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Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization

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Fundamental tips for setting up the right website infrastructure.

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Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization

  1. 1. TIPS & INSIGHTS: Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization Shir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network
  2. 2. Generating more from your website Rebuilding your webpage Flooding it with ads Disrupting user experience
  3. 3. Follow critical steps to set up your ads Site Layout Utilizing your Ad Network | User Experience |
  4. 4. What they See is What you Get www.uservision.co.uk
  5. 5. Avoid Banner Farms
  6. 6. Stick to the Standard 728X90 468X60 300X600 160X600 120X600 300X250
  7. 7. “Show me the Money!” +200% eCPM
  8. 8. Add Special Formats Wisely
  9. 9. Fast Forward to Video $1.3B in video ad spending in H1 2013 (6% of $20B total) 69% of marketers to expand video budgets in next 12 months It’s a sellers market = High CPMs *IAB Study, 2013
  10. 10. Fast Forward to Video BE THERE! • Get a player (your ad network should have) • Create video content • Sell your new real estate • *IAB Study, 2013 Pre/Mid/Post-rolls, small player, large player, etc.
  11. 11. Promote your Content Increase user engagement & site experience (avoid dead end) Increase site traffic Personalize your widget – internal, ads, traffic exchange, design
  12. 12. Working with your ad network Education Entertainment Finance Shopping News Software Games
  13. 13. Don’t Judge Based on Doggy-bag Traffic 1st Imp 4th Imp 12th Imp
  14. 14. ENJOY THE HALO EFFECT Customized Buying plans Guaranteed Early Imps + Exclusive campaign rates + Dedicated Advertiser budgets Filled Remnant Imps
  15. 15. Don’t Limit the Verticals
  16. 16. Dig Deep to Find the Gold Target by day part, site section, user group Ad special format for maximized yield
  17. 17. Thank You www.matomy.com Shir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network shir.r@matomy.co m shirsaraross