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The Platform Design Toolkit v 0.1

This is an updated release:
First, I released the Platform Design Canvas alone, then I added the Platform Motivations Matrix to a newly born "toolkit" made of different tools (most of them are still in the making).

Here you can find a context post with a step by step guide to using this preliminary version of the toolkit: http://bit.ly/PDToolkitGuide

The Platform Design Toolkit v 0.1

  1. 1. @meedabyte #pdcanvas The Platform Design Toolkit …In the making
  2. 2. @meedabyte #pdcanvas To be used: • Design with platforms in mind • Identify value creation contexts • Identify peer segments and actors • Identify opportunities (emerging transact.) • Create new channels • Identify community support services • Identify exchange currencies
  3. 3. @meedabyte #pdcanvas A bit of context
  4. 4. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Rel. in June 2013 as an iteration of the Business Model Canvas Key community Feedbacks: - doesn’t show logical value flows - BM Canvas structure not good for non linear business - doesn’t model platform lifecycle - doesn’t help to hack growth
  5. 5. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Few months later: - Two Workshops held (Barcelona Design Thinking Week, Frontiers of Interaction 13) - Applied in some business contexts - Community feedbacks gathered and incorporated in Platform Design Canvas 0.2 - A new tool: The Platform Motivations Matrix
  6. 6. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Now working on a “Platform Design Toolkit” (more than a single canvas)
  7. 7. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Newly Born: The Platform Motivations Matrix (v 0.1)
  8. 8. @meedabyte #pdcanvas A derivation and specialization, of a rather classical and well known design thinking tool, i.e. the stakeholder motivations matrix. Motivation matrixes are often used by Service Designer all over the world to identify and investigate the motivations behind each single entity that interacts within a service context.
  9. 9. @meedabyte #pdcanvas In any context where it has to do with a number of internal and external actors, it’s crucial to understand the role their motivations play while they participate in value co-creation. The analysis of the value creation process is a critical step for understanding the platform: motivations are inextricably linked with that process and, therefore, are essential to understand.
  10. 10. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Updated: The Platform Design Canvas (v 0.2)
  11. 11. Mostly Social / Community dynamics (shared value) Mostly p2p dynamics (exhanged value)
  12. 12. What’s the intrinsic motivation to participate? (problem solved for peer segments)
  13. 13. What are the key stakeholders contributing to the platform operation and mission?
  14. 14. What peer segments are present in the ecosystem? They could be producers, consumers or prosumers playing both the roles
  15. 15. What are the recurring transactions between the peer segments composing the ecosystem?
  16. 16. Through which channels do the peer segments get in contact and execute transactions?
  17. 17. How is the value exchanged and in what forms?
  18. 18. What are the key components of the platform? (resources, formats, infrastructures)
  19. 19. What services are available for the community to support value creation?
  20. 20. How is the value extracted and in what forms?
  21. 21. Examples (new ones coming soon)
  22. 22. iOS App store New Use Cases Apple App checking Promotions WWDC Cash flows for devs Brand visibility Ad interaction Developers App purchase Indie studios App review App recommen. Dev houses Users App store Tech Firms IDE SMBs AD network Payment GW 30% fee on transactions IDE access fee Apps purchase / Money Reviews / Cred
  23. 23. Wordpress Starting a blog New Use Cases Wordpress Wordcamp Third party stores/ecosystem Runnnig Wp.org Browser providers Personalized L&F Brand visibility Premium Theme purchhase wp.com Developers Bloggers Purchases on Third party shops Agencies Upgrading a blog Developers Tech Firms Wp.org Wordpress SW Wp.com WP backends LAMP Stack Fees for services Third Party marketplaces WP.com upgrades / Money Reviews / Cred WP.com Theme upgrades / Money Free Code
  24. 24. @meedabyte #pdcanvas Complete Presentation and Step By Step Guide: http://bit.ly/PDToolkitGuide Links to the templates bundle: https://bitly.com/bundles/o_2 ga0t49k4i/2
  25. 25. THANKS get in touch! @meedabyte workshops & consulting