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Social Media Marketing Framework

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Social Media Marketing is easier said than done. Like SEO and PPC in their early days, today most of us have fancy notion about this medium.

Winning Social Media wars is both an Art & Science. It requires thorough research, great planning and creative approach to take the right message to right audience at place.


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  • a very elaborate post
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  • Nice and very lively post.
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  • oooooooo...gr8 source of information and will surely be implementing these strategies in my business looking forward for some more fresh content from uer side
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  • Hey Pradeep
    Excellent post....
    I trully agree with you. In future business will run to Social Media Marketing for their Brand promotion leaving TV Behind
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Social Media Marketing Framework

  1. 1. www.omlogic.com Making Sense of Social Media Marketing OMLogic Consulting
  2. 2. www.omlogic.com What is Social Media Marketing? “Social Media Marketing or SMM is the process of promoting a product, service or a brand using Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc.”
  3. 3. www.omlogic.com Why SMM? Social Media sites are more popular than Porn sites  184m+ people have a blog (McCann, March 08) YouTube has more than 100,000,000 Videos Twitter adds 32 million+ unique visitors/month reaching to 50 million by 2009 year end (TechCrunch)
  4. 4. www.omlogic.com Why SMM? Facebook has 200+ million users adding 600k users per day(http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/02/14/facebook-surpasses-175-million-users- continuing-to-grow-by-600k-usersday/) LinkedIn has more than 40 million users and more than 12.4 million unique visitors per month (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/05/20/twitter-surges-past-digg-linkedin- and-nytimescom-with-32-million-global-visitors/) More than 600 Social bookmarking sites, Digg receives 21 million unique visitors a month (Quantcast)
  5. 5. www.omlogic.com Global Stories Increasing the revenue: Dell made US$ 2 million using Twitter. Multiplying sales: MASI bicycles doubled sales in two years using blogging and podcasting to reach out. Building up the relevant community: American Express multiplied its user base 80 times in 11 months using Social Network. Online Reputation: A video on YouTube posted by 2 employees of Dominos costed them over US$ 50m. CRM: Direct2Dell initiative transformed Dell computer’s customer satisfaction.
  6. 6. www.omlogic.com Let’s look at a Typical SMM Paradigm
  7. 7. www.omlogic.com Typical Approach  Identify Social Media Channels  Create Content  Upload Content  Try to Measure Effectiveness  Hope Magical Results
  8. 8. www.omlogic.com What results can you expect? Views on Social Media Channels Some Traffic on the Website May be Some Improvement in Search Engine Rankings
  9. 9. www.omlogic.com www.omlogic.com Has the Business met its Objectives?
  10. 10. www.omlogic.com Doubtful? Are the Views & Traffic Significant? Are the Views & Traffic Relevant? Does the Message Addresses the Concerns of the Potential Customers?
  11. 11. www.omlogic.com Social Media Marketing Framework that Works!
  12. 12. www.omlogic.com Social Media Marketing = Medium + Message Content is the Key. ‘Quality’ wins!
  13. 13. www.omlogic.com Online Marketing: Bringing Customers to your Site SMM: Going Where your Customers Are! Channel Identification is Critical!
  14. 14. www.omlogic.com SMM is about Permission vs Interruption vs
  15. 15. www.omlogic.com SMM is about Engagement & Conversations Participation is Must!
  16. 16. www.omlogic.com Consumer/User is REALLY the King in SMM! Serve them well. Inspire them to market your brand!
  17. 17. www.omlogic.com Experimentation is Not at all Bad in SMM. It’s the only way to Win SMM war for most of us!
  18. 18. www.omlogic.com You can Measure Performance in SMM Every channel has its own metrics
  19. 19. Business Objectives www.omlogic.com Target Audience Channels, Positioning & Message •Photos, Videos, Content PPTs, Blog •Multichannel Stories, Tweets •Mashup etc Creation Population Visibility/ Branding/ Leads/ Sales Promotion •Blog •Community •Advertising •Groups •Mashup Measurability
  20. 20. www.omlogic.com A Case Study - Commonwealth Games Community on FB For more insights, check out http://www.facebook.com/commonwealth.games/
  21. 21. www.omlogic.com Thank You! Ready to realize the full potential of Social Media Marketing? www.omlogic.com http://facebook.com/OMLogic | http://www.linkedin.com/OMlogic | http://twitter.com/omlogic Email: info@omlogic.com | Phone: +91-11-47052805