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Auburn Uveal Melanoma Study - 2019 CURE OM Symposium

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Dr. John Mason discusses the investigation of uveal melanoma diagnosis rates in the unique population of Auburn, AL.

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Auburn Uveal Melanoma Study - 2019 CURE OM Symposium

  1. 1. AUBURN UVEAL MELANOMA POPULATION John O. Mason, III, M.D. Retina Consultants of Alabama UAB Department of Ophthalmology Director of Retina Service & Ocular Oncology Fred Kam, M.D. Auburn University Medical Director
  2. 2. INCLUSION CRITERIA • January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2018 • Documented Uveal Melanoma • Student or Professor at Auburn • Lived in Auburn
  3. 3. ASPECTS TO THE STUDY • Participation of Patients • Geospatial Evaluation • Environmental Evaluation • Genetics Evaluation • Funding
  4. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES WHICH MAY OVERLAP Dr. Kam: • Discussions with Geospatial Experts • Discussions with Alabama Department of Public Health Dr. Mason: • Discussions with Genetic Experts in Uveal Melanoma • Confirmation and Evaluation of All Patients for Inclusion Into the Study • Spreadsheet Details Concerning Each Patient
  5. 5. AUBURN UVEAL MELANOMA POPULATION • 33 Total Possible Candidates for Inclusion (4 Deceased) • 30 Located and Have Agreed to Participate (3 Deceased and Family Not Reached) • All 29 Living Participants Will Participate As Well As Parents of 1 Deceased Patient
  6. 6. PARTICIPANTS • 30 Total • 23/30 Students or Faculty • 7/30 Lived in Auburn and Spent Time on Campus
  7. 7. DEMOGRAPHICS OF PARTICIPANTS • 14 Females / 16 Males • Mean Age at Diagnosis 43 (Range 30 to 71) • Most Common Dates at Auburn – 1987 to 1992 • 24/30 Were at Auburn from 1983 to 1998
  8. 8. DEMOGRAPHICS AND TREATMENT OF PARTICIPANTS • Patients Were Treated by Multiple Ocular Oncologists, The Most Frequent Being Carol Shields, MD and John Mason, MD • Metastatic Disease Developed in 6/30 • 8/30 Had Their Eye Removed • 22/30 Were Treated by Radiation (Plaque or Proton Beam) • Patients are Currently Living Throughout the United States
  9. 9. NEXT STEPS • Obtain Additional Funding • Develop Protocol for Geospatial Testing • Environmental Testing Would Follow Geospatial Testing • Develop Protocol for Genetic Testing of Blood and Tissue Samples • Obtain Necessary IRB Approval and Consents from Patients