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Poshtel Lapland Draft

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Poshtel Lapland Draft

  1. 1. Scope Poshtel PopUp Lapland 2019 #anywherecanhappen
  2. 2. Poshtel PopUp® is a new design system that allows people to realise big ideas in a matter of months. Designer houses, luxury condos and stylish suites can literally “pop up” without delays, bureaucracy and red tape. It’s a new approach to design and architecture. - It might even lead to a new way of living - “pop-up” culture. Because with Poshtel PopUp® #anywherecanhappen Suites for the People
  3. 3. Welcome to Lapland
  4. 4. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the magical winter wonderland, Lapland, located beyond the Arctic Circle. Lapland is a ethno-cultural region stretching over the northern Sweden, Finnland, Norway and Russia which gives the place an unique feeling. A magical place no matter if you visit it during the winter time or summer time. Engage with the nature, enjoy the silence and experience the smooth and effortless magic. Lapland is home to reindeers, northern lights and to five of the nine national hiking areas. Lapland offers traditional hearty food, bucket-list-experiences, breath taking nature and a nowadays rare silence. Lapland
  5. 5. Lapland’s climate is known for its long and cold winters. The subarctic climate guarantee you a white Christmas and a superb ski seasons. But also the summer time has a lot to offer. From amazing hikes, to fishing in the best salmon river in Europe to mountain biking through the breathtaking nature. Because most of the area is in the Arctic Circle, the daylight hours go from one extreme to another depending on what time of year you visit. This makes Lapland unique for every time you visit. In the middle of winter, Lapland has Polar Nights when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. It’s an absolutely magical time to visit and gives you a once in a lifetime experience. You get a few hours of enchanting twilight, when the moonlight and northern lights are reflected off the snow, some call it magic! Imagine riding a reindeer sleigh, cruising through the snow in a husky led ride or go on a snowmobile adventure in the deep snowy forrest.
  6. 6. Registred overnight stays in Lapland in 2017. 2.9 Million Source: Visit Finland 2.9 Million Registered overnight stays in Lapland 2017 100,000 Accommodation capacity in Lapland 9% Growth in overnight stays from 2016-2017 22% Growth in overnight stays by internationals from 2016-2017 More Beds Needed It does not take long to add up the numbers. 2,9 million registered overnight stays, 100,000 accommodation capacities and a 9% growth in overnight stays. The world of traveling is changing and unique destinations like Lapland are seriously on the map. More beds are needed!
  7. 7. 0% 22.5% 45% 67.5% 90% China Australia Netherlands Singapore Italy 21%22% 41% 59% 82% The fastest growing tourism markets Registered overnight stays, growth in 2016-2017 Exotic North A growing number of Chinese visitors choose Lapland as part of their travel plan in Europe. The Finish government is working on i m p r o v i n g t h e c u s t o m e r experience in Finland’s airports including a 55 million Euro investment programm in Lapland. Lapland has become one of the most popular destinations among the Chinese visitors looking for new destinations in Europe and in the Nordic region with its unique landscape, culture and activities. 20% Was the increase of the amount of passengers from China arriving at the Lapland airport in the first half of 2018 38 flights From China to Helsinki each week
  8. 8. 25% Of Finlands forest land area is in Lapland. Go North In northern Lapland the northern lights shine about every other clear night between September and March 1 Billion € Is the total tourism demand in Lapland 7000 People have been employed due to tourism in Lapland The nature is calling Earlier people traveled far to dive into turquoise blue seas and to drink exotic drinks out of coconut shells. Today the whole World is traveling and the meaning of exotic has changed. Snow covered forests and icy lakes can be just as exotic as palm trees and white sand beaches. We as travelers are attracted to contrasts and diversity. Dark green pine trees versus palm trees, snow covered forests versus white sand beaches. It all depends on where we come from.
  9. 9. Poshtel Popup Lapland
  11. 11. Listen Smell Feel Imagine
  12. 12. Food Mind Nature Explore Rustic Local Relaxation Wilderness Dog Sledding Silence Northern Lights Ice Fishing + + + +
  13. 13. Visit the wilderness spa Treat yourself to a day of peace, tranquillity and relaxation at the SPA - offering a wilderness bath and sauna overlooking the forest. Imagine a spa in the middle of the forest. Walking on moss. Cool down after spa or sauna on a “sunbed” outside in the forest. Offering the perfect balance of calm and sensory experiences in the middle of nature. The spa features a variety of wellness activities and experiences such as, sauna and wilderness spa pool. We also provide yoga in the woods. Relax on the wooden bed after being heated up in the sauna or bath. Experience the healing effect of the contrast between hot and cold. Slippers and rope will be available in the room.
  14. 14. Big and spacious either for a group of friends, a family with kids or just to get that extra space edge. The 60 m2 suite features a large, open and light room with a spacious deck and a wide panorama window that can open up the whole front of the suite. SUITE / 60m2 Click here 3D live tour
  15. 15. Pop Up Suite
  16. 16. Pop Up Suite
  17. 17. Perfect for two providing everything you would ask for from a fully equipped hotel room plus a large deck and panorama window that opens fully. ROOM / 30m2 Click here 3D live tour
  18. 18. Spa Amazing Restaurant PCA Experiences Rituals Add-ons Club TBA
  19. 19. Vietnam Phu Yen 1B Epikurian Lifestyle CONTRACTOR ⎮ RAMBØLL Description: Rambøll is one of the leading consulting and engineering firms based in Copenhagen. Rambøll is an ongoing advisor on all Poshtel PopUp projects and are working as turnkey developer from the drawing board to actual deployment - globally. Facts: Engineers: 13.000 Turnover: USD 1.7 billion Offices: 300 Countries: 35
  20. 20. Numbers Example
  21. 21. Budget vs. Cash flow neutral POSHTEL POPUP Lapland 25 keys // 60m2 pr. key EUR 3,06 mio Fully installed - furbished Numbers
  22. 22. Average Occupancy 20% 45% 70% Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 55% 56% 60% 61% 65% 65% 68% 68% 68% 68% 27% 28% 29% 30% 32% 32% 33% 33% 33% 33% Average price pr. night EUR 100 150 200 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 175 178 181 184 188 188 194 194 194 194 150 151 153 154 156 156 159 159 159 159 Budget VS. Cash flow neutral Budget VS. Cash flow neutral
  23. 23. POSHTEL PopUp Lapland LLC
  24. 24. Smart Sustainable Utility
  25. 25. Utilities in a box. The 5th Element provides sustainable electricity, fresh water and sewage handling. 
 Whenever and wherever you need it. Fresh Water Electricity Sewage S M A R T, S U S T A I N A B L E A N D O F F - G R I D No need forsew age
  26. 26. Black Water Grey Water Fresh WaterWater Treatment Energy Supply Batteries & on-grid control Micro infrastructure unit The Fifth Element
  27. 27. Thank you_