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Noel MontgomeryBS, CMA, PFT 1noelmontgomery@gmail.com
P.O. Box 18174 || Seattle, WA 98118 206.713.7057
Harborview Medical Clinic Seattle, WA
Accessioning Technician/Phlebotomist 1993-1994
 Performs pre-analytic procedures of...
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NMontgomery_Resume 12-2015-Clinical

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NMontgomery_Resume 12-2015-Clinical

  1. 1. Noel MontgomeryBS, CMA, PFT 1noelmontgomery@gmail.com P.O. Box 18174 || Seattle, WA 98118 206.713.7057 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Highly-motivated professional with vast leadership, medical experience and management abilities. Architecting comprehensive instructional and operationalplans,procedures,and policies tocontrol instructional and operational processes ofmedical educationalprograms.Proven ability in building strong relationships amongst business and employeeaspects.Aproblem-solver capable of developing solutions to difficult, highly complex, and often times politically charged issues.  Strong in Medical Knowledge  Excellent Instructional Methods  Proficient in Business and Project Management  High Energy/Passionate Instructor and Manager  Proven Ability in Team Building  CPR, OSHA, HIPAA, HIV/AIDS PROFESSIONALEXPERIENCE Everest College Renton, WA Program Director/Medical Assistant Instructor 2004 – Present  Instruct anatomy and physiology,clinical laboratory processes, and introduction tomultiple medical specialties.  Contributes toefforts of decreasing overall NET attrition.Five-year metrics,decreased YTD Net attrition 6.3 percentagepoints from 9.2% to 2.9% percent. In six-month timeframe, decreased YTD Gross Attrition 2.2 percentage points from 7.5% to 5.3%, representinga 29% reduction.  Increased campus student satisfaction on Zenith’s Wave Survey 41% in six-month timeframe.  Directly over-sees all Dental Technician,Medical AdministrativeAssistant, Medical Assistant, and Medical InsuranceBilling and Coding programs  Optimizes the use of time, staff, and money in support of teachingand learning. Bryman College Renton, WA Instructor 1999 – 2004  Responsible for general education and well-beingof Medical Assistingstudents in a lecture and clinic laboratory settingof 20-30 students.Proactively anticipates and resolves potential issues.  Trained students of MIBC program toutilizecurrent ICD to communicateeffectively with medical facilities tocollect monies owed.  Maintained variableattrition rateof 5% or below to contributetopositivegrowth of the campus.  Assisted in transition of campus from Bryman owner to Corinthian Colleges, Inc., Everest College. Cascade Seattle, WA Certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor 1999 – Present  Manages contract and contact with Cascadeto assureall faculty are trained and up to date on CPR/AED certifications.Trains staffin accordancewith national regulations.  Maintains records necessary toensurecompliancewithACCSC, ASHP, MAERB accreditation standards. Pacific Medical Center Renton, WA Certified Medical Assistant 1994-1999  Responsible for patient flow, including preparingpatient and assistingwith exams  Prep for various procedures and assists as needed  Assist with collectinglab specimen and performs tests.  Assist in multiplespecialty settings i.e. GI, Dermatology, Pediatrics,Cardiology, Geriatrics Harborview Medical Center Seattle, WA Medical Assistant 1993-1994  Surgery Clinic Assist Physicians in various surgical settings  Urology Clinic Assist in catheterizations all patients  Burn Unit Assist in debridement and bandaging  STD Clinic Assist in reproductiveprocedures and testingfor various STDs
  2. 2. Harborview Medical Clinic Seattle, WA Accessioning Technician/Phlebotomist 1993-1994  Performs pre-analytic procedures of specimen collection and processing  Performs adult and pediatric phlebotomy by capillary and venous collection  Performs routine and stat laboratory tests utilizingautomated or semi-automated equipment and kit assays  Performs quality control analyses on all tests assigned and determines whether all parameters are within established ranges  Evaluates test results and understands critical valuelimits for all tests assigned SKILLS  Medical Office Management Medication Injections  Medical Billing and Coding POL/CLIA waived tests  Electronic Health Records Functions Procedure assisting  Microsoft Office Certified Lab processes  Patient Education Accessioning/Phlebotomist Technician EDUCATION Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Everest University, earned 2014 Medical Assistant Diploma, North Seattle Community College, earned 1993