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The Two State Solution

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Should Canada rethink its commitment to a 2 state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict?

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The Two State Solution

  1. 1. Should Canada rethink its commitment to a 2 state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict? Presentation to Middle East Study Group April 14, 2016 Peter Larson, Ph.D. Chair Canada Talks Israel Palestine www.canadatalksisraelpalestine.ca
  2. 2. The Clinton parameters • Two independent states • Safe and secure borders based on ‘67 lines • 3% land swaps • Israel to maintain military bases in Palestine • Palestinian state to be “non militarized” • East Jerusalem to be Capital of Palestine • Refugees to have “right” to return to Palestine and “may” return elsewhere with host country permission - Dec. 23, 2000 Rabin, Clinton, Arafat, Sept 1983
  3. 3. Palestinian refugees 450,000 Lebanon 520,000 Syria 2,097,000 Jordan 762,000 West Bank 1,258,000 Gaza 5,150,000 TOTAL Source: http://www.unrwa.org/where-we-work
  4. 4. Palestinian refugees Left: women at women’s shelter in Baqa’a Camp, Jordan, look at pics of my grand daughter Below left: kids huddle in the street in Gaza Below: woman shucks vegetables for evening meal in Lebanese camp
  5. 5. The forgotten Palestinians (Arab citizens of Israel)
  6. 6. Socio-economic status by religion inside Israel Jewish Israelis vs. Arab Israelis Some examples: Income (average income $/year) Jewish $31K Arab $21K Poverty rate (families after transfers) Jewish 12.3% Arab 44.9% Education (Qualification for matriculation certificate) Jewish 75.9% Arab 30.8% Unemployment (Unemployment rate) Jewish 6.9% Arab = 10.9% Civil service employment Jewish 94% Arab = 6% All figures from Dirasat (Arab Centre for Law and Policy), ADALAH, and Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel
  7. 7. Where do Israeli Jews and Palestinians live today? Israeli Jews (6.1 million) • 5.5 million inside Israel • 0.6 million in West Bank Palestinians (9.1 million) • 4.6 live in the West Bank or Gaza • 5 mm refugees (Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, but also WB and Gaza) • 1.7 million live inside Israel Topographical map of the Israel/Palestine region
  8. 8. Thank you!! Peter Larson, Chair, Canada Talks Israel Palestine www.canadatalksisraelpalestine.ca