dialysis nutrition malnutrition hemodialysis patients eco-friendly. government subsidy diffusion method awareness -renewable energy morbidity. dietary intake inadequate haemodialysis memory enhancing herbs essentials amino acids amino acids protein immune corona covid -19 pearson coefficient correlation hypocholesterolemic ckd-5 rice bran oil balanced diet. anaemia pregnancy vegetarian diets cross sectional study crf anemia malnutrition. haemoglobin serum creatinine anomie nutritional programs offers an approach to ensure more equitable health together with intensification of public health and akshaya patra program. the activities in each prog applied nutrition programme midday meal programme iodine deficiency disorders control programme national national goitre control programme 47) development of nutritional strategies and inte pregnant and lactating women are the most affected and gross domestic product per capita other way re multidimensional poverty index cultural way. any country health affects growth in india is the second rank in population and develop insect protein amino acid leaf extract protein spc novel protein bio technology waste. chemical waste anatomical waste hospital waste management biomedical waste management awareness sensory evaluation vitamin c diseases medicinal uses amla cardiovascular disease (cvd) chronic kidney disease (ckd) chronic kidney disease pg-sga sga fruits and vegetable death cancer high biological protein. soybean chunks reproductive antioxidants infertility oligospermia spermatogenesis nutritional management. ckd esrd rice phytochemistry oil gamma-oryzanol bran stevia biscuite high fibre biscuits using flax seeds and stevia re low-calorie ckd stage – 5 cardiovascular disease chronic renal failure clinical studies nutritive value keywords: grain amaranth brain booster improving memory enhancers cognitive herbs keywords: memory
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