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Fighting Hate Speech Online - Filip Stojanovski

Fighting Hate Speech Online

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Fighting Hate Speech Online - Filip Stojanovski

  1. 1. Fighting Hate Speech Online Filip Stojanovski, Metamorphosis FoundationFilip Stojanovski, Metamorphosis Foundation e-Society.mk Conference: Human Rights on the Internete-Society.mk Conference: Human Rights on the Internet December 11, 2014, Skopje, MacedoniaDecember 11, 2014, Skopje, Macedonia www.e-society.mk
  2. 2. Basic Approach • Identifying and marking hate speechIdentifying and marking hate speech – Awareness about what hate speech is …and which types of expression are not hate speech • Reporting hate speech to the authoritiesReporting hate speech to the authorities – To the authorities: It’s a crime! …impunity: no public record of enforcement. – Utilizing self-regulation mechanisms – Informing the public about hate speech – Directly confronting the perpetrators www.e-society.mk
  3. 3. Initiative against hate speech online • Started in 2012, in line with the efforts of CouncilStarted in 2012, in line with the efforts of Council of Europe: No Hate Speech Movementof Europe: No Hate Speech Movement • Initiated by YEF, Metamorphosis, Reactor andInitiated by YEF, Metamorphosis, Reactor and New Media CenterNew Media Center • December 2012 – two day consultative multi-December 2012 – two day consultative multi- stakeholder meeting with representatives of overstakeholder meeting with representatives of over 30 NGOs, media, activists30 NGOs, media, activists • National Campaign Against Hate Speech,National Campaign Against Hate Speech, coordinated by Agency for Youth and Sport of RMcoordinated by Agency for Youth and Sport of RM
  4. 4. Activities: On the web The website nemrazi.mk [don’t hate] is aThe website nemrazi.mk [don’t hate] is a resource center for fighting hate speechresource center for fighting hate speech •Creation and gathering educationalCreation and gathering educational materialsmaterials •A library of research and legalA library of research and legal documentsdocuments •News and information, redirecting toNews and information, redirecting to other sourcesother sources
  5. 5. MK: nemrazi.mk SQ: mosurrej.mk Facebook: fb.me/nemrazi Twitter @nemrazi @mosurrej #немрази #mosurrej
  6. 6. Social Networks: Twitter
  7. 7. Synergies: Citizen reactions on hate speech in the media • Media Fact-Checking Service (fatchecking.mk)Media Fact-Checking Service (fatchecking.mk) – Analyses and peer reviews of media production – Citizens contribute through reporting and marking, creating public record
  8. 8. Educational resources • Online TutorialsOnline Tutorials • GuidesGuides – for youth (high school students) – for the general public • Mobile applicationMobile application nemrazi.mk
  9. 9. Building a community against hate speech • Trainings for activists and teachersTrainings for activists and teachers – Inciting local initiatives – Knowledge sharing • Participative decision makingParticipative decision making – Public design competition for nemrazi.mk • Using social media to include, mobilise,Using social media to include, mobilise, coordinatecoordinate
  10. 10. Mobile Application Against Hate Speech • Anti-hate speech info at yourAnti-hate speech info at your fingertipsfingertips • News, tutorials,News, tutorials, events, e-booksevents, e-books • In Macedonian and AlbanianIn Macedonian and Albanian • Android and iOSAndroid and iOS • DL: nemrazi.mk/appDL: nemrazi.mk/app • Supported by OSCE and theSupported by OSCE and the Embassy of Republic ofEmbassy of Republic of France in MacedoniaFrance in Macedonia
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention • @nemrazi@nemrazi • ##немразинемрази • nemrazi.mknemrazi.mk • @mosurrej@mosurrej • #mosurrej#mosurrej • mosurrej.mkmosurrej.mk Metamorphosis Foundation info@metamorphosis.org.mk