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Analysis of Financial Performance for Apple

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Evaluating a company's quarterly, annual and long term results in just 6 charts.

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Analysis of Financial Performance for Apple

  1. 1. Apple Financial Results in 6 Charts
  2. 2. Apple Q4 Relative Performance Revenue was in line but earnings exceeded expectations. Source: Company information
  3. 3. Apple Revenue Growth Revenue growth in Q4 was driven by the iPhone and the Chinese market. Source: Company information
  4. 4. Apple Product Trends The iPhone has grown at more than twice the rate of the iPad over the past 5 years and accounts for 75% of product units sold. Source Company information
  5. 5. Apple Financial Metrics EPS has grown dramatically, driven by revenue gains rather than profit improvement. Source Company information
  6. 6. Apple Cost Trends Operating expenses are growing faster than revenues. Source Company information
  7. 7. Apple Cash Flow Breakdown Cash increased 53% in 2015 and the major uses of cash were changes in marketable securities and share buybacks. Source: Company information
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