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30 60-90

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30 60-90

  1. 1. Mike Stevenson 30-60-90 Day Leadership Plan Sales Manager – Sales Development Reps
  2. 2. Agenda -Background/Strengths -30 day Goal and Plan -60 day Goal and Plan -90 day Goal and Plan -Summary of Qualifications Please feel free to ask any questions throughout the presentation.
  3. 3. Background -Internally promoted from entry-level sales rep to Director-level within four years. -5+ years lead generation experience -4 years sales management -Top Sales Manager of 62 in 2011 -Relocated to Seattle to rebuild struggling market
  4. 4. Strengths -Motivational and Inspirational -Awesome culture creator -Forecast issues -Adapt quickly -Coaching/mentorship focus -Trustworthy
  5. 5. 30-Day Goals Introduce myself to the people, internal departments, and processes necessary to identify areas of attention and growth opportunities.
  6. 6. Introduction -All Lead Gen Team Introduction -Meet with Brad Hainer -Meet with James Gallagher and Nathan Cowan -Spend time with Maggie Peressini and John McEntyre
  7. 7. Internal/Process -Familiarize myself with team culture -Learn sales process -New hire/On-boarding training -Follow lead conversion from start to finish -Uncover key performance indicators for top SDRs
  8. 8. People -One-on-ones with each team lead -Brief connection meetings with all thirty-eight lead gen reps -Identify key SDRs
  9. 9. 60-Day Goal Identify morale hot spots, potential team sales coaching opportunities and performance issues, hiring and recruitment philosophies, and individual motivators in order to implement a metrics-based improvement plan.
  10. 10. People -Team event to build culture -Engage Eric and Brian with daily meeting -Institute one-on-ones with each direct rep -Recognize key performers for incentivized metrics -Evaluate AE/MDR/SDR partners for effectiveness
  11. 11. Sales Process -Understand sale from start to finish -Elaborate customer value prop by vertical -Gather feedback from range of prospects -Spend time listening to qualification calls
  12. 12. Internal/Process -Introduce myself to key department teams -AE SMB, mid-market, enterprise -Operations -Marketing -Evaluate past performance metrics by team and individual
  13. 13. 90-Day Goal Utilizing KPIs uncovered in the first 60 days, implement a plan to measure improvements, recognize and advance top performers, and coach/mentor team leads and direct reports to improved performance and progression.
  14. 14. People -Implement appropriate personnel changes that will lead to momentum building wins -Place top performers and key SDRs on progression plan to team lead position -Develop individual coaching and motivation strategies based off one-on-ones
  15. 15. Internal/Process -Work with Brad to organize cross-team meetings/trainings to further integrate and motivate SDRs with AEs -If appropriate, make changes to some of the AE and SDR relationships by creating a mentorship model
  16. 16. Growth Strategy -Develop continued team training strategy -Attract new talent -Implement team lead training and progression roadmap
  17. 17. Summary of Plan and Qualifications -Team/Individual training strategy