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Loving The Philippine Food : Philippine CuisineAre you willing to eat "balut" -- ducks egg cell , bagoong -- shrimp paste,...
SOUTHEAST ASIA• Travel to the southeast asia• Singapore -- The “Lion City-State”• Visit and travel to the Exotic and also ...
culture derived from speaking spanish culture. Sauces like hoisin, oyster gravy and variationsassociated with noodles soup...
addition garlic -- cooked in medium temperatures. This is similar to abodabo Spanish cuisine. "Bistek", which is beef stea...
of the patron saint, 1st birthdays , baptism into the religious world, wedding, xmas season,and even funerals where people...
• sugarDips "sawsawan" or Sauces• ketchup• soy sauce• vinegar• fish gravy -- patis• bagoongand combined with some ingredie...
some fruits which we pickle. Pickle is done with white wine vinegar , pepper and sodium.Salad specially environmentally fr...
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Loving The Philippine Food _ Philippine Cuisine

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Loving The Philippine Food _ Philippine Cuisine

  1. 1. Loving The Philippine Food : Philippine CuisineAre you willing to eat "balut" -- ducks egg cell , bagoong -- shrimp paste, bass sauces and stylesome tropical produce ? Let us add rice cakes which has numerous variations that you will love.Rice is obviously the Filipino choice food and they eat rice together with main dishes mainly meat-- pig , beef and fishes. Stew, grill, boiled fish, meat together with vegetables and foods with coconutwhole milk are some of Filipino dishes. San Miguel draught beer and gin can be a beverageunique in order to Filipinos. We have additionally the version associated with rice wine -- tapuyand lambanog -- coconut wine. These are some of Filipino main cuisine.And obviously after eating you go, go to and enjoy the beaches that surrounds the island. Philippinesis floating and also surrounded by bodies associated with water and is full of natural resources.Seafoods are abound and also tropical fruits tend to be grown.The beauty of a culture is partly seen in the options of food on the list of people. We spent my youtheating the kinds of foods we eat which is what our parents feed us. This is a conditioning processmost of us take part in. It is a section of us. Nature provides prepared for us food items we will eat,and also usually the less expensive foods are the ones obtainable locally and not the actual importedones. Our own gustatory choices are influenced by the things we are utilized to eat and what isavailable to us. So we have the nature in order to thank for, as well as the traditions and lifestyleembedded in a certain place , and yes obviously our personal tastes. I think to a particular degreefood can be a factor of the way of life , how busy life is , religion (beliefs and also what the marketprovides , plus your capacity to purchase certain foods. Factor in environmentally friendly conditionswhether it is hot or cold , and it impacts our choices of what food to eat. After i migrated here in theactual US, I thought that i will miss the meals I used to eat in the Philippines, growing there for mostpart of my life , I am very blessed , America has everything in one place for me personally --the Asianmarketplace is everywhere making sure i am going to not miss the meals I love.Yes we still lovephilippine food and I cooked it from time to time. Itll always be a part of me personally.Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and flanked by Vietnam, Malaysia, Formosa and bigseas like the Pacific Ocean and also Sea - Celebes Sea. Manila, the main city city is just a napaway from Hong Kong, two hours by airplane to Manila, the main city city. Part of Southeast Asianregions tend to be : Singapore, Malaysia, indonesia , Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Thailand and PapuaNew Guinea. Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands and three subdivisions, Luzon, Visayasand Mindanao.Southeast Asian region is located south of china and to the far east of India and also farther northassociated with Australia.People from the Philippines are called Filipinos• Hubtrail Capstone, go to and Travel to the attractive Tropic Island Philippines• Philippines-Pearl of the navigate seas• Puerto Princesa Subterranean River countrywide Park -- worlds Longest Underground River• Boracay White seaside , Philippines -- one of many Worlds Best
  2. 2. SOUTHEAST ASIA• Travel to the southeast asia• Singapore -- The “Lion City-State”• Visit and travel to the Exotic and also Beautiful Bangkok, Thailand• Hubtrail Capstone, Hong Kong Tour: a lovely Travel ExperienceFilipino foods today is a by product of the colonization by Spain, united states and to some extentthe japanese. Added to this is the robust effect of oriental cuisine and other border cuisines -- that ofTaiwan, Malaysia, indonesia and Thailand. Obviously the indigenous people from the philippines foodculture cant be taken for granted. Mix all of these and you have got the type of Filipino food today.Colonization factors in the choice of food :The Spaniards colonized the actual Philippines for more than 300 years, Japan for three yearsand almost half a century by the Americans. The indigenous people are still living in the actualmountainside of Luzon and in Mindanao where they are Muslim by religion.The Spaniards from 16th in order to 9th century introduced with them recipes as well as theexchange of business between Mexico (another colony of spain ) to South America also to thePhilippines introduced a food lifestyle which is similar to some South American foods like menudo :stew, escabeche and also sopas -- meaning soups.The Spaniards brought with them festivities and feast which we call "fiesta" and is famed to honorthe actual patron saint. Foods are displayed and we feed everybody who visit the house, in additionthere is day activities of fun, games and dancing.The American influenced the actual Philippine way of life in terms of fastfood, (the edition ofMcDonalds in the Philippines is called Jollibee) educational system as well as other ways of living.For most America is dream to majority of people from the philippines and that is true. We haveAmerican fastfood restaurants in every corner of the country , most in the metropolitan areas andurban areas. An american traveling in the Philippines will find that the food items here are alsoavailable there like pizzas, Pizza hut, Dominoes, Shakeys, Carls Jr. And also Kentucky FriedChicken to name a few.For most part burgers are eaten all over the country including people fromfrance fries.Nearby region influences : For most associated with Southeast Asian area , religion plays a majorpart in range of food. Indonesians are mainly Muslims they dont partake pork. Malaysia is mainlyMuslim. Noodle soups is eaten broadly in the Philippines. Noodles like "pancit and bijon" are verypopular specifically during special occasions and birthday.Some Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand tend to be mostly Buddhist eventhough the Philippines is mostly Christians -- eighty plus percent tend to be Roman Catholics,so we almost consume anything except throughout Lenten season.__Chinese Influences in philippine cuisine and foods choicesThe migration associated with some Chinese vendors in the Philippines influenced the food choicesof the people. It created a kind of dishes that are combined with indigenous culture as well as the
  3. 3. culture derived from speaking spanish culture. Sauces like hoisin, oyster gravy and variationsassociated with noodles soups tend to be brought about by the intermingling of culture. Stirfrying and the use of wok is introduced by the Chinese.___Indigenous influences are robust and intact -- people in the mountain province cooked their ownfood mostly grilled and boiled plus rely on vegetables regarding food -- mainly in higher hills. Thesepeople werent colonized by the Spaniards and also their culture stayed intact.For the majority of the Muslim region down the South, they mostly consume seafoods, chickenand also vegetables minus obviously pork which is against their religions. They too havent beencolonized and also havent been affected by the actual cultural exchange between your colonizersand people in the mainland.Meals tend to be eaten during breakfast time , lunch and dinner, plus two snack foods time"merienda" almost meal between noon and evening in addition morning and lunch break usually tenfeel and 3 pm hours. In the countryside breakfast time is eaten as early as 4 tp 5 amas the farmers ,fisherman usually get up earlier. In the cities , breakfast depends regardless of whether how far youare commuting to work.Rice is the staple foods among Filipinos and also throughout Southeast asia. We have differentedition of rice from sticky -- "malagkit" to "Milagrosa" as well as other variants. Staple your meals arerice eaten inside breakfast, lunch and also dinner with another major meal usually , vegetables, meatand also pork plus fishes.Breakfast -- regarding breakfast there are variants in some places, but most consume fried rice, eggcell , tuyo (dried bass ). There are also fried hemp in combination of the pursuing which is usuallyoffered with tomato and also sauce:• tapsilog -- egg with toast rice and ground beef jerky• Longsilog -- sausage -- chorizo in addition fried rice and also egg• tocilog -- beef , fried rice and also eggAnother breakfast deviation is a bread dough which is called "pandesal", an oval shaped doughmade of flour and a butter or margarine make the middle side in addition coffee is another edition ofbreakfast.Coffee usually the manufacturer Nescafe is popular and in some locations they drink the actualnative coffee blendsRice in combination with some other main food from fishes, vegetables, beef produced is acharacteristics of lunch or dinner in every Filipino table.Rice can be eaten together with another main dinner which has several variants of meat and alsovegetables plus fishes like:• Vegetables can be stir fried with ingredients like beef. Vegetables can be combined with pork, beef and also fishes to prepare stew foods like :• Adobo -- stew -- pork "adobo" with ingredients like bay leaf, black pepper, soy gravy and vinegar, in
  4. 4. addition garlic -- cooked in medium temperatures. This is similar to abodabo Spanish cuisine. "Bistek", which is beef steak is also eaten together with rice• Boiled meat or fishes with vegetables -- ":nilaga" combined with vegetables like cabbages, "pechay" and with components like onions, bitter lime and to create "sinigang", could be bass and por. Tinolang manok -- boiled chicken with components plus veggies• Fried fishes like milkfish -- bangus -- they can be smoked, dried out -- daing and also cooked with white wine vinegar and other spices : "paksiw". Other fishes are galunggong and also "tilapia" -- carp, salmon etc.• Paksiw -- is a menus which is comprosed associated with ingredients like white wine vinegar , soy sauce, garlic herb , ground black spice up and cooked together with main food like fishes or pork• Fried meat, chicken and also fishes with grape oil as the food preparation oil,• Grilled fishes and meat products -- pork bbq , grilled fish, "daing" -- salted and also dried under the sun________There are regional variations like the people inside South of Manila like to mixed gata -- coconutwhole milk with their food like "laing" with soup " and some food items whcoh are combined withchili pepper and also popular to those who choose spicy foods.The people in Central Luzon also have kare kare which is constructed of stewed oxtail and alsovegetables with other components mixed together.People in the coastline partakes, seafoods, shrimp, seaweeds, arosip, and covers like "tahong",can be simply simmered with components and some fishes tend to be fried, boiled or made into driedout fishes -- daing.___________Variations in bass Paste -- in the Visayas region, they used "ginamos" -- different kind of bass pastefrom the Ilocos Region and Pangasinan area where the bass paste is called "bagoong" and is madeout of tiny fishes. There is also alamang which are made of more compact fish that the two pastes.Variations inside VegetablesVegetables is cooked with grape juices or "gata in Southern Luzon while in Northern Luzon,vegetables are usually cooked -- "pinakbet". Inside Southern Luzon, the actual chopsuey -- orientalinspired vegetables mixed is cooked a great deal. In Kapampangan, they love to cook kare kare.Noodles soupsNoodles soup in Iloilo part is made up of batchoy as differentiated wit the usual noodles insideManila and the southern area of Tagalog region, it really is called "mami" crackers.There are lots of festivities and feasts gone to by many people from the philippines. Filipinos love toaccumulate together and enjoy foods and talking, in addition dancing or performing , Usually theseactivities tend to be conducted with actively taking part food like wedding party ceremonies, feast
  5. 5. of the patron saint, 1st birthdays , baptism into the religious world, wedding, xmas season,and even funerals where people nourish all the people who may visit the ceremony.Roasted pig also called "litson" is always served inside feasts of excellent importance. It is thecountrywide food of the people from the philippines and is always contained in marriage ceremoniesand feasts or birthdays. Its also served in "coming out " ceremonies when one reaches 18 years ofage for women.Fried chicken or roasted chicken , usually marinated with soy gravy , lime and other seasoningswhich I described over.Pancit --is any mean consisting of crackers stir fry together with ingredients and veggies. There arevariations associated with noodles used like "bijon", pancit molo or the plumper ones.Caldereta is stew meat with a lot of ingredients and spices or herbs. Menudo is also composed ofmeat and other veggies thinly minced and with sauce, cooked inside medium temperatureThere tend to be street foods and also beverages sold in the medial side of the streets all overthe place.• Barbecue pork• chicken feet• intestines of chicken• ears associated with pigs• insides of pigsand dip in sauces of your choice, sweet and also sour, sweet, chiliBalut -- is any famous street foods -- ducks egg cell , can be delivered by a man marketing it inthe street shouting " Balut"Beverages sold at the streetsJuice or "palamig" like orange juice, pineapple , coconut juice together with artificial flavorings, iceand sold by glassHerbs:• bay leaf, cilantro, pandan leaves for riceSpices and also Seasonings• garlic• onions• black pepper• ginger• salt• red soup pepper
  6. 6. • sugarDips "sawsawan" or Sauces• ketchup• soy sauce• vinegar• fish gravy -- patis• bagoongand combined with some ingredients like• lime together with soy sauce and also red pepper• lime together with vinegar and reddish pepper• sweet and bitter sauce• chili sauceFruits are usually tropical fruits like banana, mango, pineapple , guava, caimito, mangosteen,jackfruit and oranges. There are also other fruits which are usually brought in like grapes, berries ,apple, peaches and also cherries.These fruits are made into juices, fruit salad and also smoothies or offered as a dessert followingmeal.Mango -- national fruit___Vegetables in the Philippines are environmentally friendly and very healthy. Some plant this intheir backyard and is planted all over the country. Cabbages and some vegetables that want a colderatmosphere are planted inside Baguio City part -- Cordillera area like cabbages, carrots and beans --Baguio beans. Malunggay is a very healthy environmentally friendly green vegetable in addition topechay. Tomato is always incorporated in dishes. Chayote, cauliflower and also broccoli are alsopart of the main meals cooked combined with meat. We have additionally spinach.Coconut can be used as :• coconut food preparation oil• the young grape can be used in fruit salad or grape salad• the juice associated with coconut is good for urethra and for our kidneys• coconut juice is made into tuba -- lambanog -- famous wine distilled• coconut juice is ingredients for many sweets like ginataan, hemp cakes and cassava cake• coconut milk is employed for cooking food like "gata" literally means coconut milkSide dishes are at times pickles -- we california it atsara-- papaya pickles, cucumber pickles and
  7. 7. some fruits which we pickle. Pickle is done with white wine vinegar , pepper and sodium.Salad specially environmentally friendly salad are combined with tomatoes vinegar as well asother seasonings. Camote and also kangkong" salad leaf and "are also partaken including jute --"saluyot".Snacks and Desserts -- sometimes it contains spaghetti, pancit bijon and pancit molo, noodles,noodle sauces and kakanin : like the famous rice cakes, sapin sapin, kalamay, bibingka, ginataan --together with coconut milk, cassava cake, suman -- ibos -- a variety of suman -- from rice stickycooked with sugar and also coconut milk engrossed in coconut leaves-Fruit salad is composed of fresh fruits , usually tropical fruit and mixed with compacted milk andsugar plus cream freezing and is served cold. This is also a delicacy after eating in special occasionsHalo halo can be a combination of crushed ice and cooked fresh fruits -- banana, yam, ube andcombined with sugar and compacted milkArroz caldo -- rice together with chicken cooked together with seasonings and ingredientsNoodle soups like mami and chicken sauces are eaten throughout snacks timeLeche flan is well loved dessert, plus cassava cake.Cassava cake is composed of cassava flour, coconut juice and also sugarCoke is popular and other soda like Sprite, Royal (lemon flavor), calamansi (lime green ) juice,pineapple juice and orange juices are also famous and also being drink on a regular basis. Thecoconut juice is also famous specifically in the southern Luzon area.For alcoholic drinks, we have draught beer -- San Miguel Beer and gin - San Miguel Gin andsome other mixed drinks well-liked by the young ones, Rum (Tanduay rum) together with juice, Gintogether with juice and other mixed blends usually combined with the juice obtainable.Lambanog is a wine distilled from the grape sap, tubaRice wine is fermented type rice and is very good -- also called tapuyCoffee is a part of everyday activities breakfast and mid afternoon drink. Local (barako) or Nescafebrand is popular.Trave along with other Parts of the World• I Remember the beautiful City of Love called Paris• What to find out at Malta : the actual Queen of Mediterranean• Amazing Australia: travel to the deep down under• Canberra, Australia• What to see at Amsterdam: capital city of NetherlandsTips About vacationing :• Tips on traveling regarding vacation• What travelling can do to a person• My wish listing of places to visit part II• My want list of places to visit Part I
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