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Adventures in 3D Printing

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In 2012, the Community Library invested in its first 3D printer. Today, it has an active public printing service and conducts forty 3D printing programs annually. Learn how we got started, where our journey took us and the lessons we learned. There will be a discussion of both 3D printing and 3D scanning. This presentation will examine developing services for the public, creating interactive displays and conducting programs for children, teens and adults.

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Adventures in 3D Printing

  1. 1. Adventures in 3D Printing Nick Tanzi, Assistant Director of Technology Services at the Mastics Moriches Shirley Community Library
  2. 2. A long time ago…. (June 2012)
  3. 3. We have a coupon for a 3D printer!
  4. 4. Two schools of thought when selecting a 3D printer Analytical Approach  Have you considered how you intend to use your printer?  Have you read reviews on sites like 3D Hubs?  Have you considered what staff expertise exists at your organization?  Have you considered how a particular printer aligns with your mission statement? Emotional Approach  Do you have a coupon?
  5. 5. We have a printer — now what?
  6. 6. We studied up on the hardware  Establish a point person & assign responsibilities  Learn the basic operation of the printer  Engage in troubleshooting  Determine best practices
  7. 7. We experimented with design software  Free options  TinkerCAD  Blender  123D Design  Tablet-based software  Cubify  Blokify  123D Creature
  8. 8. We took advantage of online learning software!
  9. 9. We developed programs for all ages  Lecture style classes  What is 3D printing?  Printing demonstrations  Hands-on design classes  Instruction with different software  Design and print your own object
  10. 10. Finally…
  11. 11. We broke it.
  12. 12. Good job!
  13. 13. “Breaking” a printer can be a good thing!  Lose the “new car” fear  Lose the fear of failure  Grow accustomed to in-house fixes
  14. 14. Fast forward…
  15. 15. Implementation Time!
  16. 16. Some Key Takeaways
  17. 17. Manage expectations
  18. 18. Printing is a slow process. Give yourself plenty of lead time!
  19. 19. Phase 2
  20. 20. Task-focused 1-hour Classes
  21. 21. Characteristics of the Key Chain Era  Paint-by-numbers projects  Class all works on same object  Patrons add their own customizations
  22. 22. Phase 3
  23. 23. Free Play Design Sessions in TinkerCAD
  24. 24. Early Results
  25. 25. What Went Wrong?  A lot of time was spent teaching the software  Designs weren’t always printable  Classes required minimum of 1½ hours  Projects weren’t always completed in time  Multi-session classes were problematic  Inconsistent attendance
  26. 26. Enter the 3D Printing Club!
  27. 27. Structure of the 3D Print Club  Meets twice a month for 1½ hours  Individuals pursue their own interests, occasional group projects  Designs are printed in miniature— good or bad  Improvements are made to unsuccessful prints
  28. 28. Enter the 3D Printing Art Show
  29. 29. 3D Printing Art Show  Held twice a year  Participants of the club built a portfolio, which was then printed on cardstock  One of their prints would be rendered HUGE— approximately a 10-hour print  Works would be displayed for the evening in a gallery, then taken home  Used to recruit new members!
  30. 30. Getting ambitious
  31. 31. July 2017: The Hand Challenge
  32. 32. What is the Hand Challenge?  Library partnered with e-NABLE and the Prosthetic Kids Hand Challenge to create open-source assistive limb devices.  Library purchased kits & 3D-printed the parts  Our community volunteered their time to assemble the prosthetics over two days.
  33. 33. Field Test:
  34. 34. Dabbling with 3D Scanning
  35. 35. Active Scanning with the iSense 3D
  36. 36. Celebrating William Floyd’s Birthday!
  37. 37. William Floyd, in brief:  Signer of the Declaration of Independence  Locally famous.  School holds an annual birthday celebration with our Library.  Never smiles.
  38. 38. A Local Artist Donates A Sculpture of Floyd  The artist, William Lauer, grants us permission to 3D scan the piece and make modifications to the file.  Our colleagues at Sachem Library allow us to use their Next Engine scanner.  We then modify the scan using TinkerCAD to create a keychain.  Attendees of the birthday celebration are given one as a keepsake.
  39. 39. Scanning the sculpture
  40. 40. Developing a Public 3D Printing Service
  41. 41. We Began by Developing a 3D Print Policy with the library’s attorney.  Establish printing costs.  Prohibition on weapons, hate speech.  Respect for copyright.  Right of refusal.
  42. 42. THEN…
  43. 43. Nothing
  44. 44. We decided to employ a marketing plan for the public print service  Created an interactive display  Presented to the Chamber of Commerce and school district.  Engaged in storytelling on social media  Development of a printing resource guide  Utilized pop culture.
  45. 45. Success!
  46. 46. Hobbyists
  47. 47. Student Projects
  48. 48. In Summary
  49. 49. We’re looking forward to the future!
  50. 50. Shameless Plug "Libraries that are not yet offering digital services would be well served by Tanzi's book. Those wishing to enhance patron experiences with digital resources are guaranteed to find inspiration.” --Lydia Olszak, Library Journal *Starred Review*
  51. 51. Contact Nick Tanzi ntanzi@communitylibrary.org (631) 399-1511 ext. 398 the-digital-librarian.com