bioinformatics essential part of flower galvanometer photocell cuvette holder light source application of colorimeter parts of colorimeter lambert's law beer's law colorimeter photometer significance of meiosis cytokinesis crossing over stages of heterotypic cell div stages of homotypic cell divis prophase homotypic and heterotypic cell chromosome meiotic cell division cell division batch fermentation industrial fermentation process plant cell wall functions of cell wall plasmodesmata thickenings in cell wall cellulose fibrils composition of cell wall tertiary cell wall secondary cell wall primary cell wall middle lamella cell wall structure budding in yeast hypha harmful effect of fungi plasmogamy reproduction in fungi general structure of fungi economic importance of fungi penicillium yeast fungi cellularity sexual and asexual methods reproduction of algae parasites epizoophytes epiphytes size habitat habit algal structure penicillin louis pasteur alexander fleming agar vaccine fermentation pasteurization modern era golden era transition era discovery era history of microbiology cryopreservation storage in sterile soil storage in saline suspension methods of preservation preservation of industrially important microorgani inducers growth factors nitrogen sources substrates used as carbon media for industrial fermentation process strain selection screening of microorganisms methods of isolation isolation of industrially important microorganisms sensor cooling jacket compressor sparger baffles impeller stirrer parts of fermentor structure of bioreactor bioreactor icosahedral capsid polyhedral capsid bacteriophage tmv shape of virus structure of virus virus application of phase contrast microscope parts of phase contrast microscope types of phase contrast phase contrast microscope application of compound microscope instrumentation of compound microscope resolving power magnification power light microscope compound microscope three domain system eight kingdom concept five kingdom concept classification of microorganisms difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms economic importance of gramineae/poaceae floral characters of gramineae vegetative characters of gramineae poaceae family gramineae family passive absorption of water non-osmotic absorption of water active osmotic absorption of water mechanism of water absorption absorption of water binomial nomenclature bentham and hooker classification natural system of classification systems of classification taxonomy classification mixed inflorescence racemose inflorescence cymose inflorescence types of inflorescence inflorescence dry indehiscent fruits dry dehiscent fruit classification of fruits multiple fruits aggregate fruits simple fruits dry fruits fleshy fruits types of fruits fruits aestivation types of aestivation arrangement of flower parts flower parts of flower types of placentation placentation of ovule stigma ovary style carpel female reproductive part of flower stamen and filament male reproductive organ of the flower flower parts androecium sterilization of culture media membrane cartridge filters depth filter methods of sterilization air sterilization protein databanks nucleic acid databanks ecg eeg database searching tools database methods of bacterial reproduction budding process binary fission bacterial reproduction morpgology of e. coli e. coli structure bacterial structure compoments of electron microscope types of electron microscope sem tem electron microscope microscope
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