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Mobile App Development Company | Mobileappz

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MobileAppz specializes in mobile app development & consulting. With demonstrable experience in developing apps for platforms like iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, Android and Nokia. Get in touch to know more about our team and expertise.

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Mobile App Development Company | Mobileappz

  1. 1. mobileappz WE MAKE APPS
  2. 2. inf Apps delivered Successfully & Counting 200+ Handpicked Developers & Counting 35+ Countries Served & Counting 21+ 49K+ Hours of Development & Counting MobileAppz is a mobile app development company based in Canada with offices worldwide. We offer mobile applica on development service across a wide array of pla orms like iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, Android, and Nokia. We are team of 35+ so ware development professionals at our Offshore Development Center, in India carefully build by handpicking some of the best technical brains. We have an enviable delivery record of over 200+ mobile applica ons that has enabled us to become technology partner’s for so ware development houses worldwide. Achieved total financial stability since incep on and have grown solely based on internally generated funds. Consistent record of over 70% business coming from repeat customers speaks for the quality of our deliverables. mobileappz WHO WE ARE?
  3. 3. inf CONSULTING At MobileAppz we are solu on centric team and focus more on understanding your business challenges. We have an experienced team of business analysts who help you iden fy the pain points in your business and convert that into an amazing app that helps you achieve the desired results. For your be er understanding, we have divided our services into following four areas : Mobile App Consul ng Mobile App Design Mobile App Development Mobile App Maintenance With a well defined and clear approach it becomes easier for you get the results faster and reliably. Talk to our consultants today and learn more about how we can help your organiza on enjoy the benefits of mobility. mobileappz WHAT WE DO? APP DESIGN DEVELOPMENT MAINTENANCE
  4. 4. 1 42 Complete requirements are gathered and a scope of work is drawn. A er the approval this is converted into a project plan. 5 3 Apps are all about a great user experience. We closely work with you to create awe inspiring designs based on your concept. 6 When the app is approved internally, we prepare ourselves to launch the app on the respec ve stores or for its distribu on. App Goes Live 7 APPROVED infmobileappz HOW WE DO IT? We'd LOVE to hear about your idea! If you prefer to keep things confiden al, we'd be happy to sign a non‐ disclosure agreement This is a crucial stage of the project where the app is thoroughly scru nized from all angles to ensure it is user‐friendly and flawless for the real world. Working with awesome techies is fun! We ensure that you are regularly updated on the progress of your project. We are always just a phone call or email away.
  5. 5. GETTING IN TOUCH IS EASY! CALL US NOW ON OUR TOLL FREE (800) 495-1321 mobileappz Mobileappz TORONTO 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7 Email: info@mobileappz.in Toll Free: (800) 495‐1321 Mobile: (416) 262‐3659 Fax: (800) 310‐7018 Mobileappz INDORE 418, Shekhar Central, A.B Road, Indore, MP, 452001, India Email: sales@mobileappz.in Direct: +1‐877 778 8653 Tel: +91‐731‐424‐8789 Mobile: +91‐9669200451 Mobileappz SAO PAULO 570, Almeda Baros Sao Paulo, Brasil Email: info@mobileappz.in Tel: +55.1196.3103.559 Mobileappz GURGAON Level 12, Gurgaon Cyber City, DLF Phase II, NCR, India Email: sales@mobileappz.in Tel: +91‐9718551349 www.mobileappz.in