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From intranet to digital workplace

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The story of how an intranet evolves to become part of a larger digital workplace.

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From intranet to digital workplace

  1. 1. From intranet todigital workplace Jane McConnell March 2013First published in 2010, revised several times since then.
  2. 2. The digital workplace ismulti-dimensional. 5")67")#. 8%)*+.)19#&$.+*1 84(&$# !"#$%&#"&&%(")%*$"+ !"#$%&()#*+,-./$.+)-0#)#.*+1.23#4(,$5%#6 2%+%3.0 789:;<="*+789:>99 !B1D-3($(0#+ /$5%#*+3#E#3#.,#6 "=F="*+7; !*)4#*4).0#"&&%(")%*$"+ !:3#$(0#*+,--34(.$#4*+?-$%&-3(#.#46 @;"A*+:"=BC= ,-./"($&.0$/.+1$"+ B0$(%$5%#+E3-)+,-)21#3*+$5%#*+/)$32D-.#G
  3. 3. Here’s how it happened
  4. 4. 1 Authoritative,stable managed dimension ! Managed information and enterprise applications. ! Owned by Communication. ! At this stage, it is called the “intranet”. ! Structured according to the organizational structure with control and clear, distinct “territories” and responsibilities.
  5. 5. 1 2 Authoritative, StructuredAuthoritative, stablemanaged dimension stable managed collaboration dimension dimension ! The arrival of digital platforms for structured project collaboration brings “real work” to the digital workplace. ! Goals become productivity & efficiency. ! Business and IT work together to meet operational needs by creating collaborative platforms. ! Competition starts between the “intranet” and the “collaborative platform”.
  6. 6. 1 2 3 Social collaboration Structured dimensionAuthoritative, stable Authoritative, stable collaborationmanaged dimension managed dimension Authoritative, Structured dimension stable managed collaboration dimension dimension ! The arrival of “social media” in the enterprise brings disruption. ! People are empowered, potentially. ! Traditional roles of management, HR, IT and Communication are challenged as people begin to self-declare and self- organize. ! However, social stays in its own corner, isolated from “real work”.
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 Social collaboration dimensionAuthoritative, stable Authoritative, stable Structuredmanaged dimension managed dimension collaboration dimension Structured Authoritative, stable collaboration managed dimension dimension Mobile dimension ! The convergence of the 3 dimensions goes beyond disruption to transformation. ! Social collaboration impregnates the enterprise facilitating visibility of work, openness, efficiency and accountability. ! The digital workplace mode requires leadership rather than management. It is built on : “freedom within a framework”. ! Self-organizing communities have strong influence over work and decisions.
  8. 8. “Digital WorkplaceTrends 2013”Purchase the report.www.digital-workplace-trends.com.
  9. 9. Thank you.jane@netjmc.comtwitter @netjmcJoin LinkedIn group: Digital Workplace(co-managed with Sam Marshall)Get in touch if you’re interested in amanagement briefing, workshopfacilitation, coaching or just want tochat.References: Air Liquide, Paris  -  Amadeus, Madrid  –  ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg  –  Areva, Paris   –   Arup, UK   –   Alcatel-Lucent, Paris   -   Alstom,Paris  -   AGF, Paris   –   Bayer, France   –   Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany   –   EDF, Paris   –   EDP, Lisbon - ERDF, Paris   -   Ericsson, Stockholm -  GDF Suez, Paris   -   Gemalto, France    -   GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium   -   IKEA, Sweden   -   Lagardère, Paris   -   Nokia, Helsinki   -   Novartis,Switzerland   -   Océ, the Netherlands   -   OMV Petrom, Vienna   -   Pernod Ricard, Paris   -   PPR, Paris  -  RATP, Paris  -  Groupe SEB, Lyon   -   SNCF,Paris   -   Suez Environnement, Paris   -   Telenor, Norway   -   Total, Paris   -   UPM, Helsinki