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Quality of work life ppt

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Quality of work life ppt

  2. 2. Quality Of Work Life (QWL)• Quality of relationship between employees & total working environment• a process by which an organization responds to employee needs• Varying from industry to industry
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES1. To create a positive attitude 2. To increase productivity 3. To improve standard of living of the people
  4. 4. MAJOR ISSUES IN QWL1. Pay and stability of employees• Employees will demand more in the form of social security and welfare benefits• Not given proper payments will affect the QWL2. Job security• Should not have fear of losing their job• Systems with healthy working conditions & optimum financial security
  5. 5. 3.Occupational stress• Due to working conditions, working schedule , hypertension, irritability etc..• Adversely effect employ productivity4. Adequacy of resources• Match between resource availability & company objectives• Lead to employee dissatisfaction
  6. 6. STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVEMENT OF QWL1. Self managed work team• Autonomous work group or integrated work teams• Plan , co-ordinate & control activities with the help of team leader• employee participation• Improve QWL
  7. 7. 2. Participative management• Allowed to participate in management participative schemes – quality circle• Develop a positive attitude• Improve QWL3. Worker- supervisor relationship Social association , belongingness, achieve of work results etc…
  8. 8. 4. Promotion• Opportunity to move in to jobs with high job satisfaction and prestige• Orderly, logical and prompt source of recruitment for the management to fill vacancies5. Recognition Human being rather than employee rewarding system, job enrichment, offering membership etc…
  9. 9. 6.Organizational health program• Educating employee about health problems• Results in reduction of absenteeism, hospitalization etc..7. Alternative work schedule• Work at home, flexible working hours, part time employment etc…
  10. 10. ROLE OF HR DEPARTMENT• role varies widely• In some organizations executives will be appointed & they will depend on HR department for getting help• In others HR department itself is responsible
  11. 11. CONCLUSION• Quality work life basically is all about employee involvement, which consists of methods to motivate employees to participate in decision making. This help in building in good relationship• To retain a good talent ,organization should have low stress level and high quality of work life.
  12. 12. THANK YOU…

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