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Leveraging distributed leadership for Changemaking

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My short presentation at the Maker Faire Rome session on P2P Economies. This presentation covers the story of how we built OuiShare from the very beginning. Ouishare is an horizontal organization based on stigmergy, do-cracy and consensus

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Leveraging distributed leadership for Changemaking

  1. 1. Leveraging distributed leadership for Changemaking The story of Simone Cicero Ouishare Connector @meedabyte
  2. 2. Changemakers
  3. 3. Changemakers
  4. 4. Change?
  5. 5. Finding new solutions
  6. 6. Confrontation & collaboration
  7. 7. Everything started with one person, one blog, one #hashtag
  8. 8. then early followers gathered
  9. 9. The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader DEREK SIVERS
  10. 10. then more people got involved and met in real life
  11. 11. then we picked a cool name
  12. 12. we had (international) confrontation in real life Paris, 1st OuiShare Summit
  13. 13. human interactions started to be again part of the picture
  14. 14. …an open, global, distributed community of passionate people (entrepreneurs, designers, makers, researchers, public officials, citizens and many others) working to accelerate the shift toward a more collaborative economy a shared mission encompassing our points of view
  15. 15. Openness Transparency Independence Impact MeetPople InRealLife Action PermanentBeta Feedback Inclusion Play a value manifesto?
  16. 16. …more confrontation in real life Rome, 2nd OuiShare Summit
  17. 17. Paris, OuiShare Fest, 2nd-4th May at the end we became stewards of a movement
  18. 18. OuiShare Fest – Paris, May 2-4 2013 the first major european event about the collaborative economy 2 conference days : 700 attendees, 25 countries 1 open day : 3 500 attendees from Paris 150 speakers, 10 satellite events, various activities
  19. 19. 3 Summits 100+ OuiShare Events 2 Continental Tours (LATAM/Europe) 1 Global Conference In more than 25 cities from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Syria, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, etc.
  20. 20. Since July 2012 240+ articles (FR/EN/ES) 60+ contributors 30.000 unique visitors/month Almost 10K Facebook fans Almost 6K Twitter followers .net Think tank = unique deep insights on collaborative economy
  21. 21. 70+ Online FB Groups • Local groups to activate cities/regions • Transversal language groups in English (Global), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. • Thematic groups to deep dive on a topic • Project based groups (video, labs, fest, etc.) • Organizational groups (connectors, core team etc.) Grouping 1500+ contributors from more than 20 countries mostly in Europe and LATAM
  22. 22. ► community building ► think tank knowledge production ► do thank project incubator … ► services (structuring) ouishare today
  23. 23. How (the hell) we did it
  24. 24. Stigmergy Individual autonomy and freedom to create regardless of acceptance or rejection by the group.
  25. 25. Hierarchical group controlled by an individual Consensus individuals controlled by the group
  26. 26. Empowerment vs. Control: just f*****g do it
  27. 27. Barcelona, 3rd OuiShare Summit Challenge: building an inclusive, sustainable organization
  28. 28. Bruxelles, 4th OuiShare Summit OBJECTIVES: define the legal structure, validate open governance, value accounting & compensation schema Building a new model for collaborative value making
  29. 29. That’s what we learnt about change
  30. 30. Change is about connecting
  31. 31. OuiShare Connectors
  32. 32. Change is P2P
  33. 33. Change becomes exponential when you do that impact
  34. 34. Changemaking is about leveraging networks and communities
  35. 35. is about Purpose and Contributions, not (only) budgets
  36. 36. Inspired by simbyosi.com
  37. 37. 5 Pillars
  38. 38. Find your North Star Be loyal to a shared mission (in permanent beta) Today’s newbies are more than yesterday’s core members
  39. 39. Push for transparency and clarity Full disclosure and understanding of processes is key Clarity enables participation and help overcome exploitation concerns
  40. 40. Seek equity and solidarity Bonds grow in equity and peer to peer solidarity You must create something more than a work relationship
  41. 41. Enable distributed leadership A do-first attitude Top-bottom management should leave room to consensus and self directed actions, independence & emancipation
  42. 42. Build on Trust and Reputation Relations drive initiative Trust and reputation are key enablers of a distributed and collaborative decision making process: leaders emerge if organizations run on trust
  43. 43. Special Thanks: - Albert Canigueral - Benjamin Tincq - Arthur DeGrave Thank you! Simone Cicero @meedabyte