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Learning from Leaders of Digital Transformation

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Exhibitor Insights session from Retail's BIG Show, January 15-17, 2017. http://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/
Hear from industry leaders who are digitally transforming their business to remain competitive in a competitive retail landscape by empowering people, engaging customers, and optimizing operations.

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Learning from Leaders of Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Learning From Leaders of Digital Transforma3on Sponsored by Microso:
  2. 2. Learning from leaders of Digital Transformation
  3. 3. Digital transformation is the next industrial revolution Industrial Revolution 4.0 Steam, water, mechanical production equipment Division of labor, electricity, mass production Electronics, IT, automated production Blurring the physical and the digital divide 1784 1870 1969 2016
  4. 4. Digital Masters perform better FASHIONISTAS Revenue: +6% Profitability: -11% Market Value: -12% DIGITAL MASTERS Revenue: +9% Profitability: +26% Market Value: +12% Revenue: -4% Profitability: -11% Market Value: -7% BEGINNER Revenue: -10% Profitability: +9% Market Value: +7% CONSERVATIVE DigitalCapability Leadership Capability +9% Revenue Creation +12% Market Valuation +26% Profitability
  5. 5. 86% of CEOs consider Digital their #1 priority CEOs believe technology will transform their business more than any other global trend Source: PWC CEO Survey Trends that will transform business, next five years (%) Technological advances Demographic shifts Shift in global economic power Resource scarcity & climate change Urbanization
  6. 6. Digital transformation is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage 5 ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS with connected experiences EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES to respond faster to subscriber needs OPTIMIZE YOUR OPERATIONS and rapidly deliver new services TRANSFORM YOUR PRODUCTS to unlock new revenue opportunities
  7. 7. Amy Sommerseth Sr. Director of Service & Experience John Barbella Business Partnership Mgr Gordon Jaquay Director of IT Saurabh Parikh VP CONA Services LLC Panel Discussion