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Best of CES 2018

  1. Best of 2018
  2. Best Startup Black Box VR Using the HTC Vive, motion-tracking controllers and specially designed workout equipment, Black Boxturns exercise intoa video game
  3. Best Innovation The e-Palette is a vehicle that resembles a train car, but more than that, it's an opportunity for businesses big and small to take retail and delivery to the next level. It can be a taxi, food truck, flower mart,delivery truck, office oreven aplace tosleep Toyota e-Pallete
  4. Best Accessibility Tech These pajamas are designed to be worn by hospital patients, especially patients with dementia. Instead of having to confine people to rooms or keep them under observation, Xenoma smart pajamas can take care ofitautomatically. Xenoma e-skin pajamas
  5. Best Digital Health and Fitness It's a UV sensor no bigger than a thumbnail that tells you, via your smartphone, how much sun exposure you've received each day. L’Oreal UV Sense
  6. Best Home-Theater Product The Optoma HD51A combines quality and convenience -- courtesy of its new link to Alexa voice commands -- with a price thatwill fit many home-theater budgets. Optoma 4K Alexa Projector
  7. Best Connected-Home Product Its stellar Google Assistant implementation combined with great design makes this everything we wish the Echo Show was,andmore. Lenovo Smart Display
  8. Best Gaming Product The HTC Vive Pro adds integrated 3D audio, a more comfortable head strap, dual front-facing cameras, two mics and beefed-up resolution -- 2,880 x 1,600 combined and 615 pixels per inch. HTC Vive pro
  9. Best Sports Tech offering the best chance of a proper response to injury. With long-running controversy concerning concussions in football and other competitive sports HIMS
  10. Best Vision of future A modular street lamp that can be customized to suit any number of needs, from smart lighting through to municipal Wi-Fi. First up, there are LED bulbs that will offer more efficient lighting, andalsothe ability tochange colors andstrobe. Wi-Fiber’s streetlights
  11. Best of Best in CES 2018
  12. whatabout atCES2018
  13. the smarter way to get things done. Say a command, identify what you're looking at or set a reminder just bypressing a button. Whatever you need, Bixby it. Bixby A dashboard for your IOT ecosystem!
  14. New Family Hub takes connected living to a new and more personalized level with Samsung’s Bixby intelligent voice assistant andconnected home control Family Hub Next Generation of Family Hub Refrigerator!
  15. The first modular TV system that merges multiple borderless MicroLED TVs into one giant screen that measures up to 146 inches diagonally and can occupy an entire wall. They feature 8Kresolution, andfewer panels can be used tocreate aTV that isn’t quite asmassive. The Wall The Unprecedented TV experience!
  16. HARMANandSamsung alliance integrates technologies in software, hardware andthe cloudto become architects of experience, delivering future mobility andconnected lifestyles The Cockpit The Future of Connected Cars!
  17. The hugely important, just-approved standard forupcoming cellular devices. Multiply the speed of your current data connection 10 to 100 times, cut responsiveness delays (latency) to“imperceptible,” improvesecurity, andradically increase each network’s size. 5G Revolution in Internet speed!
  18. With the hope of a better world in 2018