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Oil and Gas |Michael bowen

Michael Bowen provides competence support while subsidizing in Oil and Gas. Michael Bowen Oil and Gas, It’s a great time to invest in oil and gas drilling.

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Oil and Gas |Michael bowen

  1. 1. Michael Bowen Oil and Gas |Best Consultant Services Michael Bowen is an entrepreneur and consultant with a passion for teaching others how to think differently. This time he is providing you professional service in Oil and Gas investment. Michael Bowen have diversity of work experience, which help him in creating innovation and improve team performance. Because of different talent and experiences he has variety of viewpoints which help in adaptability. With the help of Michael Bowen Oil and Gas, you can take full advantage of, expertise, resources and management skills of an experienced and credible oil and gas investing team. Michael Bowen is a specialist international demanding oil and gas consultant that provides a broad range of high quality geo-technical services (including complementary strategic and advisory services), whilst making full use of modern technology and work convenance. The work that Michael Bowen carries out with governments and national oil companies is recognised throughout the world. We provide strategic and consultative services, together with associated licensing round management and training. Oil & Gas Expense’s Devoting in gas and oil can be fairly simple, and is also a great way to appendix your portfolio with positive, regular cash flow. There are many unique benefits to taking advantage of oil and gas expenditure opportunities, and these prospects normally feature fast turn-around times to when you can start obtaining the benefits. Thanks to modern drilling technology, much of the risk traditionally associated with drilling for oil can be motivated making an investment in oil and natural gas a very smart choice. And perhaps best of all, investing in the oil industry presents individuals with the greatest number of available tax contemplation when compared to all other types of investments. Participating on the ground floor in the oil and gas investment industry is the best for private investors to experience the above mentioned benefits and tax breaks. But, the best part might be that this strategy doesn’t require micro-managing or maintenance, making it an abnormally time-efficient asset. Our work with oil companies and service companies ranges from the recognition and obtainment of exploration properties, through to exploration and development, project management (including gas commercialization), asset valuations, acquisitions and divestments. Michael Bowen has its roots in upstream oil and gas projects with a consequential track record of working with a broad range of oil, gas and energy companies operating in the UK and Internationally. Michael Bowen has provided consulting, front-end engineering design (FEED), engineering,attainment and construction management along with stand alone project management services to the energy sector for over 30 years, covering greenfield and brownfield developments, both offshore and onshore. RENEWABLE MICHAEL BOWEN Oil and Gas provides a complete range of engineering services through the full life-cycle of a wind farm, from theoretical studies, front-end engineering, safety and
  2. 2. environment studies, through to complete project management, appropriation, construction and operations’ management. Skills and best practice developed over years of working in the oil & gas industry are directly consignable to marine energy projects covering wind, tidal and wave power. MICHAEL BOWEN Oil and Gas consequential experience in marine energy projects brings significant benefits by way of safe offshore operations and optimised cost and schedules. As a result of this thoroughbred, MICHAEL BOWEN Oil and Gas has become a leader in the field of offshore wind farm developments as well as other marine sustainable developments.