost sales for your business. Check it out!

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How To Make Follow Up Email More Effective

  1. 1. 2015 FOLLOW UP EMAIL TIPS Tips to run successful follow up email campaign Provided by: MageWorld – Magento extension provider 4
  2. 2. www.mage-world.com SHOCKING STATISTICS 52%48% Sales People Follow up customers Don't follow Email Marketing Cold Calling Networking Tradeshows ROI (Source: FollowUpSuccess) (Source: MarketingSherpa)
  3. 3. www.mage-world.com ABOUT YOU Are you tired of following up customers? - You don’t have enough resources - Your follow up campaign fails flat - You have to run campaign manually - ….
  4. 4. www.mage-world.com SOLUTION: Follow up Emails Benefits: Raise brand perception Reduce abandoned cart rate Increase Sales Develop your customer network
  5. 5. www.mage-world.com 4 TIPS to run successful Follow Up Email Campaigns
  6. 6. www.mage-world.com #Tip 1: “Content is KING” Keep follow up email as short as possible (approx. 200 words) and go to the point directly
  7. 7. www.mage-world.com #Tip 1: “Content is KING” PERSONALIZED Don’t Write Generic Email E.g: Dear customers/ Sir/ Madam Personalized emails improve 14% click-through rate and 10% of conversion rate (Source: Hubspot)
  8. 8. www.mage-world.com #Tip 1: “Content is KING” EMAIL SUBJECT Don’t write too long subject Don’t be too pushy Keep it simple and clear Make it “engaging” by referring to customers’ issues
  9. 9. www.mage-world.com #Tip 2: Include “Incentives” Sending follow up emails including COUPON => Motivate customers to purchase
  10. 10. www.mage-world.com #Tip 2: Include “Incentives” Magento Follow Up Email Pro Extension by MageWorld: -Allow to create incentives by integrating coupon automatically. Start follow up email campaign
  11. 11. www.mage-world.com #Tip 3: Suitable triggered events Triggered events should be based on SALES PROCESS
  12. 12. www.mage-world.com #Tip 3: Suitable triggered events Example of necessary triggered events: - Abandoned cart - Pending order - Completed order - Canceled order - New register - Customer ‘s birthday - … Discover these events in Magento Follow Up Email Pro
  13. 13. www.mage-world.com #Tip 4: Automating email sending Use an integrated tool in ecommerce website to follow customer’s shopping process
  14. 14. www.mage-world.com Recommended Tool 1. Increase Conversion Rate - Send abandoned cart emails 2. Improve customer relationship - Send event based emails 3. Boost your sales - Motivate customers with coupon 4. Evaluate performance easily - Visual report (line chart & pie chart) FOLLOW UP EMAIL
  15. 15. www.mage-world.com Grab awesome tool