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From E-Gov to Connected Governance | A Call to Action 31

What are seven steps towards connected governance
that every agency can take?
1. Empower people with cloud computing, Web 5. Simplify linking and sharing public information
2.0 /Web 3.0 to connect, collaborate, and across systems, agencies, and jurisdictions.
communicate across boundaries and at scale. Expose structure and meaning using semantic
standards. Provide APIs, web services and
2. Establish pilot programs that open up widgets. Enable human and system to system
government decision-making and involve the access.
public in the work of agencies, not simply by
soliciting opinions, but by tapping into the vast 6. Improve user experience with Web 2.0 / Web 3.0
and distributed expertise of the American semantic technologies. Upgrade web site UIs
citizenry to help government make more with semantic search and query, natural
informed decisions. language understanding, visualization, and
reporting, that combines structured data sets,
3. Employ technologies, including blogs, wikis and document repositories, and web pages. Add
social networking tools, to modernize internal, intelligence to user interfaces.
cross-agency, and public communication and
information sharing, and to improve collaboration 7. Use Web 2.0/3.0 social media channels to
and government decision-making. converse, communicate, publish, and interact.
Reach the public, co-workers, and constituents
4. Semantically enable desktop / webtop authoring where they are using a full spectrum of
tools that are currently fragmented. Liberate communication channels, feeds, media, and
siloed data and information. Make dynamic forums.
mash-ups across applications, data types,
platforms, and environments.

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