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Junior term paper class 1

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2013: Class 1 of Junior Term Paper

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Junior term paper class 1

  1. 1. Junior Term Paper Mrs. Bernet January-February 2013
  2. 2. Outline: Class I• Introduction to project and library schedule• Introduction to LibGuides and Project Page• Literary Criticism • What is it? Why use it? How to find it? • Additional Secondary Sources • Ex. Dickens and Poor Law of 1834• Review: Evaluating Information Found Online • C.A.R.P.
  3. 3. The Junior Term Paper Library Schedule Outline of Class II• Day 1: ½ block library instruction: Literary Criticism Resources Citing Sources• Day 2: Full block library instruction: Citing Criticism Resources • Using MLA Manual• Day 3: Full block- Research and work day • NoodleTools: Works• Day 4: Full block- Research and Cited and Note Cards work day• Day 5: Optional, full block- • Citing reprinted sources research and work day • Hands on activity* Mrs. Bernet is always available forindividual consultations and library research support.
  4. 4. Welcome to LibGuides! New Library Website New Project Pagewww.libguides.harpethhall.org/home • Direct access to• Access to library catalog, subscription databases database guide, project for literary criticism pages, citing sources tolls, • List of resources by and so much more! author and available• Contact information for print resources in library Mrs. Bernet. • Direct access to eBooks and eResources Let’s have a look at the new site   
  5. 5. Literary CriticismWhat is it? “Consideration or analysis of a text” • Language, Structure, Biography, History, etc… Sources of literary criticism?
  6. 6. Where can you find literary criticism? In the library Online LibGuide Project PageBooks of Collected Criticism Literary Reference Encyclopedias
  7. 7. Gale Literary Criticism Series • Use authors death date to determine series or look up author in the index of the LAST volume of CLC, TCLC, or Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism (based on death date) Which Volume? 1. Go to Literature Resource Center in TEL 2. Click on Gale Literary Index 3. Do an author search to find volumes which contain information about your author.