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Master Planning Projects

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Master Planning Projects

  2. 2. INTRODUCING OBMI With more than seven decades of comprehensive experience, offices throughout the world, and an extensive portfolio of professional services, OBM International has positioned itself as a highly prestigious design-consulting firm, specializing in master planning and architectural design services for the development of mixed-use residential and resort destinations. OBMI, past and present, is a leader in design excellence. OBM International serves clients worldwide through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, OBM Miami Inc. and OBM Limited. OBMI is a privately held, employee-owned firm, whose directors practice a participative management philosophy. This combination produces an active interest and involvement on the part of each employee-owner in the performance of our firm and in the success of each project. Through the years, we have provided the creative and technical foundation for landmark projects worldwide. This success can be attributed to our integrity, dedication and loyal clients. We are a team of experienced and innova- tive professionals, passionate and hardworking in our endeavors. Our mission is to meet every new challenge with OBMI’s founding ideals — helping our clients fulfill their dreams while reaching their financial goals. Individually and collectively, we are committed to helping our clients: • Interpret and clarify visions - through total client involvement • Fulfill dreams - through innovative and creative design solutions • Produce responsible projects - by celebrating the environment • Ensure smooth-flowing projects - with proper project management • Reduce costs and maximize profits - by utilizing our construction expertise • Determine optimum project location - by in-depth site analysis and feasibility studies • Enhance the desirability and value of real estate - through financially viable designs • Introduce the right team players - by tapping into our established industry contacts OBMI MIAMI & madrid OBMI Miami and OBMI Madrid are full-service offices with a total team of 30 professionals, including architects, planners, designers and the support personnel. OBMI’s professional team is small enough to ensure each client a personalized service and direct access to the office leaders and to our CEO, Doug Kulig, who works out of Miami. At the same time, our clients benefit from our ability to draw experience and support from our other regional offices as needed and as appropriate to each project. All OBMI projects east of the Atlantic will be elaborated by our group of professionals in Madrid, with support from OBMI’s Miami office. For projects in the Caribbean and Latin America, OBMI’s Miami office will take the lead, with support from the Madrid and Caribbean offices.
  3. 3. OBMI DESIGN PHILOSOPHY True destinations occupy special places in our hearts and minds. That’s why places as different as South Beach in Miami, the Wharf in San Francisco, Cannes on the Riviera, or Lago di Como in Northern Italy, are popular destinations for so many people. A true place immediately conjures up unique feelings and mental images. For those of us in the business of creating new places – a setting for new perspectives, discoveries and experiences – there is no greater reward than crafting a place that is authentic, unique and incomparably marketable. The OBMI founders made a choice early on to focus on the Caribbean region and to specialize in resort design and development. Our founder, Wil Onions – a legend in his own time – felt it was incumbent on him and his partners to provide an architectural language that was expressive and representative of Bermudian culture. The legacy that he left behind lives in the standards he set for cultural sensitivity, functionality and attention to detail. More than seven decades later and heeding the principle of cultural authenticity, our firm has grown into one of the premier hospitality design firms throughout the world. With offices spread across Bermuda, the Caribbean, the United States and Europe, our team offers a full set of master planning and architectural design services to clients worldwide. As architects and planners, we recognize that we have an opportunity, or better yet, a responsibility to preserve and enhance the very essence of a site. OBMI’s success is based on the fundamental principle of em- bracing the very culture, history and heritage of a specific place, allowing those resources to dictate the design path taken. OBMI TECHNOLOGICAL CAPABILITIES OBMI enjoys extensive computing capabilities in design, production and information technology (IT) sup- port. We have a wide array of software programs, including AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Sketch-Up, Piranesi, Maxwell, 3D studio and PhotoShop. Our design and production staff relies on AutoCAD and Sketch-Up for daily tasks, as these are company-wide production platforms. AutoCAD is our standard input and export extension for consultant and client coordination. Our team also produces high quality 3D images with Maxwell Render, artistic renderings with Piranesi and a wide variety of graphic images using Photoshop. We have the ability to create movies of our designs but hire consultants when large scale, virtual reality needs arise. Our corporate IT department provides outstanding service and maintenance of our systems and communi- cations throughout our operations offices worldwide. OBMI keeps current with technological advances and periodically makes serious hardware capital investments. All offices utilize high-powered computers, monitors, plotters and data transfer technologies. Our machines are upgraded and/or replaced on a continual basis. At the time of purchase, they have the highest performance specifications available. Our staff members also receive training continually on new programs or innovations so to ensure we are keeping pace with current world markets. OBMI is fully committed to the utilization of hardware, software and technology developments in order to maintain our leading-edge status.
  4. 4. SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DEVELOPMENT OBMI has a strong commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. By observing the USGBC LEED Pro- gram and other systems of green building certification, we can incorporate innovative design and environmental principles to achieve a triple effect on the bottom line: increased profits, increased ecological awareness, and increased health of guests and staff. Energy efficiency and use of technologies, such as solar and wind power, can reduce the burden on local utilities. The capturing of rainwater and the treatment of site grey water will further increase profits and self-sufficiency, while reducing the burden on local supplies. Careful attention to building siting and orientation, choice of construction materials and control of waste can reduce the negative impact of human intervention. Application of these and other concepts will allow the project to both mini- mize the detrimental aspects of construction and increase greatly the long-term life cycle costs. OBMI’s focused attention to sustainable development ensures that the project’s natural potential is maximized.
  5. 5. HISTORY OF OBMI Founded in 1936 in Bermuda by Wilfred Onions and Valmer Bouchard, the original Onions Bouchard, Architects designed private residences from which developed the influential “cottage style,” now so characteristic of the island. Recognized as the revival architect of Bermuda, Wil Onions gave all the charm and ambiance of the old Bermuda cottages to his designs, including chimney moldings, push-out shutters, strengthening buttresses, Flemish gables, and limewashed roofs. In the 1950’s, OBMI expanded its growing reputation into the commercial sector. John Edgar McCulloch joined the company and began opening offices in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, St. Maarten, Antigua, and St. Kitts. In addition, these offices also carried out projects in Turks & Caicos, Anguilla, Jamaica, Montser- rat and the U.S.Virgin Islands. His inspiration was instrumental in OBMI’s influence on economic development throughout the Caribbean. In the mid 1990’s, the company began operations in the Turks & Caicos Islands and opened business develop- ment offices in the United Kingdom, and later in Spain. In 1998 the Miami office was established to serve the needs of our clients in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Its focus is on architecture, interior design, hotel and resort design development, town planning and urban design services.
  6. 6. CLIENT LIST Ace Insurance Citicorp Marsh McClennan AIG (American International Group) Cititrus Martinsa Aldeasa CITCO Medina Arsat SA Allegro Resorts Citicorp Le Royal Mansour Marrakech Allied World Insurance Company (AWAC) Cititrust Mees Peirson American Airlines Club Med Merrill Lynch Amway Hotel Corporation Colonial Insurance Mitsui, Japan Antigua Commercial Bank Conyers Dill & Pearman Morritt’s Tortuga Club & Resort AON Coopers & Lybrand National Parks Trust (B.V.I.) AT&T/Bermuda Telephone Company Coutts & Co. Necso Avis Cruise America O.N.C.E. (Organización Nacional de AWAC Delta Airlines Ciegos de España) AXIS Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Offices of the Governor, British Virgin Islands Bacardi Limited Disney Corporation Palm Hills Middle East Co. Baer Bank Dow Bank & Trust The Ritz-Carlton Palm Hills Banco Português East Caribbean Central Bank Peter Island Resort Banco Real Eastern Airlines Platinum Re Bank of America Econobank PRS Bank of Antigua Emerald Bay Resorts Port Authority of the Cayman Islands Bank of Bermuda Ernst & Young Port Royal Golf Club Bank of China Esso Standard Oil Company Price Waterhouse Bank of Credit & Commerce Fairmont Group PriceWaterhouseCoopers International (BCCI) Federal Express Promociones S.L. Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son First Bank of Barbuda Ltd. Qatari Diar Banque National de Paris Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Ramada Hotels Barclays Bank Her Britannic Majesty’s Government Riddles Bay Golf Club BBV (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya) Four Seasons Hotels Ritz-Carlton Bermuda Air Traffic Control Goldman Sachs Rock Resorts Bermuda International Airport Government of Antigua Roy Davis Associates Bermuda Maritime Museum Government of Bermuda Royal Bank of Canada Bermuda Monetary Authority Government of St. Kitts & Nevis Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Bermuda National Gallery Government of the British Virgin Islands Royal Caribbean International BF&M Insurance Group Government of the Cayman Islands Royal Reef Resort Biras Creek Hotel Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands Scandinavian Re Bouygues Construction, France Hampton Company, The Schroeder Bank British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hawk’s Cay Resort Scotiabank C. B. Richard Ellis Hawksbill Beach Resort Serfin Bank CDS International Holdings Head Company Smith Barney Cable & Wireless Hilton International St. James Club Caledonian Bank ING Trust St. Maarten Commercial Bank Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Interlink Group Starwood Canadian Pacific Hotels Intrawest Corporation Stouffer Resorts (formerly Princess Hotels) IRMG Swiss American Bank Carnival Cruise Lines Johnson & Higgins Swiss Bank Corporation (UBS) Cayman Airways Jolly Harbour Texaco West Indies Ltd. Cayman National Bank Jolly Harbour Casino Unicorp Cayman National Corporation Kajima Construction, Japan Vallehermoso S. A. (Spain) Cayman National Theatre KPMG Peat Marwick Village of Key Biscayne Cayman National Trust La Perla Living Wave - Muscat SAOC, The Centre Re LaSalle Re Webster University Chase Manhattan Bank Leeward Limited Westin Hotels Cherokee Ltd. Logwood Development Co. LTD Windward Islands Bank CIBC Long Bay Beach Resort XL Limited CIGNA International Mailboxes Unlimited CITCO Marriott International, Inc.
  7. 7. PROJECTS
  8. 8. BAB AL MADINA TRIPOLI, LIBYA SITE SIZE 16.7 Hectares COMPONENTS Offices Hotel Service Apartments Residential Apartments Retail SERVICES RENDERED Master planning CLIENT MAF North Africa TYPE Urban High Intensity Other Bab Al Madina is located in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. The project encompasses 16.7 hectares (41 acres) and is envisioned as the social and economic heart of Tripoli. The area is set to become a thriving urban center and a bustling metropolis with the right mix of residential, hospitality, leisure, high-end retail and commercial components. Specifically, the master plan for Bab Al Madina includes five, four and three-star hotels, 925 residential units and 500 serviced apartments. Based on the principles of mixed-use, sustainable design, the project will feature 95,000 square meters (1 million sq. ft.) of retail space and 250,000 square meters (2.7 million sq. ft.) of office space. OBM International was commissioned by Majid Al Futtaim Group to provide concept planning and programming, master planning and schematic design.
  9. 9. DESERT AGAFAY MARRAKECH, MOROCCO SITE SIZE 459 Hectares COMPONENTS Boutique Spa Hotel (75 units) & Villas (75) Kasbah Hotel (50 units, 25 signature branded bungalows, cooking school) Luxury Farm Estates (25) Riversdie & Golf Estates (50) Equestrian Estates (25) Equestrian Center & Polo Club Country Club Golf Medina Residences & Hotel (250 units) Desert Camp Hotel SERVICES RENDERED Conceptual Master Planning & Project Programming type Golf Comminity Residential Community Resort Community Hotel Spa Once completed, Desert Agafay will be the most exciting and innovative tourism development in Marrakech to date. It will offer a wide range of high quality activities, from a desert golf course to a country club (with tennis and equestrian activities), and offering a range of accomodation in a dedicated cooking village, a medina-style village and luxury residences. In addition, the site will propose a unique camp experience with desert tents isolated from the view of the other facilities. The site of Desert Agafay is southwest of Marrakech with stunning views of the Great Atlas Mountains. The innovative concept will make Desert Agafay one of the leading integrated resort projects in Morocco and within the North Africa region.
  10. 10. DUBROVNIK DESTINATION RESORT DUBROVNIK, CROATIA SITE SIZE 354 hectares 5* Hotel & Villas Detail COMPONENTS ummary - Hotel Villas otprint (15%) Number of floors Approx GBA 2 Hotel Sites 200-250 room hotel m2 m2 267 2 534 226 2 452 226 2 452 100-150 room boutique hotel 226 2 452 226 2 452 226 2 452 243 2 486 18-hole golf course 1,372 2,744 t summary - Hotel 763-889 residential units Equestrian club otprint (20%) Number of floors Approx GBA m2 m2 12,935 3 38,804 1,000 2 2,000 Existing forts 1,500 2 3,000 3,300 1.5 4,950 18,735 48,754 Existing village & proposed expansion 45 Community parks SERVICES RENDERED Master planning Conceptual architecture CLIENT Golf Razvoj D.O.O. Subsidiary of Lloyd’s Property Investment Group TYPE Residentail resort community Resort/Spa Dubrovnik Destination Resort totals 354 hectares and is located 3 km. from the old town. The site sits on a hill that rises above Dubrovnik and is 415 meters above sea level at the highest point dominating the world heritage city, the sea landscape and surrounding islands. Since ancient times, this hill has provided natural protection for the city of Dubrovnik, protecting it from not only the northern wind – the Bura – but also from the attacks of various conquerors who tried, during the rich history of Dubrovnik, to conquer the Dubrovnik Republic.
  11. 11. DUSHANBE MIX-USE DEVELOPMENT DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN SITE SIZE 6.8 hectares COMPONENTS 331 Residential Units 5 residential towers 5* Hotel 128 keys Conference Center and Spa 5,000 m2 of retail 10,000 m2 of office space 1078 parking spaces Waterfront promenade Plazas Open space SERVICES RENDERED Master planning Schematic design CLIENT Qatari Diar Real Estate Company TYPE Mix-use waterfront Urban high-intensity Hotel/Spa The project is slated to become a new urban landmark in Dushanbe, spearheading the city’s development into a modern international destination. The project carefully weaves the various uses, featuring a 5-star hotel as an icon building. Five residential towers are staggered along the waterfront offering magnificent views to the lake and the mountains, while office space is located along the road. A waterfront promenade lined by retail is anchored by a plaza and the hotel. The project’s high-quality, mixed use character promises to become a magnet for local and international clients.
  12. 12. CHÂTEAU DE LA SALLE MACON, FRANCE SITE SIZE 700 hectares (1,730 acres) COMPONENTS 17-suite chateau Golf Hamlet Hotel (50 keys, six bungalows) State-of-the-art spa with 31 cottages Les Bois de La Salle Residential Village Bief-Tord Villas La Vévre Villas Les Bois de La Salle Villas 18-hole golf course and golf club Equestrian center SERVICES RENDERED Concept planning and programming Master planning Concept design Schematic design Design development Château de la Salle was originally built in the 11th century but was severely damaged by a great fire during the French Revolution in 1791. It then became property of Charles Maurice de “Talleyrand”- Périgord, Bishop of Autun, co-author of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and subsequently the first Prime Minister of France. Almost seven decades later, Monsieur Edmond Houitte de La Chesnais purchased the property from Talleyrand and built the neo-gothic château as it exists today. The site of the existing castle is nestled in the quaint village of Macon, located in France’s Burgundy region and known for its rich history, culture and gastronomy. Taking full advantage of these regional qualities, the master plan calls for the creation of an exclusive resort estate and residential village. Particularly, the plan capitalizes on the site’s breathtaking views of the surrounding land and will accommodate an unprecedented range of services and amenities, combining opulence with respect for the environment.
  13. 13. GHANA GOLF & RESORT DEVELOPMENT   PRINCE’S TOWN, GHANA SITE SIZE 288 hectares COMPONENTS Boutique hotel Pool Spa & Fitness center Beach club Beach villas Restaurants Culinary School Outdoor Theatre Nature Reserve Interpretation Center Activity Center Driving Range and Putting Green Tennis Courts Library, Cigar Bar and Game Room Children´s club 18-hole Golf Course & Golf Club SERVICES RENDERED Master planning CLIENT Soroma Capital The 288 Ha site is situated on the southern coast of Ghana and benefits from 2.5 km of coastline. It is located between the villages Prince´s Town and Akatakyi, 13 km southeast of Axim Town and 50 km southwest of Takoradi city. The site is limited to the north by the road connecting Prince´s Town with the nearby Asubey. The site has a 108 Ha Lagoon in the center which provides 6 km of waterfront land with striking views either to the lagoon or the sea. The site has two different topographical zones. A 58 Ha area located at the east limit of the site is a sloped terrain and mountains reaching some of them 70m height. The rest of the site is a relatively flat area: along the coast, around Lake Ehunli and inland, limited to the north by the road connecting Asubey with Prince´s town.
  14. 14. HAILONG BAY CHUAN ARCHIPELAGO, CHINA SITE SIZE 1,280 hectares (3,160 acres) COMPONENTS Residential - 30,349 units Hotel - 2,100 rooms Marina - 2,450 slips Aquarium Museum Convention center Sports center Marina market Amphitheater Yacht club Spa club Cruise Terminal Parking - 7,643 spaces SERVICES RENDERED Master planning CLIENT Dataga Dinut & Sky Holdings S.A. TYPE Marina village Urban mixed use Apartment buildings/condos Hailong Bay, located south of the city of Guangzhou, is set to be a major mixed-use waterfront entertainment destination with performing arts venues, restaurants, retail, night clubs and hotels, catering to a regional population of nearly 300 million. The development will boast many of the most affluent and exclusive condominium buildings in the region, including a dazzling glass icon building. This development is anticipated to be an exciting and profitable venture for the region due to an increase in tourism, the creation of jobs, and the further expansion of infrastructure. Hailong Bay will thrive as an international venue for businesses, investors, visitors and residents. MPL_PLA_AP_MIA08030
  15. 15. HIDD DEVELOPMENT KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN The HIDD Development Project is located to the east of Muharraq Island in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The site for Plot 1 totals approximately 60 hectares, and is at present submerged under the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Once reclaimed, the site will have panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. The Site will be composed of 5 small districts: light industrial, Showrooms, a retail center, a Business park and Workers accommodation.
  16. 16. KHAYAAL PROJECT OMAN SITE SIZE 652 hectares COMPONENTS Marina Village Five-star Luxury Spa Hotel Four-star Family Medina Hotel Luxury Tented Camp Beach Club Golf Course Football & Tennis Academy Amphitheatre Villas, Townhouses, Apartments 2961 Residential Units 790 Hotel Rooms CLIENT Suhail Bahwan Group TYPE Hotel & Resort Residential Development The Khayaal project site is situated on the northern coast of Oman and benefits from 5.2 km of coastline. It is located some 65 miles southeast of Muscat and is easily accessible via a new north-south highway, to the town of Sur, which is close to completion. The site has extremely varied topographical characteristics, from relatively flat areas in the north to steep hillsides sloping down to the sea in the south. It has numerous wadis throughout and benefits from both mountain and sea views. The principals of architectural and traditional town planning that led to the creation of the most appealing and successful towns, villages and places of our past are the principals that have guided the design of the Master Plan of Khayaal.
  17. 17. LES PARCS DE L’AGDAL MARRAKECH, MOROCCO SITE SIZE 7 Hectares COMPONENTS 251 Hotel Keys (Fairmont Hotel) 210 Residential Units (Villas) Spa (12 Rooms) SERVICES RENDERED Master planning CLIENT Sans Hoche Financement TYPE Residential/Resort Community Hotel/Spa The design for the 5-star Resort will be a reflection of the best urban and “Place Making” practices. Our inspiration for the resort will come from the beauty and history of Marrakech combined with contemporary resort operational practices. The resort will portray a distinct identity, a diverse environment and a heightened sensitivity to the natural resources of the site. OBMI’s design recommendations for the 5-star resort will have as a basis its vast experience in designing resorts throughout the world, combined with a solid understanding of what business components create the most successful tourism and residential destinations in the world.
  18. 18. OMAN BOTANIC GARDEN AL KHOD, OMAN SITE SIZE 4.2 million sq. meters COMPONENTS Traditional village Restaurants Amphitheater Nature and fitness trails Public interpretive center IMAX theater Observatory Classrooms 100-room luxury resort LEED Platinum Certified SERVICES RENDERED Master planning Architecture Once completed, the Oman Botanic Garden will not only be the most progressive and innovative facility of its kind, but it will also become the worlds next must-see destination, as well as a marvel of 21st century technology. This living museum will be Omans flagship that will entice and excite visitors with the best cultural, educational and hospitality experiences obtainable. The site of this world-class botanical garden encompasses more than 4.2 million square meters and, with its strong commitment to conservation and environmentalism, it will be entirely sustainable. The latest and most effective LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) technologies will be used to construct its buildings in order to merit LEED Platinum Certification, which is the highest designation given to eco-friendly development. Moreover, Oman Botanic Garden will feature a traditional village with restaurants and amphitheater, nature and fitness trails, a public interpretive center complete with an IMAX theater, an observatory and classrooms, as well as a 100-room luxury resort.
  19. 19. FALSE CAY RESORT FALSE CAY, BELIZE SITE SIZE 254,518 sq. feet COMPONENTS 38 rooms Residences Pool bar Game rooms Club houseS pa SERVICES RENDERED Master planning Hotel pre-design The Caribbean coast of Belize, where False Cay Resort is located, is lined with a coral reef and approximately 450 islets and islands known locally as cays. The site encompasses 254,518 square feet (23,645 square meters) and is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The resort will feature 26 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom units with spectacular views. The design includes an impressive list of amenities, such as a 6,000-square-foot (557-square-meter) spa and dedicated game rooms for adults, children and teens. False Cay’s beautiful surroundings and its feeling of luxury will offer a memorable vacation to its guests.
  20. 20. EL ZAFIRO COSTA ALEGRE, JALISCO, MEXICO SITE SIZE Built area: 200,000m2 COMPONENTS Ranch lots - 16 (Hacienda dwellings) Oceanside lots - 130 5-Star hotel & spa (60 units) Luxury branded villas - 68 18-Hole signature golf course & club house Golf condominiums - 110 Beach amenities, beach club & restaurant Village & 120 village condominiums Oceanview lots - 40 Organic crop ranch Natural Preserve (800 has) & protected mangroves Private landing strip SERVICES RENDERED Master planning Architecture CLIENT Wolfgang Hahn TYPE Beach resort Golf resort Spa Villas El Zafiro is a luxury residential & hotel project located in one of the most exclusive destinations in Mexico. This spectacular location, predominated by the Tambora forest, consists of a rocky coastline dotted with small, secluded beaches, while also partially facing expansive Chamela beach. The project includes a spectacular cliffside golf course, a mountain, valley, river and beaches, as well as a combination of residential lots, exclusive villas and a 5-star hotel and spa. Painstakingly designed to adapt to the surrounding natural terrain and delicately situated on a richly diverse landscape, the project also includes large natural reserve areas which reflect the uniqueness of the surrounding area. MPL_PLA_LA_MIA08063
  21. 21. MARINA VILLAGE AT EMERALD BAY GREAT EXUMA, BAHAMAS SITE SIZE 470 acres COMPONENTS 50 acre seaside residential village 20 acre marina village Beach-front single-family homes Apartment flats Town center Yachtsman’s cottages Town homes 16 acre deepwater marina basin SERVICES RENDERED Master planning The unprecedented coupling of the world-class Four Seasons Resort with an exciting and dynamic marina will position the Marina Village at Emerald Bay as the most exciting and successful cruising destination in the Bahamas. Catering to a variety of resort and residential clients and accommodating boaters from sportfish enthusiasts to mega-yacht cruisers the Marina Village will, in short order, become the heart and soul of Emerald Bay, as well as the differentiator that uniquely positions Emerald Bay as the most complete luxury resort within the region.
  22. 22. Antigua Cayman Islands USA PO Box 906 PO BOX 10693 APO 806 Douglas Road, 4th Floor St. John’s Grand Cayman Coral Gables, FL 33134 Antigua Cayman Islands, WI T 305.537.7100 West Indies T 345.949.8115 F 305.537.7101 T 268.462.1047 F 345.949.7403 E obmmia@obmi.com F 268.462.2305 E obmgcm@obmi.com E obmanu@obmi.com Bermuda Spain PO BOX HM 1362 Plaza de la Independencia, no 8 Hamilton HM FX 4a Planta Bermuda Madrid 28014 T 441.295.5137 España F 441.292.1687 T 34 (91) 309 82 82 E obmbda@obmi.com F 34 (91) 309 82 83 E obmesp@obmi.com British Virgin Islands Trinidad & Tobago PO BOX 132 28 Stone Street Road Town, Tortola Port of Spain British Virgin Islands Trinidad & Tobago T 284.494.2148 T 868.624.6449 F 284.494.3898 F 868.624.7192 E obmbvi@obmi.com E obmtnt@obmi.com