trna alexander fleming paul ehrlich elie metchnikoff edward jenner robert koch louis pasteur eukaryotes prokaryotes elongation initiation electrostatic precipitation microbiology of air microbial interaction toxin inhibitors inhibitors ribosomes posttranslational events termination & release activation of amino acids genetic code translation sirna mirna scrna snorna snrna rrna noncoding rna hnrna mrna coding rna rna (ribonucleic acid) inhibitors of transcription rho dependent termination rho independent termination nusa σ subunit pribnow box luca-last universal common anc e. coli polymerase transcription bubble promoters ’rna polymerase post-transcriptional modificat mature rna primary transcript antisense strand sense strand template transcription recombinational repair sos repair nucleotide excision repair base excision repair mismatch repair photoreactivation direct repair dna repair rodney r. porter issac and lindenmann burnet macfarlane karl landsteiner widal fernand jules bordet charles richet emile roux almroth wright emil von behring george nuttal variolation thucydides immunology and its history atomic force microscope (afm) fluorescence microscope phase-contrast microscope dark-field microscopy bright field microscopy chromatic aberrations spherical aberrations resolution or resolving power magnification focal length (f) focal point (f) snell's law refractive index martinus w. beijerinck sergey winogradsky selman a waksman kitasato fannie eilshemius hesse joseph lister john tyndall theodore schwann lazzaro spallanzani franscesco redi biogenesis spontaneous generation antony van leeuwenhoek protozoology virology mycology phycology bacteriology replicative transposition cut-and paste transposition simple transposition replicative transposons composite transposons - insertion sequences (is) barbara mcclintock transposable elements jumping genes transposition transposons telomeres catenanes dna ligase replisome okazaki fragments dna polymerase iii lagging strand leading strand primosome regulation helicase prepriming complex circular e.coli dna semidiscontinuous bidirectional semiconservative termination replication millipore filter tube sampler reuter centrifugal air sampler air centrifuge settle plate method hesse's tube impingement filtration centrifugal action settling under gravity heating methods ultraviolet light mechanical methods chemical methods methods of air sanitation air sanitation spore density air flora over the sea indoor microflora outdoor microflora microflora of air distribution composition of air cellulase wood roaches trichonympha fibrobacteres treponema archaea termite gut protozoan termites mealybugs aphid symbiotic wolbachia heritable symbionts symbionts of insects endosymbionts insects as microbial habitats interaction insects fermentation cud herbivorous animals animals digestion in ruminants rumen microflora rumen ruminant orchidaceous mycorrhizae am fungi endomycorrhizae ectomycorrhizae mycorrhizae rs ratio rhizosphère phytoalexins elicitor phyllosphere endophytes epiphytes pathogens mutualism commensalism vascular plants
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