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  1. PERSONAL BRAND EXPLORATION Natalie Rodriguez Project & Portfolio I: Week 1 March, 2023
  2. The way I would identify myself would be the word explorative. I find that I am open to new concepts and topics no matter the background. I grew up as a bilingual first generation Mexican- American. I value strong minded , passionate working people since that is how my parents grew up as well. I love to feel different yet part of something bigger. I think that’s why I value looking different in the way I dress or the kind of music I like. I really enjoy rock music but I also love K-pop. Music has always been how I chose to identify myself, even when I was in high school. It is still how I express myself today. IDENTITY
  3. PROFESSION Potential Job Titles: • Video Game Designers • Sales Engineer • Public Relations Manager BRAND ARCHETYPE - I want to show people that women can be part of any workforce that they choose to be in. The website didn’t have marketing within gaming but I want to help ignite the gaming industry with more women. Currently there is a need for this insight and I believe that this industry needs more diversity. My archetype tells me that I want everyone to feel included and I feel that this closely relates to that. [BROAD OCCUPATION] for [INDUSTRY/ MARKET] Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  4. [CATEGORY of PEOPLE] TARGET AUDIENCE Kim Swift Outreach Plan: • I will try to get an internship with a gaming company within the analytics of the game and what is drawing people in. • Social media is a powerful tool. I will use twitter since this seems to be where she is most active with fans. • When I have a better understanding of gaming statics to form the best questions to ask. [Video game designer] at [Valve] Amy Hennig Outreach Plan: • Understand the media world and what it truly means to direct a movie. • Linked In • After researching more on gaming and directing and the correlation of the two. I think it’s important to have this done before having a conversation. PROFILE PICTURE American Director at Naughty Dog Ernesto Becerra Outreach Plan: • Understand the important of realism within environment art and the correlation/significance it has to gaming. • Networking through full sail since he is a FS grad. • Now would be a great way to start since we have the same educational background. I would like to know how his talents got him to where he is today. PROFILE PICTURE Environmental Artist
  5. GOALS Short Term: (Immediately After Graduation, 2025) • Have an internship with Riot games ‣I want to show the importance of a woman in gaming through this internship. I want to adequately know how to research for this big gaming company. Mid Term: (2026) • Styling within Fashion ‣Expand my marketing lists to not only gaming but fashion to have a better understanding on how trends come to be and how to translate that to a different career. Long Term: (2030) • Skins Team Analyst. ‣Be part of a notable company. I would like to be part of the skins team for Riot games since this was what made me fall in love with game art and it’s direction.
  6. SKILLS ANALYSIS Notable Skills & Current Proficiencies: Notable Skills REQUIRED in TRADE & Current Proficiencies: Work under pressure SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Taking criticism Novice / Adept / Expert Organized Novice / Adept / Expert Being kind and equal Novice / Adept / Expert Data mining software SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Geographic information system Novice / Adept / Expert Diligence Novice / Adept / Expert Curiosity Novice / Adept / Expert
  7. I help women work in the gaming industry by showing them inclusivity and care. [WHO?] [WHAT?] [HOW?] PROMISE
  8. CREDENTIALS Work Experience: • Sales and customer experience supervisor • Purchasing Assistant Education: • High School Graduate at Saginaw High • Digital Marketing, B.S., Full Sail University (Exp. 2024) Leadership Roles • Team Leader • Supervisor • Team Specialist Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  9. COMPETITION Clarence Boom Finney Industry Experience: • Tik Tok Creator from this class Education: • Sports Casting Leadership Experience: • Tik Tok Creation • Sports Analyst enthusiast Skills and Proficiencies: • Witty • Tik Tok Personale • Energetic Natalie Rodriguez Overall Online Presence: • Over all he has a great start to his linked in page. He has a custom border with information on his following on Tiktok. He wants to be a respected sports analyst and is seeking professional help. • Grade: 80 out of 100. HEADSHOT HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • Anthropologie Supervisor Education: • Digital Marketing at Full Sail University Leadership Experience: • Customer service supervisor Skills and Proficiencies: • Work under pressure • Customer service experience • Store brand sales and KPI’s Overall Online Presence: • The most that I have is my profile picture with my university and a job from a few years ago. There is not much online presence. • Grade: Poor, 15 out of 100
  10. COMPETITION Patrick Hughes Noteworthy Experience: • Project Management Simplified • Critical Perspectives on Management Natalie Rodriguez HEADSHOT HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • Regional Alumni Representative: Mid- West, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest, International and 1/5 Florida Education: • Regional Alumni Relations Representatives Skills and Proficiencies: • Audio Post Production • Sound • Event Planning Overall Online Presence: • Patrick is a well respected Alumni from Fullsail that has many skills within the gaming industry as well as the entertainment industry. He has many skills mastered and is currently working within full sail to help other alumni’s. • Grade: Superior, 100 out of 100 Industry Experience: • Anthropologie Supervisor Education: • Digital Marketing at Full Sail University Leadership Experience: • Customer service supervisor Skills and Proficiencies: • Work under pressure • Customer service experience • Store brand sales and KPI’s Overall Online Presence: • The most that I have is my profile picture with my university and a job from a few years ago. There is not much online presence. • Grade: Poor, 15 out of 100
  11. BRAND POSITION For everyone who is looking for inspiration, I provide opportunities women in gaming because the gaming industry lacks perspective and needs to eradicate misogynistic behavior. “MISS RIGHT”
  12. NETWORKING & MARKETING Industry Events & Organizations • First Gen Student Spotlight ‣ March 4th | online FSO • Tips for Success ‣ March 3rd | Online FSO • NET Work Success Group ‣ March 6th, Olive Garden near my home Digital Marketing • Primary Content: I want to take the social media route. I want to post relatable content with people that are just like me. • Primary Tools: Short Form content on Instagram and Tik Tok. • Website: It helps me compare and contrast with other around me. I learned a lot from my buds in this class and it makes me want to have a better appearance online. Picture of You Goes Here
  13. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mentor • The mentor I want to find is someone that is a women within the entertainment business. I preferably want someone that is a women of color like me and can show me some guidance in what to look for in a job and what to avoid. I want to accomplish this towards the end of my degree program which Formal Education • Digital Marketing by end of 2024 Technical Skills • Excel proficient June 2023 • How to research within google analytics Sep 2023 • Learn soft ware basics aug 2023 Soft Skills • How to be diligent and not take the easy route. April 2023 • Learn to be firm within my industry, Sept 2023 • Always speak my ideas. Don’t be afraid to stand out. June 2023
  14. Natalie Rodriguez You know how there needs to be more representation of women in gaming? Well, what I do is help other women and men know that we are here to give perspective that no one could have done without us. In fact, I will be part of a bigger bubble than just gaming. I want to be part of a successful company where I am celebrated for all my skills. Picture of Goes Here
  15. REFERENCES Stassen, A. (2022, March 16). Full sail grads on award-winning video games. Full Sail Grads on Award-Winning Video Games - The Hub. Retrieved March 5, 2023, from winning-video-games Kim Swift - Sr.. director of cloud gaming - linkedin. (n.d.). Retrieved March 6, 2023, from IMDb. (n.d.). Amy Hennig. IMDb. Retrieved March 5, 2023, from 15-1253.00 - software quality assurance analysts and Testers. O*NET OnLine. (n.d.). Retrieved March 5, 2023, from Patrick Hughes - Operations Support analyst - linkedin. (n.d.). Retrieved March 6, 2023, from

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  1. Forbes Most Valuable Brands List (2017): Apple 2. Google 3. Microsoft 4. Facebook 5. Coca-Cola 6. Amazon 7. Disney 8. Toyota 9. McDonald’s 10. Samsung Methodology: Forbes valued more than 200 global brands by looking at three years of earnings and allocating a percentage of those earnings based on the role brands play in each industry (e.g., high for luxury goods and beverages, low for airlines and oil companies). We applied the average price-to-earnings multiple over the past three years to these earnings to arrive at the final brand value.