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Content marketing for SaaS Business

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In current marketing era, a lot of businesses are cunning towards Digital marketing, especially, content marketing since it produces better results in fewer costs.
SaaS Business is not an exception and chances of conversion are better with the help of inbound marketing. Here are some tips on content marketing for SaaS business.

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Content marketing for SaaS Business

  1. 1. content marketing for SaaS business
  2. 2. why content marketing? “If you are a startup, content marketing can be the way you differentiate your business and engender trust with your customers and prospects. It’s something you can use to generate awareness in your brand all the way to helping customers evangelize your business.” – Michele Linn
  3. 3. content with a purpose before you allow yourself to get into content marketing, it is important to assess whether it serves the purpose - does your content support different stages of conversion funnel? does the content target the right audience? have you considered SEO as a core element of strategy?
  4. 4. advanced marketing approach the key is to serve the reader on each level of their Buyer's journey using the inbound marketing conversion funnel as a reference well-researched content excellent and well placed CTA's,  thought leadership perspective,  social media, email nurturing
  5. 5. content for conversion funnels while marketing your content, map out the strategy at each funnel stage to help your reader, as they move further a How-to's post is an example at the awareness stage an ebook can provide great insights for consideration to increase confidence, use a Listicle or comparison post demo's, testimonials, case studies helps you convert faster
  6. 6. sure-fire results content marketing aligned with conversion funnel results into optimised SEO and increased rate of conversions Increased SEO authority  engagement results in lower bounce rate improved social media increase in the revenue
  7. 7. thank you! inbound gives you greater and valuable results in organic way!