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Real Estate Boston - What's Happening Now

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By Michael Mahoney - A Boston real estate agent with Century 21.July 16, 2020

Since the "stay at home" advisories and orders have been lifted so have the shackles off of the residential real estate market in Boston.

The quarantines certainly did have an impact, however we seem to be back in full swing in Boston.I have been keeping track of the Norfolk and Suffolk County market indicators since May when Governor Baker lifted the most conservative components of the quarantine. 

In my graph below, I track single family homes, condos and multi family homes.The growth of the pending properties is astounding. You will note the blue bar which is the sales has been slowly ticking up we get back to the "new normal".   The "blue line" may seem to pale in comparison to the orange line, but you have to remember that the real estate sales cycle is 60-90 days. Therefore, if we were to rewind the tape, you will note that during that time no one could leave their homes to even go look at any homes physically.

Agents are doing a great job with marketing homes in the Boston area.  The industry as whole is pretty adaptive. Realtors in Boston always find a way to work around whatever issues the market throws at them.

If you have any questions, you can reach Michael Mahoney of Century 21 in Boston at 617-615-9435 or via emai at mike@mmahoney.com

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Real Estate Boston - What's Happening Now

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