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Python Developers Rates Comparison in 2017 vs 2018

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Mobilunity os comparing the salaries of Python developers in different countries level by level from junior to senior expert. Here you may also find how the prices have changed within the last year.

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Python Developers Rates Comparison in 2017 vs 2018

  1. 1. How Much Python Developers Earn in 2018 Comparison of the Prices in 2018 vs 2017
  2. 2. Python is a general-purpose programming language that opens many possibilities for developers. It can be used for creating automated testing frameworks, writing desktop applications, building scripts, system monitoring, and logging tools, etc. It is demanded in a diverse number of industries due to its flexibility. Meaning, Python developers have always been quite demanded, which defines the sum of money they earn. Here we will give you more information about Python salaries all over the globe and the price changes. Below are salaries of a few countries from different corners of the world as for the Python developer salary divided by level of experience just to give you an idea how the salaries can vary depending on the country: Average Annual Python Salary by Level in Different Countries As you can see, the salaries in the center of Europe, and in Ukraine in particular are much lower. Just at the rates of senior Python developers in the USA and Ukraine. The difference is stunning. The difference can surprise not only between countries, but also between cities of the same country. We have taken Ukraine as an example for you to make sure yourself. Country USA $70,648 $80,915 $86,972 Germany UK Ukraine Junior Middle Senior $44,428 $65,040 $93,709 $36,166 $50,508 $59,168 $9,000 $26,400 $36,000 2 sales@mobilunity.com www.mobilunity.com
  3. 3. City Kyiv $9,000 $26,400 $36,000 Kharkiv Lviv Odessa Junior Middle Senior $4,800 $20,400 $32,400 $7,800 $21,600 $36,000 $5,400 $18,000 $48,000 Dnipro $6,000 $24,000 $30,000 Seniority Junior $4,800 $7,200 $10,800 Middle Senior Minimum Average Maximum $16,200 $21,360 $27,600 $31,200 $36,000 $44,400 The difference is not that huge of course, but you can see that the prices of Python develop- ers are much higher in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. In comparison, we have prepared, some stats as for 2017. Let’s how the rates have changed. Average Annual Python Developer Salary in Ukrainian Cities So, as you can see, the salaries are pretty unstable and vary a lot with each year. It should be taken into account that the rates of programmers are provided above are net salaries, so they can vary depending on a lot of factors, so don’t be surprised developers or companies you are hiring your programmers from will ask the higher prices. Wait for our future research next year. We will see how the fate of Python developers rates will change within this year. https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/ https://neuvoo.de/gehalt/ https://www.payscale.com/research/ https://jarboo.com/resources/ https://jobs.dou.ua/salaries/ https://rabota.ua/jobsearch/ https://www.work.ua/ https://hh.ua/search/ Sources: Python Average Annual Salary in 2017 in Ukraine 3 sales@mobilunity.com www.mobilunity.com