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Moamen miedia cv

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Editor and Social Media Specialist and uploader

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Moamen miedia cv

  1. 1. Mo'men Mostafa Ramadan Ain Shams. Cairo. Egypt Tel: 01158525853,01007640752.01008678935 Email: moamen_mostafa88@hotmail.com Objective: Obtain a good opportunity in reputable organization in the field of Media which match with my interpersonal skills that allowed me to achieve the organization objectives. Education:  Bachelor degree of law Ain Shams University, Egypt, October 2010. And now I study Diploma at law of trade international at Ain shams university to have master at law Experience:  Company Name: Al-Arabiya lap top Company From: 2006 untill 2008 Position title: sales and make software Job Description:  Responsible for sales computer at first and then make new software for new laptop then learn about hardware for pc  Company Name. Mohamed amin shop silver From: march 2008 to: February 2011  Position title: first Sales thenbecame Employee at the end Administrative Coordinator  Job description: • Responsible for sales First and make some work order at computer then became employee of computer that responsible about new order came from client then I became Administrative Coordinator and that responsible for all sales in shop and order client Company Name: Mr/Mamdouah alyan lawyer office  From: November ,2011 to October 2012  Position Title: lawyer  Job description: Responsible for many case as lawyer under training . Company Name: Mr/Mostafa Ali lawyer office
  2. 2.  From: November ,2012 to January 2013  Position Title: lawyer  Job description: Responsible for many case as lawyer Company Name: Mr Ashraf metawa lawyer office  From: January ,2013 to May 2013  Position Title: lawyer  Job description: Responsible for many case as lawyer Company Name: youm 7 journal  From: October ,2013 to November 2014  Position Title: journalist in sport part and I work as Social Media Specialist beside  Job description: I work as journalist in web cairokora at youm 7 Company Name one two web site under construction and journal It was work at Website under construction with Mr Mohamed shabana  From: January to April 2015  Position Title: journalist sport  Job description : I was write new in that journal under construction Company Name: veto gate  From: 2 week  Position Title: training as disk write  Job description : I was Correction News Company Name: Arab today  From: June 2015 August 2015  Position Title: Social Media Specialist  Job description I was responsible about 15 pages at face book to 15 web site Company Name: Mr/Mamdouah alyan lawyer office  From: September 2015 to December 2015  Position Title: Responsible for many case of Appeal and Cassation as lawyer Company Name: Elfagr news  From: December ,2015 to April 2016  Position Title: Editor and Social Media Specialist and uploader  Job description: Responsible for write news and report about sport and upload to the web site and share this new at face book pages  English Language Course
  3. 3.  AUC LEVEL 6-8 (two levels) Language:  Arabic: Mother Tongue  English: Read & Write: Excellent Speak: Good Listening: Good  Frensh : Read & Write: Fair listening: Fair Interpersonal Skills:  Hard worker.  Working under pressure.  Self-motivated.  Entrepreneur Hobbies:  Reading .Riding Horses, Swimming and listen music PersonalData:  Nationality: Egyptian.  Military status: Not required  Marital status: Single.  Driving license: Valid. References are available upon request