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  1. 1. ffi SONOMASTATEUNIVERSITY 1801EastCotatiAvenue BohnertPark,California94928-3609 Precollege Programs 3-1-3 Program Academic Talent Search Tel:707 664.2428 Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math & Science Precollegiate Academic Development Fax: 7O7 664.2886 Academic Volunteer and Mentor Seruice Program. Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs Decernber14,2001 To Whom It May Concern: Ii is a distinct pleasureto recommend.Mr. Noah Maximov. He has been an iniegral member of the instructional staff for Pre-CollegePrograms at SonomaState University for our sllfilrner prograr-n. Our program servescoilege-boundhigh schooistudents from diverse backgrounds. triuring the surnn:ler,we offer:a intensive academicprogram to boost our students'academicskills. As our History instructor, Mr. Maximov brings a wealth of knowledgeand effectiveteaching skills to our students. He has a rvonderful ability to motivate and inspire his students. Mr. Maxirn,rvosinnovative History of Exploration classofferedstudents an cpportunity to researchthe events and ramifications of the United States spaceprogram. tsoth students and staff consistentiy evaluate his teaching abilit;r and classroomatmosphereas excellent. As the AcademicCoordinaton,I value instructorswho are knowiedgeable, creative, d.edicated,,in tune with theii: students, reliable -- and Mr. Maxirnov excelsin all thosecategories.I hopeour program will continueto benefitfrom his enthusiasrnand expertise. Therefore,I am pieasedto recomrnendMr. Maxirnov without reserwation. Shouldyou have any questionsor would like a.dditionaiinformation, please do not hesitateto call me at (707)664-2428. Sincerelv. -l.6ore"Lfufu^bNancv DohVtv Acadernic Coordinator Pre-Coilege Prograrns THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY Bakersfield . Channellslands . Chico . DominguezHills . Fresno . Fullerton . Hayward' Humboldt'LongBeach' LosAngeles MaritimeAcademy . MontereyBay . Northridge . Pomona . Sacramento ' SanBernardino ' SanDiego ' SanFrancisco ' SanJose SanLuis Obispo . SanMarcos ' Sonoma ' Stanislaus