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NVIDIA GTC 2020 October Summary

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Outlining a sweeping vision for the “age of AI,” NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Monday kicked off the GPU Technology Conference.

Huang made major announcements in data centers, edge AI, collaboration tools and healthcare in a talk simultaneously released in nine episodes, each under 10 minutes.

“AI requires a whole reinvention of computing – full-stack rethinking – from chips, to systems, algorithms, tools, the ecosystem,” Huang said, standing in front of the stove of his Silicon Valley home.

Behind a series of announcements touching on everything from healthcare to robotics to videoconferencing, Huang’s underlying story was simple: AI is changing everything, which has put NVIDIA at the intersection of changes that touch every facet of modern life.

More and more of those changes can be seen, first, in Huang’s kitchen, with its playful bouquet of colorful spatulas, that has served as the increasingly familiar backdrop for announcements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NVIDIA is a full stack computing company – we love working on extremely hard computing problems that have great impact on the world – this is right in our wheelhouse,” Huang said. “We are all-in, to advance and democratize this new form of computing – for the age of AI.”

This GTC is one of the biggest yet. It features more than 1,000 sessions—400 more than the last GTC—in 40 topic areas. And it’s the first to run across the world’s time zones, with sessions in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Hebrew.

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NVIDIA GTC 2020 October Summary

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