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Plumber wellington

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Ross Alcock Plumbing Ltd specialize in residential and commercial plumbing installations, from fit outs of over 100 apartments at a time, to all those little jobs around the house We work with homeowners, builders and architects to complete alterations, renovations and new housing in Wellington

Our team work well together to complete jobs on time and within budgets, offering cost effective and innovative solutions tailored to suit your needs. We are members of Master Plumbers New Zealand and Site Safe. We guarantee our workmanship and all employees either hold a registered plumbing licence, or are undergoing their plumbing apprenticeship

Our Services

Pipe and Tap Installations and Repairs
Bathroom, Ensuites, Kitchen and Laundry Plumbing Repairs
Complete Bathroom, Ensuites, Kitchen and Laundry Renovations
Toilet Plumbing Repairs
Service and Replacement of Hot Water Cylinders
Hot Water Installations and Conversions
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Replacement
Leak Locating
Installation of dishwashers, laundry tubs and washing machines
Kohler shower service agent repairs

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Plumber wellington

  1. 1. Ross Alcock Plumbing Ltd Hire only Licensed Plumber  Website :­  http://www.rossalcockplumbingltd.co.nz      Mobile :­  0274544516 ADDRESS :- 25 Gaya Grove, Ngaio, Wellington ­ 6035 ,New Zealand E-MAIL rossalcock@xtra.co.nz PHONE 0274544516 WEBSITE http://www.rossalcockplumbingltd.co.nz/
  2. 2. Ross Alcock Plumbing Ltd Plumbing system is one of most fragile home system that requires special care. Whenever you have serious plumbing problem, and you try to fix it by yourself, you might end up causing more problems and incurring more costs. A professional and qualified plumber will repair the damage in a reliable and honest manner. When you hire a plumber, it is very much important to know that weather he or she is a professional. The following are some tips to help you tell if you have hired professional and qualified plumber.  1.   Every   professional  plumber   wellington  will   have   license   of plumber with them. Remember, Professional plumber have gone throw complete plumbing program and have certificate. And they will   also   have   undergone   training   and   have   sum   plumbing experience. They might also be listed a home renovator as good plumbing service or construction company. As well, you friends or neighbors or family that have used particular plumber in past and have good things to say about service they received. Website :­  http://www.rossalcockplumbingltd.co.nz      Mobile :­  0274544516
  3. 3. Ross Alcock Plumbing Ltd 2. Every qualified and professional plumber wellington will provide you with estimate before beginning any time of plumbing work. It will include all detail such as new components that may be needed, hourly rate, it would also include costs, and all type of taxes. And honest plumber will also try to find least expensive parts to save your money. 3. The best thing about trustworthy plumber is that he or she will answer all of your questions. Good  plumber wellington  will not haziest to provide reference of their previous work  and will also tell you from how long he is in this business,  and will also tell you all type of guarantee provide from their work. A professional plumber will   offer   you   emergency   service   also.   And   you   can   also   make contract   with   them   on   timely   manner.   A   professional  plumber wellington  will also have all your appropriate insurance such as liability insurance. So you are protected in any type of accident that comes at time of plumbing process. Plumbing   is   very   sensitive   systems.   So   it   is   essential   to   hire professional and qualified plumber. Hire professional plumber is not defect if you know what to look for  and what question to ask.    Website :­  http://www.rossalcockplumbingltd.co.nz      Mobile :­  0274544516