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5 Steps to Creating an Invincible Platform

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5 Steps to Creating an Invincible Platform

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Creating an Invincible Platform How you can use social media to clarify your purpose, become financially independent, and become luckier than all your friends.
  2. 2. Why did Winston win?
  3. 3. He built a platform. 10 million words published •11 volumes •400 articles •350 speeches In 8 years…
  4. 4. You can build a platform to create the life you want, faster. “It is the ultimate insurance policy and the most durable form of influence and power.” - Ryan Holiday, Author
  5. 5. Hi, I’m 
 Matt Woods. Marketer + Developer mattwoods.io @matopher
  6. 6. Where does Social Media fit?
  7. 7. Free tickets to a marketing conference — twice.
  8. 8. Leveraged LinkedIn to connect with 25 growth professionals from great companies in ~24 hours
  9. 9. Opportunities to meet founders & CEOs from Hubspot, Drift, Shareaholic & more
  10. 10. Passively absorb without adding to the conversation For most people social media is a distraction. No clear direction or mission Pretend to be experts at everything
  11. 11. What if you did the opposite?
  12. 12. Lead a passionate tribe by giving first Solve real problems & lean into big movements Don’t create; Document. What could a strong platform look like?
  13. 13. State your mission 21 3 4 5 Understand your tribe to find 1,000 true fans Document consistently & generously on 1 channel Do things that don’t scale Build momentum and repurpose what’s working How do you get there?
  14. 14. What’s the wrong that you can help people make right? STATE YOUR MISSION
  15. 15. Everyone wants to be part of a larger movement that matters.
  16. 16. Make your customer (or audience) the hero.
  17. 17. Pick one primary channel that makes sense for you to go deep on.  ➡ Ask: Do the people you need to know like to spend time there? Do you like spending time there? 
 ➡ Who do you already know? Text/Call/In-person 
 ➡ Treat every channel like its own country. LinkedIn has powerful network effects. It’s your business card / resume. Twitter is great for talking to strangers with common interests and events. 
  18. 18. Two contrasting specialties = your superpower MATTWOODS.US Software DevelopmentMarketing (Skill #1) Your Superpower (Skill #2)
  19. 19. Build a Three- Circle Network
  20. 20. MATTWOODS.US Inner Circle Professional Network The Crowd Start with your Inner Circle and grow naturally
  21. 21. Inner Circle Prioritize Mentors, role models 1-level above you, best-in-class peers, and mentees “Who can I learn from for 10x growth and tough decisions?”
  22. 22. Professional Network Professional groups, “superconnectors,” classmates, family friends, relatives, former coworkers “Who can I ask a favor from with a quick message?”
  23. 23. The Crowd Social media followers, email subscribers, website visitors, blog post readers “Who can I meaningfully help today?”
  24. 24. Major 🔑 to Networking in 2018 (Without Being Looking Like a Try-Hard) • 🔑 Flashbulb effect. Successful people want to be seen with other successful people. Your initial connections in a space carry FAR more importance than your later ones. • 🔑 Only post when you have unique value to add. Then make it count.  • 🔑 When an opportunity happens - jump on it. Momentum dies when you sit on it.  • 🔑 Don’t be afraid to jump out of digital-only communication. Send an email. Hop on a call. Schedule a coffee meeting. 
  25. 25. Who is the smallest group of people you’re uniquely positioned to help?
  26. 26. Hand to hand combat > Going Viral
  27. 27. Endless follow-up = your new default. Don’t attribute to hostility what can be easily blamed on busyness.
  28. 28. Do things that don’t scale. You can’t write 1 million people a hand-written note — but that shouldn’t stop you from starting the habit!
  29. 29. Once I followed up with an investor 48 times until I got a meeting. -Steli Efti, CEO @ Close.io “ “No,” can mean “not right now.”
  30. 30. General Follow-Up Schedule Day 1: First follow-up (+2) Day 3: Follow-up (+4) Day 7: Follow-up (+7) Day 14: Follow-up (+14) Day 28: Follow-up (+30) Day 58: Follow-up (+30) … (from there on once a month).
  31. 31. You only need 1,000 true fans. True Fan = Someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.
  32. 32. $100 x 1,000 fans = $100,000
  33. 33. How do you find true fans?  Focus on helping, not self-promoting.
  34. 34. “When you make your platform about other people, they’ll make it about you.” -Jeff Goins
  35. 35. Pick 1 primary channel (and stick to it.)
  36. 36. Don’t be a guru. Just share your raw experience.
  37. 37. Start small & consistent
  38. 38. "When you want the absolute best chance to succeed at anything you want, your approach should always be the same. Go small.” - Gary Keller
  39. 39. 1) Discover new pain points 
 2) Validate ideas quickly Tap your community for on- the-fly insights
  40. 40. Social Post -> 1:1 Follow-up
  41. 41. Justin Mares validated Kettle & Fire with in 2 weeks with for less than $100 using Bing Ads. Source
  42. 42. State your mission Understand your tribe to find 1,000 true fans Document consistently and generously on 1 medium Do things that don’t scale Build momentum and repurpose what’s working 21 3 4 5 5 Steps to Creating an Invincible Platform