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Omer Kalil Testimony

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Omer Kalil Testimony

  1. 1. n To Whom It May Concern: After spending more than 20 years in Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. “ADNOC” as supply manager, I return to my country Sudan & joint Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. “GNPOC” as Contract, Procurement & Logistics Manager. One of outstanding staff I found in this department is Mohamed Salih Magzoub who is leading the purchasing section looking after the local & overseas purchases valued to more than USD. 200 Million Annually. To enrich his knowledge of the whole Supply Chain Operations & to prepare him for a managerial position a rotation plan was setup for him where he worked professionally as Materials Superintendent in the field before transfer him to work as a logistics section head. Mohamed Salih also used to act professionally as CPL Manager in my absence beside the other duties i.e. CPL focal point to regularize relations with HRD for the benefit of CLP staff beside maintaining staff training & succession plans. During all these years Mohamed Salih added huge value to the progress of CPLD activities towards quality output. I believe Mohamed Salih has skills and knowledge to qualify him for a capable Supply Chain Manager in any esteemed organization in the globe. I wish the very best for Mohamed Salih who is a real asset to any organization he join. Omer Khalil Omer El-Khalil Eltaib Manager, Contracts, Procurement & Logistics. GNPOC GREATER NILE PETROLEUM OPERATING COMPANY LIMITED Khartoum Tower, Gamhouria St., P.O. Box: 12527 Khartoum – Sudan Tel: +249-18-7037000 Fax: +249-183760061 Web site: http:www.gnpoc.com email:info@gnpoc.com