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When I Sit with Creation

Environment poem for children.

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When I Sit with Creation

  1. 1. I went to the pond at eight hours past noon: The cattail was swaying in the light of the moon. The fireflies were sparkling; a frog began a tune, And cicadas and crickets soon joined in the croon. I sat down and ran my hands through the grass; The pond looked so still and as smooth as glass. The frog then jumped in with such grace and such class, That the owls sang praises and so did the bass. I stirred and made myself comfortable there. The crickets sang songs, and the fox met the hare. They talked like old friends and then started to stare At the moon with its beautiful, friendly glare. We sat there in silence, just me and my friends. I thought of the world, where it starts, how it ends. My thoughts drifted by like clouds in celebration At eight hours past noon, when I sat with creation. WHEN I SAT WITH CREATION Authored by Angelina Riley. Illustrated by Sandra Reign. Colored and designed by Roy Evans. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by The Family International.