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Resume research 2 28-13

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Resume research 2 28-13

  1. 1. Mitchell Cohen, PhD th 250 West 24 Street, #6EE, New York, NY 10011 212.989.0561 Mitchell@PCHealth.org www. Mi-cohen.comEducation Ph.D. Mass Communication Research, University of Michigan. BA, Communication and Political Science, University of Connecticut.Expertise Research • Analysis of primary and secondary data including surveys, financial, and utilization data to inform design & business and strategic planning. Assessment • Expertise in SPSS, SAS and other quantitative and qualitative statistical programs. and evaluation • Data modeling using multivariate statistical techniques. • Extrapolating business and strategic findings from analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. • Organizational development and analysis to improve efficiency. • Presentation of analysis and findings through well-organized and indexed reports and multimedia channels, including web and social networks. • Research design based on psychological, behavioral, systems, and communication theories. • Questionnaire construction and focus group outlines and protocols. • Data collection systems and protocols for surveys, focus groups, content analysis, and chart reviews. Methods include online, face-to-face, or telephone. • Human subjects and Institutional Research Board (IRB) training and experience. Executive & • Executive Director of a not-for-profit technical assistance and health care consultancy. Responsible for Organizational development, proposal writing, board development, and P&L. management • Director of four divisions within a major financial services corporation: information center, corporate database, marketing research, and product development. • President of a computer consulting organization with P&L responsibility. • Project manager & Study Director for large scale database and needs assessments. • Organizational assessment and strategic planner for NGOs. Refined mission, goals, objectives, work- flow, outcomes, budget process, and personnel management. Project • Develops project plans based on clear objectives, tasks, and related budget. management • Creates measurable standards based on clear objectives work-flow and protocols, timelines, budgets, and assessment data. • Team building and mentoring to promote collaborative efforts and effective communication.Experience Consultant Research design, project management, and statistical analysis, 2008 – present, 1987 - 1991 Assessment, evaluation, and program development. Presentations using graphics, animation and video. Web and social network development using content management systems. Executive Partnership for Community Heath, a (501)(c)3 assessment and evaluation consultancy 1995 - 2008 Director specializing in health care (NY). Research Centre detudes sociologiques, Facultes Universitaires Saint-Louis (Brussels, Belgium) 1993 - 1994 Fellow Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) (Paris, France). 1991 - 1993 Director Marketing, Research and Development, American International Group (NY). 1981 - 1987 President MetaMicro Computer Consultant (an entrepreneurial venture of AIG). 1986 - 1987 Analyst Market Opinion Research (Detroit, MI) and Gallup Organization (Princeton, NJ). 1973 - 1981Accomplishments and Community Activity • Founder and Executive Director the Partnership for Community Health. • Finalist -Yale / Goldman Sachs Business Plan Competition promoting not-for-profit entrepreneurial ventures. • Co-editor of Sexual Interactions and HIV Risk, Taylor and Francis, 1997. • Vice President, PTA.References and Publications: Available on request and see http://www.mi-cohen.com.