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  1. 1. Retail MOBILEZAPP - RETAIL We have tremendous experience leveraging the power of the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian technologies for retail establishments. Over the past four years we have worked with many of the largest (and smallest) retailers in the world. The Mobilezapp Retail Team specializes in leveraging the features, advantages and benefits of mobile apps for kiosks, boutiques, department stores, wholesalers and the malls themselves. We are focused on innovative and creative ways to leverage the power of the mobile applications for your organization. Some of these methods include: * providing directions to your stores * delivering SMS text messages to consumers * inform customers of special discounts and offers * update buyers with pertinent and relevent information * display photos of products to purchase * provide QR code recognition capabilities * deliver directions to items on the shelf in your store * allow redeem capabilities for coupons in newspapers * empower customers with personal shopping list favorites * provide joint marketing opportunities Mobilezapp has a solid understanding of the retail industry. We have a solid understanding for the technology of the mobile apps. If your organization is looking to expand your market share and profits - give us a call - we will put together a strategy to meet your needs. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  2. 2. QR Code Implementation MOBILEZAPP - TECHNOLOGY - QR CODES We have the capability to implement QR Code technology into your mobile app. The new technology allows your consumers to quickly and easily find out information about your goods, products or services. You can place a QR code on virtually an unlimited number of spaces. You can put it in a magazine add to provide additional information regarding the goods, product or service featured in the magazine. The same is true for a newspaper, billboard or box. A QR code can be displayed on doors at universities or classrooms, offices, on signs in a park, or a restaurant menu. Individuals can redeem coupons by taking a photo of the discount and redeem the coupon when at a store simply by displaying the iPhone and having the clerk scan the mobile device. QR codes can be displayed on outdoor signs such as TimesSquare. Pepsi recently added QR codes to cans of soda. QR codes are traditionally black and white however color QR codes are rapidly being introduced. McDonalds has recently begun introducing QR codes on their Cheeseburger wrappings in Japan. The QR codes offers the consumer a richer brand experience and helps brands connect even more with potential brand believers. We offer the ability for your organization to unlock the potential and power of QR codes by adding the QR code functionality to the Android, BlackBerry, iPad, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  3. 3. Restaurants MOBILEZAPP - RESTAURANT APPS Smart phones provide a number of fantastic ways to improve a restaurant’s bottom-line profitability and customer satisfaction. We welcome the opportunity to show you a complete list of the best apps in the world for restaurants. At the same meeting - we can show you some of the worst. The Mobilezapp teams understands the restaurant industry. Most importantly, we know how to leverage the power of the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices to assist restaurants. Some of the abilities we can build into your mobile app include: * Directions to your restaurant * Ability to “like” your restaurant via Facebook * Twitter integration to empower customers the ability to “tweet” * Ability to make, confirm or cancel reservations * Establish seating preference * Discover history about your restaurant, meet the chefs and team * Adding augmented reality to your restaurant * Receiving SMS text messages, emails and newsletter type info * Ordering take out food, determining length of time to pick-up * Reviewing daily specials and full menu * Ability to make preferences for waitstaff * Quickly and easily post comments If your organization is thinking about developing a mobile app for your restaurant - give us a shout. Our Proof of Concept program is an excellent way you, other owners, senior level staff members and staff can participate in the mobile app experience. Everyone’s input works toward the development process. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  4. 4. Hotels MOBILEZAPP - HOTELS Mobile apps provide a fantastic vehicle for hotels to better serve their guests, increase occupancy and satisfaction. The Mobilezapp Hospitality Team welcomes an opportunity to discuss how we can build an application to meet all of our expectations. We specialize in developing cross-platform apps for the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. The Mobilezapp team would like to sit down with you and demonstrate a number of other hotel apps, go through their features, advantages, benefites and weaknesses. Some of the abilities we can build into your mobile app include: * Checking in and checking out functions * Access to roomservice via a mobile device * Ability to make a reservation at any location worldwide * Providing management with superior reporting * Allow guests to pay for their stay * Using smart phones vs. keys to enter rooms * Accessing frequent guest program information * Notifying the valets when a vehicle needs to be picked up * Displaying images of rooms, suites and conference facilities * Receive notices via SMS text regarding special offers * And much more. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  5. 5. Employee Productivity MOBILEZAPP We have the capability to deliver a wide range of solutions to increase productivity for your organization’s employees. The Mobilezapp Employee Productivity Team will interview and work with individual stakeholders from the areas of your business you think can benefit most from a mobile application. Typically, these include your sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, finance, human resources, cutomer service, investor relations, information technology, security, telecommunications or executive departments. Our strategy is fairly simple - we work toward porting the functionality of the software applications your organization is using on a daily basis to the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile and symbian devices. We work quite like industry consulting giant Accenture. We look for innovative and creative ways to save time and money for your staff. For example, once we learned the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas had over 500 housekeepers who met each morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am each morning at a cost of $10 per hour per maid - we realized we could save the hotel $5,000 per day if each housekeeper were able to receive her room assignments via mobile device. The system could also inform the front desk whenever a room was cleaned and ready in seconds, vs. their current system that was running approximately 30 minutes. The application cost $150,000 and the cost for the mobile devices was $50,000. The break-even time for the solution was 50 days at $5,000 a day. Savings for the year is 306 x $5,000 or $1.5 million dollars. This is but one example of the ways we can work with you to leverage the mobile device, increase productivity and save money at the same time. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  6. 6. The Hospitality Industry MOBILEZAPP - HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY We understand the hospitality industry. We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) hotels, motels, restaurants, diners, casinos, country clubs, night clubs, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts, airlines, travel agents, amphitheaters, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, convention centers and bureaus. We are amongst an elite group of mobile app developers with significant experience for virtually all aspects of the hospitality industry. We’ve pioneered the ability to use mobile devices for a wide range of capabilities specific to the hospitality industry: * rapid check in and check out for a hotel * using an iPhone to board a flight on an airlines * finding rides, restaurants and hotels at a theme park * the ability to pay for a hotdog or bag of popcorn at a game * choosing a seat on an airplane or in a stadium * booking tickets to a broadway play * obtain additional information via QR codes * registering for newsletter updates via email * receiving time sensitive information with SMS text * redeeming coupons or vouchers * booking transportation to and from events or airports * locating a missing purse with phone in it * redeeming frequent flier miles * and much, much more There are millions of different ways to leverage the power of the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile Devices. Tell us your ideas, and we can make it happen. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  7. 7. Healthcare MOBILEZAPP Mobilezapp understands the Healthcare marketplace. There are a number of innovative and creative apps we can deliver in to assist Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Administrators and many others within the healthcare category. We understand the requirements that must be met to ensure an app is HIPPA compliant. Let us know what you are looking for and we can do it. We could build an app that provides immediate notification to the triage desk whenever a new room at a hospital is available, that informs doctors the amount of medicine that has been provided to a patient via an IV or links to any of the medical devices scattered throughout a clinic or a hospital directly. These type of apps can empower the medical staff with the most immediate information available. Our Proof of Concept program is perfectly suited for those within the Healthcare industry. It provides each of the stakeholders with the ability to offer comment and edits to the development process. We provide individual screenshots for each function much in the same way a website works. Our account managers work with your stakeholders to ensure their input is received and requests implemented. We are specialists at demonstrating the value of innovative technologies to those used to working with a paper and pen vs. a portable device. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  8. 8. City, State and Federal Government MOBILEZAPP - GOVERNMENT We have a solid understanding of ways to leverage the power of the mobile devices for city, parrish, state and federal government agencies and their respective departments. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you or other members of your team. In addition to demonstrating applications our team has created for organizations such as yours, we can show you what we consider to be “the best of the best.” Some of the functionality we can design into an app include: * Marriage license information * County Clerk office hours * Ability to post bail for inmates via a mobile device * Finding towed vehicles and paying parking tickets * Applying for jobs online via mobile phones * City park information * Paying for city utility and water * Ability to find voting registration centers * Renewing your drivers license, providing proof of social security number * Appying for unemployment benefits via mobile device * Finding political officials telephone and street addresses * Detailed bio information and photos of public officials * Polling of citizens Give us a telephone call. We can show you the very best ways to leverage mobile technologies for your organization’s benefit. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  9. 9. Colleges and Universities MOBILEZAPP - HIGHER EDUCATION APPS Virtually all students, professors and leaders at colleges and universities throughout the world are carrying smartphones. The higher education institutions are amongst the first to embrace new technologies. If your college or university is contemplating ways to take advantage of the Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device - look no further - Mobilezapp can build a mobile app that will dazzle students and faculty alike. Some of the features we can implement include: * Use a Campus Map to find your way around the college * Accessing photos to set as your phone’s wallpaper * Facts about your college and university * Ability to register for classes * Purchase tickets to athletic events * Pay tuition via your smartphone * Check into classes via mobile device * Watch school specific YouTube videos * Play school specific trivia with your classmates Mobilezapp can craft a program to allow participation from students, provide internships to the most qualified individuals and provide credits to all students participating in the building of your mobile app. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  10. 10. Oracle MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS The Oracle iPhone app leverages the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE) and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Fusion Edition to provide access to key metrics and analytical data for mobile executives.These native applications for the Apple iPhone also leverage the Serviced-Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities of OBIEE and the powerful set of Oracle Business Intelligence Web Services. They also have support of SSL encryption protocol enabling superior and secure mobile flexibility and performance. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  11. 11. Sprint MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Your business can’t wait and Sprint has the mobile applications you need to get work done now. Be it a home office or an entire enterprise, Sprint offers a full portfolio of mobile and GPS applications to instantly meet the unique management and automation needs of your business. GPS - Locate. View and monitor worker location, online and in real-time, with Sprint Mobile Locator. Get instant driving directions and family location updates via your GPS-enabled phone or the Web. Quickly optimize fleet operations, manage mobile resources, and track data and assets in real-time. Get best-of-breed, Web-based applications for your industry WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  12. 12. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM Mercedes Benz MOBILEZAPP - APPS The Mercedes Benz iPhone app allows drivers to customize their in-vehcle experiences to fit their daily needs. It begins with an introduction of a whole new generation of innovative and personalized services that fit into a drivers mobile lifestyle, keeping them connecting to people, places and services that are important to them and offering them enhanced safety, security and navigation options. The flexibility of the architecture allows Mercedes Benz to continually add new features and innovations to keep Mercedes Benz on the forefront of the in-vehicle services.
  13. 13. Where MOBILEZAPP - APPS WHERE, Inc. is North America’s leading location media company. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, WHERE develops a range of location-based services, including mobile advertising as well as search and recommendation services. The award-winning, wildly popular WHERE local discovery service boasts a rapidly growing active user base of over 4 million. WHERE Ads™, the company’s widely successful hyper-local search & display mobile ad network, reaches over 50 million consumers in real-time with relevant content and advertising. WHERE helps you discover, save and share your favorite places by putting the best local information at your fingertips and offering great deals from nearby businesses. As you use WHERE, our recommendation engine learns about your preferences and recommends great places for you to check out. We make it easy to create lists of your favorites and places you’d like to go and share them with friends. With WHERE, you’ll never be bored again. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  14. 14. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM Lufthansa MOBILEZAPP - APPS The Lufthansa Launcher makes planning your trip even more convenient. As a registered Lufthansaa customer you need only save your access data once onto your iPhone or IPod touch and you can call up Lufthansa’s mobile services with just one click. You will go straight to your summary and can easily check in for forthcoming flights whilst on the move. Book great value flights on your mobile device without first having to complete the login data. Direct acess to your Miles & More account summary whenEver and whereaver you want. With the Launcher you also have access to other Lufthansa mobile services. Mobilezapp has libraries that can connect to back-end reservation systems. We are experts at designing a graphical user interface that is sleek, elegant, yet highly functional. Our code can be interchanged from an aircraft, to a concert hall or restaurant - the concept is basically the same. Our technology allows users to pay for tickets on airplanes, Broadway shows, concert performances or restaurants.
  15. 15. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM Been There IPHONE APPS - APPS BEEN THERE is an iPhone application for individuals to keep track of their travels. They can keep track of the hotels where they stayed, who they met, places they visited throughout their trip, as well as upload photos of friends, family and scenic vistas There are no limits to the number of entries or the number of photos. BEEN THERE allows users to share their traveling experince with the world. Rate hotels, parks, restaurants and other places of interest with one to five stars, make comments and much more. The BEEN THERE app uses a number of modules that Mobilezapp can leverage for your mobile app. It uses GPS location abilities, storage of photos and videos, password capabilities, email recovery of passwords, the ability to input links from websites and much more.
  16. 16. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM Mileage Counter Pro MOBILEZAPP Task: Create an application that would help corporate drivers track their mileage, create, export and send reports with all necessary information right from mobile phones to their managers’ phones to eventually help their company keep better track of trip expenses and save money. To count mileage, we used robust custom built algorithms used in conjunction with Google services that return very accurate results. The reports can be viewed, exported and sent in several formats. They are easy to customize, edit and store. Features include: * Mileage tracking * Reports viewing, exporting and emailing * Trips Calendar with schedule * Notifications * Voice recognition
  17. 17. Rain Alert MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS We merged standard iPhone geolocation data with weather radar overlays, wind speed and weather forecasts from 3 most recently updated weather web sites (every 3 hour updates). The app allows users the ability to manually set date and time to figure out if it’s going to rain. Features: * GPS geolocation * SMS messaging * Email notifications * Manual settings We created Weather notifying application with high accuracy and manual mode. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  18. 18. Transito MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Transito allows iPhone app users to quickly and easily see the traffic throughout the city. There are over one hundred cameras thus providing Transitio iPhone app users with the ability to see in real-time the traffic situation at any time of the day or night. The app essentially provides an “eye in the sky” to zoom into the traffic lights you are approaching and allow you to see the traffic up ahead. Based upon what you see, you can change your route to avoid the traffic. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  19. 19. Finding the right person for the job can be a job itself. Especially when you’re on the go. With Superpages Mobile, you can find local businesses quickly. Search by keywords or popular categories such as “automotive” and “repair.” Choose a business backed by the award-winning SuperGuarantee and you’ll get the job done right or we’ll make it right. Let others know what you thought by creating a business review on the spot. Simply rate your experience “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” Get directions. Never get lost again. With SuperpagesMobile, you can get step-by-step, interactive driving directions with an option to add multiple stops along the way. Find movie and theater listings. SuperpagesMobile makes it easy to find your favorite movies playing at a theater near you. Browse films by name for show times, reviews and trailers. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM SuperPages MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS
  20. 20. Bank of America MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Use the ATM and banking center locator to find the nearest location with a simple touch of a button, no address input required. This location aware feature is only available through the iPhone application and not on the B of A mobile web site. You can access the Mobile Banking web site directly with the application. One destination on your iPhone/iPod Touch to check available balances 24/7, pay bills and transfer funds. Features * Mobile Banking applications are custom designed for your phone’s unique features * ATM and banking center locator, using geo-locator – easily find the nearest location without entering your address or ZIP code * On-the-go management of your accounts to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills with optional Bill Pay service. Security * Protection against fraudulent activity with our Learn about the $0 Liability Online Banking Guarantee * SiteKey® for verification of your identity and an extra layer of security * Advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access * Privacy protection of your financial information WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  21. 21. State Farm MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS The Pocket Agent™ is an extension of the exceptional customer service offered in State Farm Agents offices, and shows State Farm is committed to being there for our customers in more ways than ever before. Hitting the store with four key features, this app will help customers recover from the unexpected even more quickly. With the Pocket Agent™, customers with an auto policy registered on statefarm.com can: * Begin the claims submission process. * Locate Select Service repair facilities. * Contact their State Farm agent WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  22. 22. GEICO MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Pay your GEICO auto insurance bill and access your current insurance ID cards from your phone. Accident Helper lets you take advantage of our Accident Helper which helps put you in contact with emergency services, gives you a place to organize photos and much more. Roadside Service – Locator features allow you to find nearby tow services and gas stations...anywhere, anytime. Use your phone’s GPS or enter a location manually, it’s up to you! Taxi/Rental Car – Need a taxi to get home from the repair shop or maybe even after a night of fun? Want to rent a car? Our locator will help find what you need in moments WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  23. 23. Your New Baby MOBILEZAPP - APPS Your New Baby is an application designed for anyone with a newborn. It provides the ability to upload photos of the baby as well as provide detailed information regarding the parents, grandparents, delivery, doctors and nurses and all of the many fun details regarding the parental experience. Essential the Your New Baby mobile application is a mobile version of a scrapbook. It provides a wonderful vehicle for your entire family to maintain a detailed log of all of the important aspects of your new child. There is an unlimited amount of space for photos, the ability to annotate photos with text, the ability to forward images to friends and family members most interested in keeping abreast of the first year of your baby’s life. The technology also provides an excellent vehicle for providing information to pediatricians, nurses or other individuals responsible for ensuring the health of your new child is up to par. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  24. 24. Zombie Fighter MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS The Zombie Fighter is iPhone (iPad compatible) game application with 8 zombie characters which fight with each other and in multiplayer mode - via Apple game center (connect with other devices (iPhone/iPad) via Bluetooth). Cocos2D, Objective-C and iPhone SDK WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  25. 25. Zoo Kingdom Version 2 MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Zoo Kingdom is a fun game for the iPhone and Android platforms. It allows users to play against others throughout the world leveraging the mobile device as the vehicle. Scores can be pushed to individuals as well as challenges. There are a number of different levels to the game to always keep it interesting. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  26. 26. iSeedSpit - Game MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS How far can you spit a watermelon seed? From the creators of the Wumbler series comes the coolest simulated seed spitting game, iSeed Spit. Realistic watermelons seed spit, flip and bounce across the screen once you blow into the microphone. Take a drink of water, a bite of watermelon and blow into the phone to spit a watermelon seed across the screen. Get the right angle, the right amount of water, the right bite of watermelon and blow. You compete for the longest distance. Share your score on Facebook and compete with the other top scores. See if you can match or beat the real world record of 68’ 9 1/8”. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  27. 27. Ornithologist Diary MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS In order to meet all the goals and build a fully functional and handy application, we used: * SOAP web-services for interconnecting with server * Core Data for persistent data storage * Expanded functions for sharing and finding bird spots * Core Location to determine user location based on GPS data * Core Graphics for custom defined graphics. Features * User database * User database shared with social groups * New spots upload * Upload/download photos from server * New spots search * User search * User information can be uploaded to shared DB * Complex spot lists managed by users * Spots sharing * Different complex filters * Assign image/video to spots * Image region selection * Adding notes to spots * View spots on Google map within selected region We built this high performance mobile application which allows professional ornithologists and even amateur bird watchers to discover, store, share and manage their own or public spots. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  28. 28. PowWow MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Social “Meet & Greet” App. PowWow allows you request friends, view profiles, share stories, group decision, post pictures, rate pictures, personal interests, nightlife recommendations, etc. The app allows you to recommend friends to join, fill out a personal profile, accept or reject potential friends who have viewed your profile, vote on likes or dislikes, wills and thrills, won’t and don’t, sexy pic page and make group decisions. It also allows users to create blog disussions topics. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  29. 29. Crackle MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Crackle is the place to experience pure entertainment: full- length movies, TV shows, and original series from genres that embody cool -- all uncut, uncensored and unbelievably free. We’ve had enough of “disposable entertainment” that is as relevant as a laughing/dancing baby -- we are here to watch and talk about the videos that really matter. Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainment destinations today, featuring only the genres you love -- comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, horror -- anywhere you are. We know the Internet is a big place, so Crackle’s vast distribution network ensures that you have access to Crackle everywhere: on your favorite video site, your television and your mobile device. Learn more about where you can find Crackle on the distribution page. Crackle was created in the summer of 2007, basing our operations out of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s studio lot in Los Angeles, CA. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  30. 30. Course Pro MOBILEZAPP - APPS CoursePro is an easy to use homework application for students to keep track of courses, assignments, and grades. We are excited to announce the arrival of CoursePro for Google’s Android platform. You can get CoursePro by opening the Market from your phone. If you are not viewing this page from your phone, you can see the Market here. With CoursePro, you can keep track of your homework assignments using a simple to-do style list that has been specifically designed for students. Define Assignment Types—such as quiz, homework, project, or lab—to keep track of your weighted grades the way your professor does. CoursePro automatically keeps a current report card, so you can see exactly what your grades are at any time. You get a full grades break down by assignment type. CoursePro even allows you to specify which Assignment Types have ‘drops’. Coursepro will then automatically drop the lowest graded assignments for that type. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  31. 31. Jobulator MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Jobulator is a mobile application that utilizes web services to request potential jobs available to substitute teachers who are using Frontline’s Aesop system. Jobulator “refreshes” (pulls) at a rate controlled by the user. The position can also be accepted or rejected via Jobulator. In which case, Jobulator passes information back to Aesop and receives confirmation of the accepted Job. • Yahoo! Widgets® no longer required • Half day and full day icons appear on the Jobs screen • Absence notes from the teacher • Links to lesson plan attachments • Aesop web alerts and notifications inbox • District name shown on the Jobs screen • Ability to reject jobs on the Jobs screen • Online / offline connection indicator • More user-friendly access to Help content • New sleek blue look WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  32. 32. Android Remote Camera Control MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Android Remote Camera Control allows users of Canon/Nikon DSLRs to remotely fire and control basic photographic settings via an Android phone when connected via wireless on the same local network. DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to remotely trigger the shutter of a supported camera. This seemingly basic feature is very powerful because it now allows you to trigger the camera in a variety of scenarios that would have been difficult to near impossible before. With your supported camera connected via USB or wi-fi and running the app’s remote server application, the DSLR Camera remote app running on your iPhone or iPod Touch can remotely trigger the camera. You can even start and stop the video record function by upgrading via an in app purchase. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  33. 33. Talent Search on iPad MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Task: Develop application that allows users to search and track talents using their mobile phones. Since there is a lot of content in the application we made it really easy for user to add talents, songs and videos to favorites and get back to them whenever he/she wishes. High performance audio and video streaming lets you find and follow artists. Audio and video streaming allows checking out and uploading new songs and movies from a user’s device as well as uploading their own music and videos for audition. To make our search work in a smooth and easy manner, accessing a huge amount of data, we built a program using a robust designed algorithm that includes features like: * Entire application search * Audio streaming * Video streaming * Audio and video audition * Favorites * E-mail notifications We built an app that is very easy to use, works fast with millions of records and users. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  34. 34. Celebrity Apps - Peter Facinelli MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS We’ve created approximately 25 celebrity mobile applications. Our mobile celebrity apps provide the celebrity with a vehicle to communicate to his or her fans. He, or she, can post photos directly to the app and have them propogated through twitter via tweet-pic as well as through Facebook. It gives the celebrity the capability to enter diary pages to share there life with their fans in a way that the celebrity feels most comfortable with. Our celebrity apps also provide users with the capability to communicate directly with their favorite movie star, television personality, rock musician choosing to leverage our platform. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  35. 35. Gear Patrol MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS It’s an elegant, top-tier method of reading the Gear Patrol site on the iPad. The all-native experience delivers GP content in a full-screen, magazine like interface with heavy emphasis on speed/stability, large imagery and typographical layout. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  36. 36. Kitchen and Bath Channel MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Building or remodeling your kitchen or bath is a complex endeavor, something many of us are not prepared to do without a professional at the helm. This free app connects homeowners with all types of professionals associated with your new kitchen or bathroom. With a database of over 15,000 designers, builders, remodelers, woodworkers, retailers and more coupled with a variety of searching options, you can find the right professional for your project and in many cases view examples of their work. Features Include: • One Touch Dialing • One Touch Email • One Touch Website Visits • One Touch “Add to Contacts” • One Touch Map Locator without leaving the app • Geo Location • Project Photos and Videos from our Platinum Subscribers Search By: • Location • Certified Professionals and Professional Designation • Room Preference • Accreditation • Product Category for Purchasing • City • State • Professional’s Name • Business Name WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  37. 37. Premier Guitar MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS - iPad Premier Guitar, the guitar multimedia network with the largest monthly audience, has launched its newest platform with the free app for Android users. The Android app joins the print magazine, digital magazine, website, mobile- optimized website and iPad/iPhone apps as the latest portal by which readers can access PG’s content. All of PG’s magazine and digitally-exclusive content is freely accessible across all of its digital platforms. “We’re excited to introduce the latest member of the Premier Guitar multimedia family with our Android app,” says Premier Guitar's marketing manager. “This new platform launch remains in lock-step with our multimedia model, allowing the reader to choose how he/she would like to read PG’s great content. The response thus far to the existing iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app has been overwhelmingly positive with over 200,000 reader sessions since their respective launches and I would anticipate that our Droid users will enjoy a similar experience.” WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  38. 38. Entrepreneur Magazine MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Entrepeneur Magazine is one of the top magazines in the United States where individuals interested in starting their own business can learn from others who have done so previously. There are many tips about starting a business including banking information, venture capital information, ways to incorporate, and many others. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  39. 39. Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Editions MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app is released for the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. It has been an immediate success since launched. The application provides users the ability to browse through all of the images available through the SI magazine, as well as a number of new features such as the ability to rate the models, share the photos with friends, post them on Facebook and tweet about the images. Our approach to the app was to provide the content that was available via the Sports Illustrated magazine and add new features and enhancements made possible through mobile device capabilities. The ability to rank each of the photos and post to Facebook is the most commonly used feature. We are thinking of new ways to enhance the 2011 functions. The primary goal of the app is to engage the consumer and their friends while ultimately increasing magazine subscriptions. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app was released on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad simultaneously. The app was an immediate success. We added a number of cut- ting edge technologies and superior graphics to add a viral-component to the app.
  40. 40. Car and Driver Magazine MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Car and Driver Mobile for Android is updated daily with new content and photos and includes many features from the regular site and some exclusive content. Car and Driver Mobile for Android is your instant connection to daily car news, photo galleries, reviews and the rest of your favorite caranddriver.com features. Through this app you will find top stories, search, auto shows, and buying guide. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  41. 41. Big Island MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS - iPad Download today and receive access to the premier travel & lifestyle publications, Big Island Traveler and Kauai Traveler magazines, including FREE access to the Sep- Dec 2011 issues! These content-rich publications showcase the people, places and cultural allure of Hawaii, along with local features and guides to the best beaches, shopping, adventures and cuisine to plan your next trip or provide a virtual escape anytime. Packed with beautiful imagery and engaging editorials, these publications will keep you connected to the aloha lifestyle in an enhanced magazine experience that is available anywhere and anytime you choose. MAGAZINE FEATURES: * Access to both Big Island Traveler and Kauai Traveler magazines. * Brilliant digital format with stunning imagery, just like the print edition. * Text-formatted articles designed for maximum mobile readability. * Download each issue, then return any time for offline reading anywhere. Perfect for travel! * Search the archive of available issues. * Share your comments with other readers. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
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